This Luxury Home Wine Cellar Built by a Specialist in Los Angeles Will Make You Want to Have Your Own

Luxury Custom Home Wine Cellar Created by Los Angeles Specialists

Luxury Custom Home Wine Cellar Created by Los Angeles Specialists

Luxury home wine cellars can add aesthetic appeal and resale value of your residential property. It is one of the reasons why building custom wine rooms are increasing in demand in many areas of the world. At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we work with reliable installers like Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas. They proved their creativity and expertise in a custom wine room conversion project.  

Luxury Home Wine Cellar Designed with Stylish and Functional Features by Los Angeles Professionals  

If you are a serious wine collector, you should know that hiring a passionate, creative, and experienced company offers bountiful benefits. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles works with specialists in building luxury home wine cellars. 

Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas has been our partner for many years. They have proven their reliability in helping homeowners create functional and stylish wine rooms. They always want to exceed their client’s expectations.  

The Home Where Specialists in Los Angeles Built a Luxury Custom Wine Cellar

The Home Where Specialists in Los Angeles Built a Luxury Custom Wine Cellar

In this particular project, the Harvest team was contacted by the client, who wanted to provide his growing collection a safe place to age and showcase his wine display to his guests. The homeowner browsed online and found an image of a lovely wine cellar. He sent the photo to Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas, which helped the team to create 3-dimensional images much easier.   

Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas sent the CAD drawings to him, and after he requested minor changes to our proposal, we modified the design and waited for his approval. Once approved, they began the construction.  

The Requirements for His Luxury Home Wine Cellar Project in Los Angeles 

Ongoing Construction Home Custom Wine Cellar Project by Wine Cellar Specialists in Los Angeles

Custom Home Wine Cellar Project by Wine Cellar Specialists in Los Angeles

The homeowner and his family collect wines from different regions in the United States, including Oregon and California. They are members of various wine clubs, and the number of bottles in their collection continues to increase.  

Every project has unique requirements. These requirements depend on the location and size of the wine room, aesthetic preferences of the clients, budget, and the overall appeal that they want to achieve, existing décor of their home, and their purpose of building a wine room.    

In this particular project, the homeowners were planning to store up to around 2,000 bottles in their residential wine room in Los Angeles. The specific requirements included combining wood and metal to create a transitional look, installing stylish flooring, and utilizing a ceiling mount unit.  

Adding Luxury to the Custom Home Wine Cellar in Los Angeles Using Wood and Metal for the Wine Racks 

Designing wine cellars requires creativity and knowledge. Your chosen builder should consider all your aesthetic desires. At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we recommend customizing your wine cellar so you can incorporate the features that you want into the design. These features can add a personalized touch and functionality to your residential wine room.  

Traditional home wine cellars are still a favorite of those who want to have a residential wine room with classic appeal. Others go for a contemporary wine cellar. In this particular project, the client wanted a transitional wine cellar. To achieve this, Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas made use of metal and wood for the wine racks.  

Wood Components: Adding a Classic Touch to the Luxury Home Wine Cellar  
Display Row Wood Custom Wine Racks Los Angeles Wine Cellar Specialist

Display Row Wood Custom Wine Racks Los Angeles Wine Cellar Specialist

Wood’s earth-toned colors are loved by many, making it an in-demand material in wine cellar design and construction in Los Angeles.  The Harvest team installed wooden components at the back wall of the luxury home wine cellar. The wood custom wine racks were manufactured by IronWine Cellars, one of the well-known providers of wine storage systems in the United States.  

They added an arched display with a tabletop, a drawer, and a double door drawer at the bottom. The tabletop provides extra space for serving and tasting the wines, as well as an additional storage place for a few bottles. The drawer and cabinet are intended for storing wine cellar accessories such as stemware, napkins, decanters, can openers, and other accouterments.  

On both sides of the wall, they included individual wine racks with a high-reveal display row in the middle. The bottles in the display row are pitched at an angle to keep the wine in contact with the cork.

Keeping the cork moist will prevent brittleness, shrinkage, and wine oxidation. Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas applied an Alder Wheat stain for a more lustrous appeal. The wooden wine racks can hold more than 1,600 bottles.  

Installing Metal Custom Wine Racks to Achieve a Contemporary Look  
VintageView Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks in a Luxury Home Wine Cellar

VintageView Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks in a Luxury Home Wine Cellar

Metal is another popular material for building contemporary home wine cellars in Los Angeles. Aside from being sleek and elegant, metal wine racks can blend well with any existing décor, are space-efficient, durable, and easy to maintain. Combining them with wood wine racks helped Harvest create an impressive wine display area.  

In this project, the client wanted a label-forward bottle configuration, so that it would be easier to read the labels and manage their wine collection.  Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas installed metal wine racks provided by VintageView.

Since the bottles display the bottles horizontally with the labels facing out, there is no need to flip the bottle to view the description of the wine stored in it. The metal wine racks are tripe deep to maximize the capacity of the residential wine room.     

Wine Cellar Cooling System Chosen and Installed by a Professional in Los Angeles 

The primary role of the wine cellar refrigeration unit is to provide your wines the optimum storage conditions required for aging. Very high temperatures can cause premature aging and will degrade the overall quality your wines.   

Moreover, high humidity levels can also affect the characteristics of your wines because it can trigger mold growth on the cork. Moisture build-up can also damage the structural integrity of your luxury home wine cellar.  

Keep in mind that regular air conditioning systems are not designed to help achieve the ideal temperature (55 –65 degrees Fahrenheit) and humidity level (60-70%). At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles and Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas, we care for your precious wines. We utilize only the commercial-grade wine cellar cooling systems to regulate the conditions in our client’s wine rooms.  

A Ceiling Mount WhisperKOOL 8000 Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit was Installed in this Luxury Home Wine Cellar in Los Angeles

Ceiling-Mount WhisperKOOL 8000 Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit Luxury Home Wine Cellars Los Angeles

In this design and installation project, choosing the cooling system was quite challenging because the room was concealed. After making a thorough assessment and performing a heat load calculation, the Harvest team decided to use WhisperKOOL’s Series 8000 wine cellar refrigeration unit. 

It is a ceiling mount unit. Unlike the wall-mount system, this type of wine cellar cooling system eliminates the use of racking space, providing storage space for more bottles.   

They placed the condenser outdoors, resulting in a quiet operation. Minimal to no noise is one of the features that you should look for in a wine refrigeration unit.  

Visually Appealing Wine Cellar Flooring 

Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas did an excellent job with the wine cellar flooring. They installed herringbone style tile flooring in a zigzag pattern.The tile pieces have different hues, which add character to the luxury home wine cellar constructed by Los Angeles installers.   

Build a Luxury Home Wine Cellar with Our Los Angeles Installers 

In this project, Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas has again proven their expertise in designing and building luxury home wine cellars. If you want to start your own project in Los Angeles, please do not hesitate to contact us at (323) 825-9846!