Why Wine Racks in California are Necessary for Wine Storage

The ideal wine storage setup includes a well-built residential wine cellar with beautiful and durable wine racks installed, Wine racks come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Choose a wine racking system that suits your preference and compliments the design of your entire home wine cellar.

Store Your Favorite Wines in Durable and Beautiful Wine Racking Systems

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Wooden wine racks are great for those who want a traditional or classic ambiance in their wine storage room. Wooden wine racking systems can be made from various types of wood species.

Wine racks are the most ideal places to store wine. Wine needs to be kept in the ideal conditions. In order for wines to mature tastefully, the humidity, temperature and light conditions should be right. It does not matter how long you intend to store wines, custom wine racks in California are the best place to do so. Learn more about wine storage and wine racks by reading through this article.

Various Kinds of Wine Racks

Choosing a wine rack in CA is not as easy as some people think. You need to choose one that will assure you that your beloved wines will be stored properly. There are various styles of wine racks to choose from. Some racks are wall mounted, while others are stacked, or side mounted. The size of the wine rack you need should also be considered, because this will depend on how many wine bottles you intend to store. Some people are comfortable keeping 10 wine bottles, but there are those who collect up to thousands. Wine racks also come in a variety of designs. The design of your custom wine rack depends on your needs and the space you have available.

Horizontal vs. Vertical Wine Racks

Wine racks can either be horizontal or vertical. Contrary to what a lot of people think, horizontal wine racks are actually better than vertical wine racks. Wines need to be stored in a horizontal position, wherein the wine is in constant contact with the cork to keep it moist. When wines are stored vertically, wine corks usually dry out and shrink, which consequently leads to air getting into the bottle and causing oxidation. Oxidation ruins the flavor of wine. Vertical wine racks are only good for storing wine for a short period of time.

Wooden vs. Metal Wine Racks

The best kinds of wine racks are those that are made from either wood or metal. You can hang these racks from your ceiling, mount them on your wall or place them on the floor. It really depends on what style you want. Metal wine racks are the most durable, but wooden wine racks are more flexible. You can always add to custom wooden wine racks to accommodate your growing wine collection. If you intend to continue to add more wines to your collection, wooden racks are the best option for you.

Wine Racks are an Investment

Wine racks may be a little bit costly, but they are an investment because they will make sure that your wines are kept safe. Wine Cellar Spec has the most durable wine racks in Los Angeles, California, with various styles to choose from. Choose a design or style that suits your personality and blends well with your existing home décor.

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There are various types of wine racks that can cater to wine bottle of varying sizes.

Wine Storage Expert in California – Wine Cellar Spec

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