A Small Closet Before, a Gorgeous Glass-Enclosed Los Angeles Home Wine Cellar Now.

Glass-Enclosed Los Angeles Home Wine Cellar with Custom Wood Wine Racks

Glass-Enclosed Los Angeles Home Closet  Wine Cellar with Custom Wood Wine Racks

You do not have to spend a hefty amount of money to have beautiful wine storage and display area for your collection. Luxury home wine cellars can be built in small spaces without breaking the bank. In one of our projects, we helped a family in Sea Vista turn their small closet into a stylish and elegant glass wine cellar 

Turning a Small Closet Into Glass-Enclosed Home Wine Cellar by Specialists in Los Angeles  

Luxury home wine cellars are increasing in demand in many parts of California. In Malibu, the owners of a beautiful residential property had a complete remodel of their house, and they wanted to modify an area near the entrance. They needed the help of an expert designer in building a glass home wine cellar for their wine collection in that space. They sought the help of Custom Wine cellars Los Angeles, and they were happy with the finished small wine storage wine room!  

Their goals were to have a wine display area where they could show off their prize vintages and a place where they could store their wines for a long time without having to worry about storage problems.  

Elegant Wine Rack Design: Creating a Conversation Piece in a Glass Home Wine Cellar   

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we offer innovative wine storage systems for wine lovers regardless of the room’s size. Whether you have a small or large space, we can transform it into a conversation piece! Wood and metal are used in manufacturing wine racks. Although metal is increasing in demand for building modern wine storage rooms, wood is still preferred by many builders and homeowners because of its timeless beauty.  

Moreover, wood’s earth-toned colors also create a warm ambiance, which can be very relaxing. Another reason wood is a favorite choice in wine rack construction is because it is easy to work with, allowing you to create various custom wine cellar designs that will suit your space and requirements.  

Wine Rack Styles Maximize the Storage Capacity, Create a Stylish Design, and Save on the Cost 

Wood and Glass Components are Perfect for Creating Luxurious Looking Home Wine Cellars

Custom Wood Wine Racks with Glass Doors are Perfect for Creating Luxurious Looking Home Wine Cellars

In this glass closet wine cellar, our team had to think of a wine rack design that would meet the three most important requirements:  

  • A wine rack system that would maximize the capacity of the small room 
  • A stylish wine rack design 
  • Functional wine racks that could save money  
  • Create a luxurious looking home wine cellar without breaking the bank 

In this particular glass wine cellar project, we utilized three walls (left, right, and back) to maximize the capacity of the small room. The room measures about 13 feet X 3.6 feet. With our team’s creativity and extensive knowledge, we were able to come up with a design that would accommodate more than 300 bottles.  

Mirrored Racking on the Left and Right Walls of this Glass Home Wine Cellar    

We installed mirrored racking on the sidewalls. The wine racks we installed at the top section of the left and right walls consist of individual bottle openings for 750ml bottles. We also included horizontal bottle display racks intended to store the bottles in a label-forward configuration.  

There is a high-display row in the middle and wooden case storage bins at the bottom section. To save money on this glass home wine cellar, we used three pieces of lattice wood instead of solid wood.    

Wine Racks on the Back Wall  

On the back wall, you will see more single bottle wine racks and lattice storage bins for wooden cases. There are display rows in the middle, which pitch the bottles at an angle. At the center of the back wall, we installed a square display rack with a tabletop.  The tabletop serves as a place for decanting and serving wine, and an additional storage room for a few bottles.  

Below the tabletop, we added a small glass cabinet with two doors, which are intended for the client’s liquor bottles and wine cellar accessories.   

The Perfect Material for the Wine Racks 

Mahogany and Knotty Alder are some of the most popular wood species used for wine cellar construction. In this glass wine cellar, we built for a home, we chose Knotty Alder for the wine racks because it stains well and is cheaper than Mahogany.  

The home where we built this glass-enclosed wine cellar had an existing modern interior. Most of the walls were painted white. To contrast the color of the walls, we decided to apply a dark stain on the wood wine racks.  You can also mix wooden wine racks with metal wine racks inside a small modern wine cellar such as this. Check out this wine closet we built in another home, you can see the metal pegs holding the bottles which you can incorporate into your glass-enclosed home wine cellar. 

Adding a Contemporary Feature to the Home Wine Cellar with Custom Glass Doors  

Glass Wine Cellar Doors

Glass Custom Wine Cellar Doors

Since the wine racks are traditional, the homeowners wanted to add a contemporary feature to their closet turned into a wine cellar. They wanted double glass wine cellar doors. We installed 42 inches wide doubles doors, framed with wood, and made with glass. Glass doors are perfect for building luxury home wine cellars.   

Whenever Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles does glass doors, we use dual-paned and thermally insulated glass panels, which are required in refrigerated wine storage roomsInsulating the glass panels is also necessary because heat penetrates through the glass.  

Single-paned glass has zero R-value, while in dual-paned glass, the R-value is between R-4 to R-5, which is high enough to prevent condensation.  

Insulating the Small Wine Storage Room to Prepare It for Wine Cellar Cooling System Installation    

In addition to insulating the glass custom wine cellar doors, Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles also insulated the walls and ceiling and added a vapor barrier. A polyurethane spray foam is a type of insulation that works both as an insulator and as a vapor barrier. Another way to insulate a climate-controlled wine room is by using plastic sheeting, which we used for this project because of its affordability.  

Before finishing the walls with green board, we completed the electrical work for the cooling unit and the LED accent lighting.  

Installing an Efficient Wine Cellar Cooling System  

We Hid the Cooling Unit Evaporator At the Top Section of the Custom Wine Racks on the Back Wall Glass Wine cellar Project Los Angeles

We Hid the Cooling Unit Evaporator At the Top Section of the Custom Wine Racks on the Back Wall Glass Wine cellar Project Los Angeles

The client understands the significant role of the wine cellar cooling system in the proper preservation of their wines. In this project, we installed an LRC RM 3600 refrigeration unit and concealed it in a grill cover above the square arch display on the back wall of this closet wine cellar.  

After the installation was completed, we advised the homeowners not to turn the wine cellar cooling unit on until they finish loading their small wine storage room in California. When loading the wine cellar, they will need to open the doors frequently.

When the unit is running with the doors opened, it will work very hard to keep the temperature low. When this happens, the equipment might freeze and break down. When they were done loading the wine cellar, they closed the doors, and we turned on the wine cooling unit for them.  

We did a thorough inspection to look over the job we completed to ensure that there were no issues. We also had a technician who came by their home to give them a walk-through on how to use their wine cooling system and demonstrate how to use the thermostat. We placed the thermostat outside the glass wine cellar, on the left side of the entryway. It was set to 35-57 degrees Fahrenheit and can be adjusted.   

One Year Warranty on the Wine Cellar Cooling System 

This warranty includes a yearly maintenance program for the refrigeration unit. It will keep your cooling system running at its best. However, we recommend a maintenance plan at least twice a year. Having your unit checked every six months or more often, will prevent the occurrence of problems.   

The most common problem of wine refrigeration units without a regular maintenance plan is clogged condensation lines. You may choose to call us to have somebody come into your home and do maintenance or repair on the system. However, it is in summer when we receive many calls from clients needing a technician.  

Service technicians can be quite busy during summer, and they will usually be available for about a week or more. Availing a regular maintenance plan will prevent system breakdowns because your equipment will be checked and cleaned regularly. You do not have to wait for a technician to be available.  

Build a Glass-Enclosed Home Wine Cellar with the Help of a Los Angeles Specialist  

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles is proud to be part of this project, where we built a glass wine cellar in a closet of a modern home in Sea Vista. Our creative team of designers and installers built the client’s dream wine storage room in small space using traditional and modern components.  We can also do modern wine racks for small glass wine cellars if that’s what you prefer. 

Whatever your purpose is for building a custom home wine cellar, we will help you from the design through to the completion of your project. Talk to one of our specialists at (323) 825-9846