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Exceptional Wine Racks and Effective Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions

Are you dreaming of having a refrigerated wine cellar that can store your prized wine collection in exceptional wine racks? Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles will help you! We have created innovative wine cellar designs for residential and commercial wine rooms and equipped them with a reliable wine cellar cooling system.  Attractive Wine Racks and Reliable Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions […]

Wine Cellar for a Home: Unique Custom Design Created by a Master Builder

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars created an elegant custom wine cellar design for a home in California. Their goal was to create an attractive wine display that maximizes the capacity of the wine room and create storage slots for different bottle sizes. The wine racks installed are earthquake-proof, and a ladder was added to provide easy access to the wines.   Awe-inspiring Custom Wine […]

These Modern Wine Rooms Built by a Master Wine Cellar Builder Will Captivate You

If you are looking for the best way to showcase your wine collection, we will help you! At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we have been designing and installing modern wine rooms for years. We work with Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, an experienced wine cellar builder known for being creative and knowledgeable in creating luxury custom home wine cellars. They have turned many […]

Experience the Benefits of Investing in a Refrigerated Custom Home Wine Cellar

Spoiled wines are common in wine storage rooms where there is no cooling unit installed. An unstable environment will damage your wines. A refrigerated wine cellar is what you need to protect your wines from external factors such as heat, UV light, vibration, and odor. Find out how a climate-controlled wine cellar built by a professional can provide […]

A Small Closet Before, a Gorgeous Glass-Enclosed Los Angeles Home Wine Cellar Now.

You do not have to spend a hefty amount of money to have a beautiful wine storage and display area for your collection. Luxury home wine cellars can be built in small spaces without breaking the bank. In one of our projects, we helped a family in Sea Vista turn their small closet into a stylish and elegant glass wine cellar.   Turning a Small Closet Into a Glass-Enclosed […]

Cooling Wine Cellars in Los Angeles: What are the Common Problems and How Experts in Los Angeles Can Prevent Them?

Problems related to wine cooling are common in wine cellars built by a non-expert. What are some issues that can cause a significant expense and a waste of investment? How can wine cellar cooling specialists in Los Angeles help prevent and fix them? Increase your knowledge and understanding of wine cellar cooling and why hiring a professional is essential.  Wine Cellar Cooling in Los Angeles: […]

Why Work with the Best Wine Cellar Builder in Los Angeles On Your Next Project

When designing and building a refrigerated wine cellar, it is important for a wine cellar builder to pay attention to all the details of a project as he carefully chooses which components to include. More importantly, building a wine cellar is a fun and unique collaborative process between the builder and the client.  How an Expert in Los Angeles Can Help You Build a Magnificent and Functional Wine Storage Room  For […]

Home Renovation Project in Beverly Crest, California: Construction of a Small Basement Wine Cellar

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have their houses renovated after a few years of living in it. Sometimes, renovations are done to repair areas that need to be fixed. But most of the time, homes are renovated to improve it — to create a brand new atmosphere and to increase its aesthetic value. This is why many […]

Do You Need a Humidifier in Your Residential Custom Wine Cellar?

Proper wine storage means that your collection is kept safe from damage by storing them in a constant climate-controlled environment. Unlike other kinds of beverages, wine easily loses its flavor and aroma when stored in a hot and dry room. Coolness and humidity are two vital elements to keeping your beloved vintages at their best […]

Wine Cellar Storage -a Look at What Types of Wine to Store in Your Refrigerated Home Wine Cellar

Typically when people think of wine, the fruit they associate it with is grapes.  Though grapes are popularly used in wine making, they certainly aren’t the only fruit that goes through the process.  There are plenty more wine types you can discover and collect.  Just about any fruit you can think of would be a […]

Custom Home Wine Cellars Los Angeles – Projects in other locations

Are you thinking of having your very own residential custom wine cellar designed and built? If so, this is the right place to go to. In this site, we feature many wine cellar construction projects, specifically in Los Angeles, California. These residential wine rooms are built by different wine cellar builders in California like Coastal […]