This Small Basement Wine Cellar Built by a Wine Room Design Specialist Will Captivate Your Heart

Captivating Small Basement Home Wine Cellar Built by Experts in Los Angeles

Captivating Small Basement Home Wine Cellar Built by a Wine Room Design Expert in Los Angeles

Are you a wine collector who dreams of building a residential wine room but do not have a large space? What if you have a small basement? Do not worry! Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles will transform it into an elegant wine cellar! Check out this project completed by one of our partners in wine room construction, and know the features that make the wine cellar unique. 

A Small Basement Wine Cellar: Incorporating Unique Features and Installing the Essential Components 

You do not need a large room if you are dreaming of building a home wine cellar. An expert in designing residential wine room design can transform even a small space in your home. With many years of experience in wine room design and construction, space constraints will not hinder Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles from creating a captivating and functional small basement wine cellar for you! 

We work with top-notch wine cellar installers like Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. In their recent project, the homeowner sought their help to build a residential wine room, utilizing a small space in their basement. Anyone who sees this refrigerated wine cellar will be impressed and envious at the same time.           

Avoiding Wine Storage Problems by Building a Refrigerated Wine Cellar in a Small Basement 

The main reason why wine enthusiasts invest in a refrigerated wine cellar is to protect their wines from damaging environmental factorsThe perfect wine storage conditions can be achieved by installing an efficient wine cellar cooling system with the help of an HVAC specialist in Los Angeles. 

Keep in mind that wine cellar construction must be done by someone knowledgeable about the technical requirements in building the wine room correctly    

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars knows and understands the hows and whys in wine cellar construction. They always perform the necessary steps to ensure that all of the client’s needs are met. 

Making an Assessment Before Designing and Constructing the Home Wine Cellar  

Custom Design for a Small Basement Wine Cellar

3D Drawings Small Basement Home Wine Cellar Custom Design

Before choosing and installing the wine cellar cooling system, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars had to make a thorough assessment to determine the project’s specific requirements. They went to the site, inspected the place, and measured the room.  

They sat down with the homeowners and asked them questions that would help identify the aesthetic and functional needs for building the small basement wine cellar 

Creating the Design According to the Client’s Preferences and Available Resources   

After gathering the necessary information, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars created a custom design that included 3-dimensional drawings. The image showed the dimensions of the wine storage room, different elevations of the completed wine cellar, styles of the wine racks, and bottle capacities.   

Choosing the Ideal Wine Cellar Cooling System  

After the assessment and the client’s approval of the CAD design proposal, the team performed a heat load calculation. In this process, the BTUs were calculated, allowing the team to determine the right type and brand of wine cellar cooling system. They also considered other factors, such as the size and location of the residential wine room and the amount of glass to be installed   

Preparing the Small Basement Wine Cellar for Refrigeration  

The preparation of the residential wine room included framing and installing the electrical work. The Blue Grouse team also insulated the walls and ceiling to help stabilize the conditions inside the wine cellar and prevent the cooling system from working too hard.

Failure to insulate or installing poor insulation will cause condensation, which can have adverse effects on the quality of your wines. Mold grows in moist areas and can damage the structural integrity of your wine cellar, the wine racks, cork, and wine labels.         

Installing the Wine Cellar Cooling System 

3D Wine Room Design Showing the Location of the Wine Cellar Cooling Unit in a Small Basement Wine Cellar

3D Wine Room Design Showing the Location of the Wine Cellar Cooling Unit in a Small Basement Wine Cellar

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars installed one of the cooling systems manufactured by KoolR, which was ideal for the small size of the basement wine cellar and the client’s budget. Since the ceiling was low, they mounted the equipment through the wall on the side of the door.  

Designing the Residential Wine Room with Stylish Features 

The custom wine racks, door, and flooring installed in your wine cellar play a vital role in creating an eye-catching wine display. In every project that they do, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars designs the racking, entryway, and flooring with form and function in mind.  

Transitional Custom Wine Rack Design Made This Wine Room Stand Out    

If you want a custom wine cellar that lies between traditional and modern, a transitional wine room design is the best option. For this basement wine cellar, the owners chose a mix of classic and contemporary wine racks. 

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars combined wood and metal wine racks to achieve the desired appearance. Moreover, transitional style wine storage rooms allowed the builders to create a striking wine display of the client’s prized wine collection.  

They customized the racking system to fit the aesthetic and functional needs of the owners. They installed wood wine racks on the back wall and the metal wine racks on the right wall.  

Wooden Wine Racks Tastefully Designed for a Small Wine Cellar in a Basement 
Wine Rack System for a Small Basement Wine Cellar Created by Wine Room Design Specialists

Wine Rack System for a Small Basement Wine Cellar Created by Wine Room Design Specialists

The custom wood cabinetry, made by Millwork Shop, is the focal point of this small basement wine cellar. It consists of elegant features, including the square opening with a tabletop at the center. 

You can see the beautiful stonework, which was completed after the millwork. It acts as the backdrop of the racking. There are single column wine racks for magnum bottles and quarter round display racks on both sides of the tabletop 

At the bottom section, the Blue Grouse team incorporated three levels of display rows that pitch the bottles at an angle. This bottle orientation will keep the cork moist and prevent brittleness. They installed LED lighting above the display rows to highlight some of the client’s favorite bottles. Other stylish wine racks included are the diamond bins, which allow for storing wines in bulk.  

Made from Maple and applied with a Wild Brown stain finish and lacquer, this racking design is truly built with sophistication. 

Here are 3 other custom wooden wine rack designs we’d like to show you from another master wine cellar designer!

Metal Wine Racks   

The sleek metal wine racks on the right wall of this residential wine room were supplied by VintageView, one of the leading manufacturers of modern wine storage systemsBlue Grouse Wine Cellars chose double deep, floor-to-ceiling wine racks to maximize the capacity of the small wine room.  

These wine racks are designed to cradle the bottles with a label forward configuration. With the labels facing out, it would be easier for the owners to locate the wines in their collection. There is no need to flip the bottle to see its description.    

High-Grade Custom Wine Cellar Door 

Wine Barrel Flooring was the Perfect Choice for the Small Basement Wine Cellar

Wine Barrel Flooring was the Perfect Choice for the Small Basement Wine Cellar

For the door, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars installed a glass door, which they constructed with sealing components. As an experienced builder and our reliable dealer in Los Angeles, they have extensive knowledge in door installations. They know that any door installed in a refrigerated wine cellar must be equipped with sealing components like weather stripping.  

Weather stripping is necessary to seal the gaps around the edges of the door. It allows the cold air to stay inside the wine cellar and prevents the warm air from entering.  

Eco-friendly Wine Cellar Flooring     

The flooring style of a wine cellar is also another element in wine room design and construction. In this small basement wine cellar, the owners opted for the Cooperage wine barrel flooring, which is made using the top and bottom portions of the used wine barrels.  

It displays the Cooper’s stamps from vineyards and wineries, adding a vintage appeal to your environmentfriendly wine room.    

Do You Have a Small Space in Your Home That You Want to Turn Into a Wine Closet or Basement Wine Cellar? Talk to Us!  

This small basement wine cellar is another award-winning project by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles collaborates with professional installers who understand the requirements for building safe and gorgeous custom home wine cellars. Our team specializes in wine room design and construction.  

We want to help bring your dream to reality! Please do not hesitate to call us at (323) 825-9846!