Wine Cellar for a Home: Unique Custom Design Created by a Master Builder

Custom Wine Cellar Design and Construction by Coastal

Custom Wine Cellar Design and Construction by Coastal

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars created an elegant custom wine cellar design for a home in California. Their goal was to create an attractive wine display that maximizes the capacity of the wine room and create storage slots for different bottle sizes. The wine racks installed are earthquake-proof, and a ladder was added to provide easy access to the wines.  

Awe-inspiring Custom Wine Cellar Design for a Home 

Coastal Custom Home Wine Cellars has been helping clients with building their residential or commercial wine cellar. This team of master wine cellar builders has been in the construction industry for many years. They are known for their passion, creativity, and expertise in designing and installing refrigerated wine storage rooms.  

There is nothing too small or too large for a master wine cellar builder who has extensive knowledge and experience in constructing wine cellars. They have received positive feedback from clients whose expectations were exceeded by the Coastal team.  

In 2008, they were contacted by a wine enthusiast who needed help in turning a space into a wine display and storage area. They had to create a custom wine cellar design for a home. The room was large, making it easier for the Coastal team to incorporate features that would meet the client’s requirements and complement the existing décor of the home.  After conducting a survey and a thorough assessment of the client’s needs, they created a CAD design, which they submitted to the owner for review. After making some changes, the design was approved by the client.  

The construction commenced in July 2011. The Coastal team was able to build a home wine cellar designed to accommodate more than 4,000 bottles.   

Custom Wine Rack Design for a Home Wine Cellar  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars always makes sure that the wine racks are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and secure. The style and material of your wine racks play a crucial role in the overall appeal of your wine room. 

Elegant Styles of Wine Racks  

Elegant Library Style Custom Home Wine Cellar Design

Elegant Library Style Custom Home Wine Cellar Design

Combining different racking styles results in attractive and unique wine displays. For this project, we incorporated tilted individual wine racks that can be found in almost all the walls. 

The unique features of this wine room are the aisles where you have to go through the arched passages. The setup is like a library. When you reach the last aisle and turn right, you will reach the lattice arch display with a tabletop.  

Above the arched passages are 391 horizontal display racks for 750 ml and 1.5 L bottles, and 27 openings for 3 L and 6 L bottles. The entire wall on the left of this custom home wine cellar also consists of horizontal wine racks.  

There are also high-reveal display rows in each cubicle where the owners could highlight some of their favorite bottles at an angle. This bottle orientation will keep the cork moist and prevent it from getting dry and brittle. When the cork is moist, its sealing ability will be preserved, thus preventing wine oxidation. Below the display rows are wooden cases, which are ideal for storing wines in bulk.   

Racking Material  

There are different types of wood used for manufacturing wine racks. The most popular species are Mahogany, Alder, and Redwood.  

In this particular project, the custom wine racks were constructed using Malaysian Mahogany. This type of wood is famous for its high resistance to warping and humid conditions, making it ideal for refrigerated wine cellars.   

Despite the durability of Malaysian Mahogany, the Coastal team found a way to minimize the shaking of the wine racks during an earthquake because California is prone to earthquakes. They constructed single bottle storage wine racks that are slightly tilted backward. 

To blend well with the existing décor of the home, they applied a rustic stain and a lacquer on the Mahogany wine racks to achieve a lustrous and glossy look. They utilized 10-foot floor-to-ceiling wine racks to maximize the storage capacity of the room.   

Rolling Library Ladders were Included into the Custom Home Wine Cellar Design 

Since 10-foot tall wine racks were installed, the Coastal team decided to include rolling library ladders into the custom wine cellar design they created for the home. These ladders allow the owners to have easy access to the bottles stored at the topmost section of their floor-to-ceiling wine racks. These ladders can be moved from one wall to another easily. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars also added storage niches where the ladders can be kept when they are not in use.  

A Reliable Wine Cellar Cooling System for Creating the Ideal Wine Storage Environment 

An efficient wine cooling unit is required in wine cellar construction. The right type, size, and installation of your climate-control system will preserve your wine’s desirable characteristicsThe ideal temperature in a home wine cellar is 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity must range from 60 to 70 percent. Extreme changes in the storage conditions will cause off flavors. 

It is best to consult with a wine cellar refrigeration specialist who will conduct a heat load calculation before choosing a cooling unit for your space. This process helps builders determine the capacity of the wine cellar cooling unit based on the size and location of the room, the amount of glass used, and heat sources.     

In this project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars chose a self-contained ducted air handler. The vent openings for the cold air supply and return are hidden, so no equipment is visible inside this wine cellar created for a home.        

Start Your Wine Cellar for Home Project. Work with an Expert. 

Building a wine cellar for home requires a specialist in wine room design and construction like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. If you are looking for a professional to help with your project, please call Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles at (323) 825-9846