These Modern Wine Rooms Built by a Master Wine Cellar Builder Will Captivate You

Modern Wine Rooms Designed by a Premier Wine Cellar Builder

Modern Wine Rooms Designed by a Premier Wine Cellar Builder

If you are looking for the best way to showcase your wine collection, we will help you! At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we have been designing and installing modern wine rooms for years. We work with Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, an experienced wine cellar builder known for being creative and knowledgeable in creating luxury custom home wine cellars. They have turned many spaces into stylish wine rooms with metal and glass components.    

Stunning Modern Wine Rooms Built by a Top-Notch Wine Cellar Builder  

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is well known for designing and building sleek and elegant wine storage rooms for homeowners who want a sleek wine display.  Modern design is a fusion of metal and glass elements. It consists of clean lines and minimalist features that make modern wine rooms stand out. Explore the stunning features of each wine cellar and be inspired to build your own! 

Floating Wine Racks are Perfect for this Contemporary Wine Cellar 

In this particular project, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars was hired by a client who wanted to build a luxurious custom wine cellar in their high-end home. The wine room, which is located in a small space in the dining room, is installed with sleek contemporary wine racks to create a focal point. 

Innovative Racking Design Perfect for Small Modern Wine Storage Rooms  

Chic Modern Wine Room

Chic Modern Wine Room

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars utilized an innovative wine storage system owned and developed by them. They call it the Float Wine Display and Racking System. The wine racks are ideal for building modern wine rooms with style.  

The Float Wine Display and Racking System creates an illusion of bottles floating in mid-air. It consists of durable tension sets and glass cradles to hold the bottles securely.  

There are two options for the bottle orientation. You can choose between the label forward and neck forward. The rows can be set up diagonally, allowing the owner to create his own racking design. 

The client chose to have racking with a label forward configuration at the center and a row of neck forward bottle orientation on both ends. The spacing between the cradles was adjusted to accommodate only a few bottles. 

If the owner wants to increase the storage capacity of his racking in the future, more glass cradles can be added. The tension sets have superior durability and stability, so the weight will not be an issue.  

Aside from contemporary wine racks, glass doors are also used in building modern wine rooms. In this refrigerated wine cellar project, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars installed frameless glass doors to provide a clear view of the client’s prized wine collection from the dining area.  

A Contemporary Closet Wine Cellar Under the Stairs: a Trend in Building Modern Wine Rooms   

Another project completed by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is the contemporary wine cellar they designed for a beautiful home. The client had an unused closet under the stairs. She wanted to turn that closet into a refrigerated wine cellar. When designing modern wine rooms, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars always makes sure that the racking complements the existing theme of the home and maximizes the storage space.  

Millesime Contemporary Wine Racks   

Modern Wine Room with Millesime Wine Racks

Modern Wine Room with Millesime Wine Racks

In this project, the owner wanted Millesime contemporary wine racks to cradle her bottles. These wine racks are increasing in popularity among builders, designers, architects, and contractors. 

This type of racking system makes use of posts and rails that are installed upright to support the bottles. The acrylic end blocks are used to fasten the rails to the support the posts. The bottles are displayed with the labels facing out for easy wine perusal.  

Another benefit of the Millesime wine racks is their space-efficiency. They can be configured to accommodate the size of your space and the number of bottles in your collection. The wine racks are available in various sizes to meet the space requirements of each client. 

The Millesime wine racks are designed to mount onto the ceiling. However, if you do not want this option, you may use the wall mounting bracketsBecause of the sloping ceiling of this contemporary wine cellar, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars had to use special mounting brackets on the ceiling.   

The material for the end blocks can be clear acrylic, Mahogany, or Walnut. The acrylic end blocks blend well with the minimalist design of modern wine rooms. The wine cellar is enclosed in a glass wall on the right and a glass door at the front.  

An Inviting Contemporary Wine Cellar with Stylish Wine Racks 

Custom Wine Cellar with Modern Wine Racks

Custom Wine Cellar with Modern wine racks

A home developer contacted Blue Grouse Wine Cellars to seek help in adding a contemporary custom home wine cellar in one of the residential properties for sale. A functional and beautiful wine room is a feature that adds value to a home and can entice potential buyers.    

In this project, the Blue Grouse team installed wall-mounted contemporary wine racks from VintageView on the back wall. VintageView is one of the top-notch manufacturers of metal wine storage systems.

Double-deep wine racks were chosen to increase the storage capacity of this wine cellar. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars also added two rectangular millwork frames with aluminum rails to the other wall. The large seamless glass door and walls allow the sleek wine display to be seen from the outside.   

Tastefully Designed Contemporary Wine Racks Spruced Up a Small Space 

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is known for being innovative in transforming tiny spaces into outstanding modern wine rooms. In one of their projects, they had to build a contemporary wine cellar on the main floor of the house. 

The Blue Grouse team utilized metal wine racks from VintageView. They chose Brushed Nickel to achieve an elegant finish and blend well with the existing décor of the home. To eliminate the use of floor space, they installed single-deep wall mounted wine racks on the right wall and triple-deep racking on the back wall that forms a rectangular arch.  They incorporated a stemware rack at the top of the arch. The seamless glass door and a large glass wall were the perfect choice for this one-of-a-kind wine display.    

A Master Builder of Modern Wine Rooms Designs Exceptional Contemporary Wine Racks  

Do you have a small closet or a space in the living room, dining room, or under the stairs that you want to turn into an eye-popping wine cellar? Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles will install contemporary wine racks that will display your collection impressively.   

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