Building Low-Cost Modern Glass Wine Rooms with Luxurious Appeal: a Professional Installer Will Help You!

One of the Best Modern Wine Rooms Built by Installers in Los Angeles

One of the Best Modern Wine Rooms Built by Installers in Los Angeles

Many homeowners who love to collect wine and entertain guests appreciate having a refrigerated wine cellar in their residential property. In addition to providing their collection with a safe storage place, they also wanted to create an impressive wine display that will enhance the value of their home. Blue Grouse Wine cellars, one of our partners in designing and building modern wine rooms, completed a wine cellar design and installation project using sleek wine racks without breaking the bank. You will be amazed by the beautiful transformation of the small space into a glass wine room!  

A Professional Wine Cellar Installer Completed a Low-Cost Modern Wine Room Installation Project

Modern wine storage rooms are increasing in demand nowadays. Professional designers and installers make use of metal and glass components to achieve a sleek wine display. At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we had many clients who chose a modern design over a traditional one.

They wanted to have a sleek and contemporary wine display in their home. In addition, they wanted clean lines and neutral colors to dominate in their residential wine room design.

Our team has been working with top-notch and reliable installers, like Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. They are known for their creativity and extensive knowledge in constructing modern wine rooms without spending much.

In their recent project, they created a striking wine display and storage area next to the client’s living room and dining area. They had to make a design that would blend well with the existing theme of the home. The wine racks installed are stylish, which add a luxurious feature in their home.

A Beautiful Design for One of the Best Modern Wine Storage Rooms Built by a Professional Wine Cellar Installer

Modern Wine Room in the Dining Area Designed with a Floating Wine Rack System

Modern Wine Room in the Dining Area Designed with a Floating Wine Rack System

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is dedicated to creating unique residential wine rooms. In this particular project, you will be impressed by how they transformed a small space into a wow-worthy and functional wine display. This modern display is like a walk-in cabinet installed on one side of the wall.

Modern Custom Wine Racks: Displaying the Bottles As If They are Floating in Mid-Air

Contemporary Wine Racks Floating Cable and Glass Los Angeles installers of Modern Wine Rooms

Contemporary Wine Racks Floating Cable and Glass Los Angeles Installers of Modern Wine Rooms

Before designing the wine rack system for the modern wine room, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars made a thorough assessment considering the essential factors, including the size of the room to be utilized for the construction of this custom wine cellar.

Like most modern wine rooms they have built in the past, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars utilized a high-grade and luxurious metal and glass racking system. Known as the Float Wine Display & Racking System, they own the patent and are the only dealer. The features of this one-of-a-kind wine storage system cannot be found in other wine racks available on the market.

Float Wine Display & Racking System: Features and Options That Make Them Perfect for Modern Wine Rooms

The Float Wine Display & Racking System by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars utilizes high-tension cables and glass. The bottles are cradles in glass and suspended by the cables.

Bottle Spacing and Glass Cradle Color

When it comes to design options, the Float Wine Display & Racking System can be customized.

You can choose the distance or space between the bottles and the capacity for your racking system. Of course, we recommend the bottle spacing to be tight to maximize the storage capacity of your modern wine room. If you want to add more bottles in the future, we need to add more glass cradles.

In each column, there are four cables to hold the bottles on glass cradles securely.  With strong and durable cables, weight is not an issue. You can customize the color of your glass cradles. The popular colors are light and dark gray.

Bottle Orientation: Neck or Label Forward
Floating Contemporary Wine Rack System for Modern Wine Rooms

Floating Contemporary Wine Rack System for Modern Wine Rooms

Another good thing about the Float Wine Display & Racking System is the flexibility for bottle configurations. You may choose between the neck forward and label forward displays. You may also opt for a diagonal formation of your bottles.

In this modern wine room project, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars combined these two bottle orientations to create a unique display of the client’s bottles. On both sides of the wall, you will see a row of bottles with the neck facing out. In the center, the bottles are displayed with the label facing out.

Construction Process: What are the Requirements in Building Modern Wine Rooms?

Construction of refrigerated wine cellars requires the help of a knowledgeable and experienced company because of the technical aspects that should only be carried by an expert.

Insulating the Residential Wine Room

Every residential glass wine room must be built with correct insulation and vapor barrier to help maintain a stable environment that is ideal for wine storage.

In this modern wine room project, the refrigerated  wine cellar was part of the house build-out. The contractor hired by the owner insulated the walls of the ceiling, along with the construction of the residential property. It was a smart idea because insulating the room after the house was completely built would cost a lot because demolition would be required.

The Blue Grouse team worked closely with the contractors to ensure that the insulation was done correctly and prevent additional expense in the future. Keep in mind that a poor or lack of insulation will cause temperature fluctuations and condensation inside the wine cellar.

Preparing the Residential Glass Wine Room for the Installation of the Contemporary Wine Racks

The high-tension cables had to be fastened securely to the floor and ceiling. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars created a strong backing because the Float Wine Display & Racking System could not be installed into a drywall ceiling.

Installing a Practical and Efficient Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

KoolR MAgnum Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

KoolR MAgnum Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Without an efficient wine cellar cooling unit, modern wine rooms cannot create the optimum conditions needed by wines for proper aging. In this project, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars installed a KoolR Magnum self-contained wine refrigeration system, an affordable cooling unit, with capacity designed for small wine rooms and walk-in wine cabinets.

The vent was placed above the glass doors. The built-in grill of the KoolR Magnum could not be changed. Changing it with a custom grill will affect the airflow of the refrigeration unit. We suggest painting the grill to match your home décor or the wall where it was installed. In this contemporary home wine cellar, they painted the grill black to complement the dark wall.

You will not need the help of an HVAC expert to install the wine cellar cooling unit. It can be mounted easily with the help of a general contractor. To prevent the condensate from dripping onto the floor, a condensate tube was placed at the top of the contemporary wine racks to lead the water to an empty wine bottle.

Installing Glass Doors in a Modern Wine Room

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars installed seamless glass wine cellar doors to go well with the modern wine racks. These doors are elegant and provide clear visibility of the client’s prized wine collection from the dining area, a great way to showcase the “floating” bottles.

The team also made sure that the measurement of the glass panels was precise. Our professional glazier had to make sure that the glass was cut, allowing the tiniest gaps around it. After cutting the glass, weather stripping was added to seal in the gaps around the edges of the glass doors.

An Inexpensive Modern Glass Wine Room Can Be Yours! Our Design Specialist in Los Angeles Will Help You

If you are dreaming of building a luxurious contemporary wine cellar in your home but do not have the right budget, Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles will help you. We collaborate with local installers who specialize in building modern glass wine rooms.

Planning to start your project? Talk to one of our specialists at (323) 825-9846 to know how much it costs to build a wine cellar.