Exceptional Wine Racks and Effective Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions

Attractive Wine Racks Designed by Master Builders in Los Angeles

Attractive Wine Racks Designed by Master Builders in Los Angeles

Are you dreaming of having a refrigerated wine cellar that can store your prized wine collection in exceptional wine racks? Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles will help you! We have created innovative wine cellar designs for residential and commercial wine rooms and equipped them with a reliable wine cellar cooling system. 

Attractive Wine Racks and Reliable Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions from Experts in Los Angeles   

Costly mistakes can result from working with a builder who lacks knowledge and experience designing and installing wine storage rooms. The aesthetic appeal and functionality of our client’s wine cellar matter a lot to us. Therefore, at Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we always do our best to ensure that every wine room we build is pleasing to the eye and can protect wines for many years. 

Our innovative wine cellar designs and refrigeration units have helped us exceed our client’s expectations. Many homeowners and entrepreneurs chose to work with us in fulfilling their desire to store and display their wines attractively and safely.    

We want our customers to have a hassle-free experience from the start of their project until the after-sales. Our creativity and expertise help us design exceptional wine racks and provide efficient wine cellar cooling solutions for other residential and commercial applications.  

Stylish Wine Racks for Building Luxurious Looking Wine Cellars    

Gorgeous Wooden Wine Cellar Racks

Gorgeous Wooden Wine Cellar Racks

When designing wine cellars, making a thorough assessment of our client’s needs is a crucial step. Skipping this step will result in costly mistakes and regrets in the future.  

When you choose to work with Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we will schedule an on-site visit to see the location of the room you want to convert into a wine cellar, measure the size of your wine room, and know your specific needs and requirements. Doing so will help us determine the best design for your wine racks.   

Here are some questions that we will ask you during the assessment stage:  

  • What is your purpose for building a wine cellar in your home or commercial establishment? Is it primarily for storage, display, or entertainment purposes? 
  • What is the storage capacity that you want to achieve?  
  • What are the bottle sizes in your collection? Do you have large-format bottles, or are you planning to store odd-shaped bottles?    
  • Do you want to include custom features in your wine rack design like a tasting bar, cigar humidor, or cabinet?  
  • What is your budget?  
  • Do you want a wine cellar cooling unit to be installed inside your wine room or outdoors?

Our wine racks can be ready-made or customized. Ready-made wine racks are also known as kit wine racks, available in various sizes and designs. These wine racks are suitable for a growing wine collection.

A kit wine rack system is easy to expand. You will have to add more wine storage units to increase the capacity of your racking instead of modifying the entire racking, which will cost much.  

With a custom wine rack system, you can add features that you want to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your wine cellar and accommodate your unique needs. Custom wine racks are also recommended if you have an irregular-shaped wine room. Your racking will be designed to fit the shape and size of your wine cellar.    

Wood Wine Cellar Racks: Add Timeless Beauty to Your Wine Cellar

Wood is widely used in the construction industry because of its many benefits. It is easy to work with, offers a flexible design, durable, and attractive. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles recommends wood wine racks for those who want to add timeless beauty to their wine cellar. 

Wood’s elegance and warmth create a relaxing ambiance and classic appeal in wine cellars. It is the ideal material for those who want earth tones to dominate in their wine storage room. We use Alder, Redwood, Mahogany, and Pine in manufacturing wooden wine racks. All of these woods are durable and attractive. They are also highly resistant to warping, shrinkage, and mildew, making these types of wood suitable for high humidity conditions which exist in refrigerated wine cellars.

Stylish Wine Racks Made of Wood 

We recommend the following wine rack styles to every client because they can improve the visual appeal of a wine room, especially when custom features are added: 

  • Arched display (solid or lattice) with a tabletop 
  • Waterfall wine racks  
  • Diamond or X-bins  
  • High-reveal display rows  
  • Quarter round display racks  
  • Horizontal display racks  
  • Aisle display wine racks (recommended for commercial wine cellars) 

Metal Wine Racks: Create a Modern Wine Display 

Floor to Ceiling VintageView Metal Wine Racks

Floor to Ceiling VintageView Metal Wine Racks

Metal is another popular material used for creating sleek and modern residential and commercial wine rooms. Our metal wine racks are in-demand in high-end homes, restaurants, hotels, and wine stores. High resistance to corrosion, durability, and low maintenance are some of the benefits you can get from metal wine racks. 

VintageView Metal Wine Racks  

VintageView is a leading supplier of metal wine storage systems. We have been working with them for many years, designing exceptional wine racks that will create minimalist yet sophisticated wine cellars.     

Their wine racks are designed with a label-forward orientation that allows easy viewing of the wine labels. This feature makes it easier to locate a specific bottle of wine within the racking.    

You may choose from the following types of VintageView wine racks: 

Evolution Series – These standalone wine racks are suitable for a small wine collection. You can place them easily in any area of your home or commercial establishment.  

Wall-Mounted or Through-the-Wall Wine Racks – If you want to give life to your dull walls and eliminate the use of floor space, we recommend VintageVIew’s Wall-Mounted wine racks, which are available in Peg and Wall Series. 

The Peg Series wine racks hold the bottles using Vino pins and Vino rails. With this style of racking, increasing the bottle capacity of your wine cellar is easier. You have to purchase more pins or rails to accommodate more bottles.   

STACT Wine Racks  

We also offer STACT wine racks, which involves the use of durable bottle supports and wood panels. They are also designed to hold the bottles with the labels facing out. Various finish options are available 

Reliable Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions  

High-Grade Wine Cellar Cooling Units

High-Grade Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Creating the perfect wine storage environment cannot be achieved without installing the right wine cellar cooling unit in your wine room. At Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles, we use high-grade wine cellar refrigeration systems to prevent external factors from damaging your wines.   

Top-Notch Manufacturers of High-Quality Wine Cellar Cooling Units 

We offer wine refrigeration units from the following manufacturers:  

  • Wine Guardian 
  • US Cellar Systems 
  • WhisperKOOL 
  • CellarPro  
  • Arctic MetalWorks 

We Create Stylish Wine Racks and Provide Reliable Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions   

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles creates tastefully designed wine racks and provides high-grade wine cellar cooling systems for residential and commercial applications. If you need help, please talk to one of our specialists at + 1 (323) 825-9846