Los Angeles Wine Cellars – Know the Calories in Your Wines

Nowadays, people are becoming more health conscious and critical with what they eat and drink. Most people tend to gear towards a healthy lifestyle. Nutritional facts that we see on the back of grocery items are commonly taken for granted by many.

Now these pieces of information are commonly being read by consumers, especially those who are health conscious. They don’t just buy what is affordable and trendy, but products which are good for them.

There are many people in different parts of the world, including Los Angeles, California, who love to drink wine because of its health benefits. Just because drinking wine is healthy doesn’t mean you have to drink more than what your body needs.

You must be aware of the calorie content of every wine you grab from your Los Angeles custom wine cellar or wine cabinet. You can even share this knowledge with your guests during a wine tasting party.

Factors that Determine the Calorie Content of Wines in Your Los Angeles Wine Cellars



Wine’s calorie value varies depending on its alcohol content. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. Wines with high alcohol content, including Zinfandel, have higher calories.

Sweetness is another factor that determines calories in wine. Dessert wines are sweet so they are higher in calorie content compared to other types of wine. Calories in a glass of white wine are slightly lower than a glass of reds because whites usually have lower amounts of residual sugar than reds.

On average, a glass of red or white wine has 100 calories. Examples of white wine that have a count of 25 calories per ounce are Chardonnays, Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc. Wines that have high calories are Sherry, Port, and Vermouth. This is why these wines from your wine storage racks need to be served in glasses smaller than standard ones.

Another factor that contributes to wine’s calories is the wine’s density. The higher the density, the higher the calorie content is.

If you consume more calories than you burn, you gain weight. Thus, if you consume less calories than what you burn, you lose weight. Those who drink two glasses of wine regularly tend to gain less weight than those who drink water.

It is necessary to know how many calories are in your glass of wine to be able to make it a part of your low-calorie diet. Yes, drinking wine can provide some health benefits to your body, but you should drink moderately.

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