Wine Cellar Storage -a Look at What Types of Wine to Store in Your Refrigerated Home Wine Cellar

Typically when people think of wine, the fruit they associate it with is grapes.  Though grapes are popularly used in wine making, they certainly aren’t the only fruit that goes through the process.  There are plenty more wine types you can discover and collect.  Just about any fruit you can think of would be a valid candidate for being made into wine and stored in your Bel Air refrigerated home wine cellar.

Wines Made From Different Fruits -Diversify Your Home Wine Cellar

Bananas, for example, are made into wine in Africa, India and the Philippines.  Notably in Japan, Korea and China, plum-wine (also known as ‘plum liquor’) is produced.  Following is a list of some of the known wines.  As you can see, some aren’t made of fruit at all!

Add an Assortment of Different Wines to Your Refrigerated Home Wine Cellar

  • Pineapple wine, primarily produced in Hawaii as well as Nigeria.   Pineapple wine, as the name implies, is produced from pineapple juice, and possesses a strong pineapple bouquet.
  • Dandelion wine, made from the slender yellow petals of mature dandelions, and combined with an acid (usually lemon juice) to aid in fermentation.
  • Rose hip wine, considered a fruit wine, is made from fresh or dried rose hips.  The rose hips are mixed with a syrup, yeast and citric acid to create an extract.  The technique is actually a pretty rare one, used on few wines.
  • Cherry wine, in which tart cherries are used for their acidity.  Cherry wine is often mixed with spices, or blended with grapes to enhance its body and flavor.

Aside from the above wines, there are many other types, including: apple, apricot, blackberry, mango, peach, pear, raspberry, strawberry, pomegranate, sweet onion, tomato, watermelon, kiwifruit and so on.  Each wine is made in its own unique way, due to their greatly varying acid, sugar and seed content.

Building the Ideal Wine Storage Environment

Stylish Refrigerated Home Wine Cellar in a Garage

Stylish Refrigerated Home Wine Cellar in a Garage

Besides the fermentation process, another thing that it’s safe to say all wines have in common is their ideal wine storage environment.  Wine keeps best in a dark, cool and humid place.

Because of this, many opt to store their wines in their basement, in home wine cellars.  Though basements are perhaps the most common place for wine storage, anywhere in the house will do.  Just make sure that the place of choice meets the basic storage requirements.

If you’re familiar with some of the many wines available, and like to keep a variety on hand, a wine fridge may be best for you.  Wine fridges allow you to store multiple wines in different compartments with their own temperature and humidity specifications.

If you choose to invest in a Brentwood wine cellar, keep in mind that most wines store best at a temperature of 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, along with a humidity level of around 55-75%%.  These specifications keep the wine cool enough to control its fermentation rate and prevent the corks from drying out or molding.

Once you’ve taken care of the technical requirements, you can focus on the aesthetics of your refrigerated home wine cellar.  Wine cellar doors are a great place to start.  The door can be made of a few different materials, each with its own unique flare.

For instance, wooden doors are a popular choice.  They bring to mind the old ages, and have an almost medieval feel.  Glass doors are more modern, and are an excellent way to show off the many wines you possess.  If you have any rare or unusual wines, like the ones listed above, placing them near a glass door is an excellent way to show them off.

Custom wine cellar doors are also an option, one which offers many possibilities.  A wooden door with carvings, a painted glass door -your creativity is the limit!

Once you have the refrigerated wine cellar constructed and the door in place, it’s time to get some wine racks.  Though wine rack kits are available, custom wine racks often prove to be a better choice, as their very function is to suit your unique wine and wine cellar specifications.  Make sure that your custom wine racks are built in such a way that they can accommodate any new wines you plan to acquire.

When your refrigerated wine cellar is built and perfected, you can then invite guests over and show it off, as well as the wines inside it.  Let them admire your own personal wine-storage style, and try a few of your more unusual wines for fun.  You may be the one to introduce them to a new favorite!