Custom Wine Cellar Designs for Your Home: Which is Best for Your Wine Room?

Inspiring Custom Wine Cellar Designs for Homes

Let Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellar Design for Homes

If you are looking for inspiration for stunning wine cellar designs for your home, you are in the right place! Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles collaborates with top-notch designers like Blue Grouse wine Cellars, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, and Vintage Cellars to create tastefully designed home wine cellars. We install attractive wine racks and add unique features and accents to make your residential wine cellar stand out.

Elegant and Luxurious Designs That Will Inspire You for Your Home Wine Cellar Project

With extensive experience and knowledge in designing residential wine rooms, our team can turn your closet into a wine cellar. We can also utilize any space in your kitchen, living area, or under the stairs for building your dream wine storage room. Whether you want a traditional, transitional, or contemporary wine cellar, we have the perfect wine room design for you!

Our innovative wine cellar designs have helped serious wine collectors create a safe wine storage room for their wines and a display area where they could showcase their wines that came from various regions. One of our goals is to bring unused spaces to life by installing a stylish custom home wine cellar.

The design options for your home wine cellar are limitless. With the help of our creative home wine cellar designers, the wine room you envision will become reality! Check out the custom elegant and luxurious wine cellar designs that will inspire you for your project.

Luxury Home Wine Cellars Designs by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is one of the top-notch builders of beautiful custom wine cellars. They have completed several projects, exceeding the expectations of their clients. Their award-winning designs make them popular among homeowners, builders, contractors, and interior designers.

A “Floating” Wine Display: A Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar Design for a Modern Home

Floating Custom Wine Cellar Racks Designed for a Home by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars

Custom Wine Cellar Built in a Home with Floating Wine Racks by a Wine Room Design Expert

In this wine room conversion project, the home wine cellar was built in a small space in the client’s dining room. The homeowners wanted a wine room with an elegant design without having to spend much. To achieve this, the Blue Grouse team utilized their own Float Wine Display & Racking System. It makes use of high-tension cables and glass cradles.

The classy custom wine racks installed at the center in this contemporary wine cellar have a label-forward orientation, which allows the owners to see the labels easily. On both ends, you will see the neck-forward bottles.

This wine cellar built in a home was designed to accommodate a liberal number of bottles. The Float Wine Display & Racking System offers flexible options when it comes to installation. It can be expanded easily if the clients want to increase the bottle capacity of their wine room in the future. With durable and secure cables, weight is not an issue.

To complement the modern wine racks, Blue Grouse wine cellars installed frameless glass doors to allow full visibility of the wine bottles that seem to float in mid-air.

Impressive Wine Cellar Built in a Home Using Wood and Metal Wine Racks

Custom Wine Cellar Built in a Home with Metal and Wood Custom Wine Racks

Custom Wine Cellar Built in a Home with Metal and Wood Custom Wine Racks

In another home wine cellar project completed by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, they had to utilize a large space and create a wow-worthy display area for the owner’s massive collection.

The impressive wine room design was created to maximize the room’s capacity and add aesthetic value to the client’s home. The team installed wood and metal wine racks.

Impressive Custom Wine Cellar in a Home Built by Vintage Cellars

Impressive Custom Wine Cellar in a Home Built by Vintage Cellars

Metal wine racks can be found in most walls of the home wine cellar. There are 3-deep Vintageview wine racks on the left, right, and back walls. VintageView’s metal storage systems are famous for being elegant, durable, and having installation flexibility.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars included wood components at the bottom section of the center wall. The wood custom wine racks consist of diamond bins, which are ideal for storing wines in bulk.

The bottles are stacked on top of each other. More wood wine racks can be found on the sides of the rectangular table placed at the center of the residential wine room. The racking styles include horizontal racks and case storage bins.

Astonishing Custom Wine Cellar Designs by Vintage Cellars

Vintage Cellars has been in the construction industry for many years. They create stunning designs for residential wine rooms. Their completed projects will entice you to build your wine cellar.

Elegant Wine cellar Design: Wood and Metal Custom Wine Racks Transformed a Small Space Into a Lovely Glass Wine Room

Vintage Cellars customized the wine racks to meet the specific needs and requirements for this residential wine room project. Space was limited, so they had to create a transitional home wine cellar design that would maximize the bottle capacity and create a display area that will make their clients proud.

Vintage cellars combined different styles of wood wine racks, including case storage, individual wine racks, and a rectangular arch with a tabletop and shelves. They installed horizontal stainless steel wine racks at the top section of the walls. The full-width double glass door with frame added an elegant touch to the home wine cellar.

Compact Glass Wine Room Design for a Budget-Savvy Homeowner

Glass Enclosed Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar in a Home

Glass Enclosed Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar in a Home

In this project, the owners requested Vintage Cellars to build a contemporary wine cellar in a small area in their home while staying within the budget. After making a careful assessment of the client’s requirements, the Vintage team thought that VintageView metal wine racks were perfect for the project. These wine racks are also in-demand in building residential wine rooms because of their sleek appeal.

Custom column wine racks for magnum bottles were placed on the left wall. To mount the rest of the wine racks, they installed floor-to-ceiling height frames on the rest of the walls. Finished in brushed nickel, the wine racks match the high-end interior of the home.

Let One of Our Creative Specialists Make a Custom Design for Your Home Wine Cellar

Work with one of our specialists who will help create a custom wine cellar design for your home. Our team is known for designing and building stunning residential wine storage rooms. If you are in Los Angeles or any area in California, please call us at (323) 825-9846.