Make Your Wine Room or Wine Closet Design Stand Out from the Rest. Work with a Specialist in Los Angeles

Elegant Wine Cellars Built by Specialists in Wine Room Design

Elegant Closet Wine Cellars Built by Specialists in Wine Room Design

Why settle for an ordinary wine room design when you can incorporate stylish and unique features into it? With the help of Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, many owners of residential properties and commercial establishments have already been enjoying their luxurious wine cellar for many years. With extensive knowledge, creativity, and expertise, our creative team was able to construct tastefully designed wine storage rooms with elegant wine racks, doors, flooring, and other unique features. 

Designing Your Wine Storage Room or Wine Closet to Bring it to a Higher Level 

Do you want a wine cellar built that impresses guests? Do you want your wine room design to be a conversation starter? Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles will help you!  

With many years of experience in the design and installation of residential and commercial wine storage rooms, we have brought our client’s dream wine cellars to reality! How do we design luxurious wine cellars?  

We Consider Essential Factors in Creating Your Eye-Catching Wine Room Design 

When building refrigerated wine cellars, our team considers several factors to ensure that all of our client’s aesthetic and functional needs are met. Keep in mind that every project is unique. Therefore, taking the time to determine and understand the requirements for each project is necessary.  

  • The shape, location, and size of your wine room 
  • The existing theme of your home, wine store, bar, restaurant, or hotel 
  • The ambiance that you desire for your wine cellar  
  • The type and style of racking that you want  
  • The number of bottles you are planning to store and display  
  • Your budget 

One of the most critical steps to undergo in wine room design and construction is the assessing of the owner’s needs. In this step, we go to the site, measure the area that will be utilized for the project, and ask the client significant questions that will give us a thorough understanding of the requirements.  

After gathering relevant information, we will start the wine room design process. We will create 3-dimensional drawings, including the elevations, racking styles, and bottle capacities. We will submit our design proposal to you and let you review it. If you have changes, we will modify the design and resend it again. We will wait for your approval before we start the construction process.        

Incorporating Stylish Custom Wine Racks Into Your Wine Room Design: How Our Specialists Can Help  

This Lovely Wine Cellar was Built by Wine Room Design Specialists

This Lovely Wine Cellar was Built by Wine Room Design Specialists

The design of your wine racks plays a vital role in the final appearance of your wine room. At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, our creative team of experts knows how to transform any space into a stunning wine storage and display area.  

Our kit wine racks are available in various styles. Since they are ready-made, they are not manufactured according to your specific requirements. We highly recommend custom wine racks for building one-of-a-kind wine cellars.    

Whether you want a wine cellar in a small basement, walk-in wine closet, entertainment area, bar area, or any space you have, we have an innovative wine storage solution for you. We have built traditional, transitional, and modern wine rooms with form and function in mind  

Custom Wood Wine Racks for Adding an Earthy Feel to Your Wine Room Design 

We cannot deny the fact that wine Racks made from wood are still in demand in building wine cellars in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Wood is known to add a classic charm to any space, making it a favorite material in designing wine storage rooms. The timeless beauty of wood wine racks cannot be underestimated.  

Some of the most elegant wood wine racks we use are: 

  • High-reveal display rows 
  • Waterfall display racks 
  • Diamond bins 
  • Stemware wine racks 
  • Wooden case storage bins 
  • Round island display racks (recommended for commercial wine cellars) 

When you customize your wine racks, you can choose the width, depth, and height of your racking. You may add custom features as well. For example, if you are a smoker, you can include a cigar humidor in your racking design. For additional storage, you can add cabinets and drawers. 

Attractive Wood Species  

Your racking material plays a vital role in designing a wine  room. At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we use attractive types of wood for our wine racks. These include Premium Redwood, Mahogany, and Alder. 

If you want to incorporate an eco-friendly touch to your wine room design, we recommend the wine barrel racks. They are made from the side parts of reclaimed wine barrels, called the Stave. Wine barrel racks are curvy and exhibit unique markings left by the metal hoops.  

They also retain some of the natural aromas of the wine once stored in the reclaimed wine barrels, causing your wine cellar to smell like a vineyard or winery. You may leave your wine racks unstained to retain the smell of the wine or finish them with a color of your choice.   

Custom Metal Wine Racks for Achieving a Minimalist and Sleek Wine Room Design 

VintageView Metal Wine Racks for a Modern Wine Room design

VintageView Metal Wine Racks for a Modern Wine Room design

If you want a wine room design with a contemporary appeal, we recommend custom metal wine racks. We have been utilizing modern wine storage systems in building high-end wine storage facilities.  

VintageView is the number one supplier of metal wine racks. Their products are designed  to hold the bottles in a label-forward orientation. It means that the wine labels are facing out, making it more convenient and easier to find a specific bottle of wine within the racking.    

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we offer VintageView’s freestanding, wall-mounted, and floor-to-ceiling metal wine racks. If you have a small wine cellar, wall wine racks are perfect for your needs because they do not occupy flooring space.  

In addition to VintageView, we can also use metal wine racks from other brands to create a modern wine room design for you!  

Choosing a Captivating Door Design for Your Wine Room 

Do you want to impress your guests before they enter your wine cellar to see your prized collection? Consult with one of our wine room specialists, and we will build an impressive door for your wine cellar. 

Do you want a seamless glass door? We have classy styles of glass doors that allow your wines to be viewed from the outside.  

We also have glass doors with wooden frame which has an operable wrought iron grill on top of a glass panel. You may choose between the arched top and a rectangular top.  

View more wine cellar door designs 

Attractive Wine Cellar Flooring 

For the wine cellar flooring, we recommend the following styles: stone, mosaic, and wine barrel. Stone flooring is elegant and matches the wood and metal wine racks. With mosaic flooring, materials such as tiles and glass, are broken into pieces and fitted together to form patterns or designs.   

Wine barrel flooring is in demand among wine room designers, homeowners, and contractors who want a vintage touch in their commercial or home wine cellar. It is made from reclaimed wine barrels, which are deconstructed. You can choose between three styles of wine barrel flooring:  Stave (sides of the barrels), Cooperage (top and bottom of the barrels), and Infusion (inner parts of the barrels).   

Enhance the Beauty of Your Wine Room by Working with a Design Specialist 

Are you looking for a specialist in wine room design? We are here to help youOur team of experienced experts will make your basement wine cellar or wine closet stand out from the rest by installing stylish features.  

We work with local wine cellar designers and installers in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Need help? Talk to one of our specialists at (323) 825-9846!