Why Work with the Best Wine Cellar Builder in Los Angeles On Your Next Project

Custom Home Wine Cellar Designed by Master Builders in Los Angeles

Custom Home Wine Cellar Designed by Master Builders in Los Angeles

When designing and building a refrigerated wine cellar, it is important for a wine cellar builder to pay attention to all the details of a project as he carefully chooses which components to include. More importantly, building a wine cellar is a fun and unique collaborative process between the builder and the client. 

How an Expert in Los Angeles Can Help You Build a Magnificent and Functional Wine Storage Room 

For Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, building the client’s wine room is about relationships. This collaboration will ensure that the wine cellar is equipped with the correct components that will store the owner’s collection safely and impressively.

Whether you are building a wine storage facility for your residential or commercial property, you have to hire a wine cellar contractor who has extensive experience, creativity, and passion for creating stunning and functional wine storage facilities.  

If you are planning to start your own wine cellar project, it will be to your advantage if you work with Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles. We are one of the most trusted wine cellar builders in Los Angeles.

We always want to exceed our client’s expectations. We provide excellent customer service beginning from the wine room design phase until well after the wine cellar is constructed.

Working and building good relationships with our clients will result in a stellar and more personalized wine cellar design.  

Building Your Wine Cellar 

Los Angeles Residential Wine Cellar Installation Project

LED Lighting System Used in a Residential Wine Cellar Installation Project by a Top-Notch Wine Cellar Builder in Los Angeles

When building a wine room, there are technical requirements that can be provided only by a knowledgeable company. There are many factors to consider when creating a wine cellar design:  

  • Location and size of your room 
  • Number of bottles intended to be stored in the cellar 
  • Wine cellar furniture to be placed in the room 
  • Amount of insulation 
  • Budget  

Our passionate and creative team will make sure that your collection is safe from harmful environmental factors like heat, vibration, and odor. We install high-quality components for maximum efficiency and durability. 

Regulating the Wine Room Temperature by Preventing Excessive Heat and UV Light Exposure 

You must protect your wine collection from too much heat exposure. Heat is the main enemy of wine. Thus, your wines must be stored in a climate-controlled environment. 

LED Wine Cellar Lighting by Los Angeles Master Builders

LED Wine Cellar Lighting Installed Above the Wine Display Row

When the temperature in your refrigerated wine cellar fluctuates, the chemical properties of the wine will be altered. This will cause the cork to be pushed out of the bottle, allowing an unwanted amount of air to enter the bottle. When oxygen mixes with the wine, oxidation will occur and result in off flavors and unpleasant aromas.  

Do you know why wine bottles are made of colored and thick glass? This is to protect the wine from excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, which can damage the wine in a few hours.   

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we make sure that an efficient wine cellar cooling system is installed in your cellar. We also see to it that light will not damage your favorite vintages by installing an LED lighting system.  

Why Use LED Lights? 

Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are popular lighting fixtures used in residential and commercial wine rooms. However, many people do not know the negative effects of these types of lighting systems. Some of these effects include too much heat emission and exposure to UV rays, which will damage the quality of your wine.

The best wine cellar builders in Los Angeles recommend the LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting system. It will not only keep your collection safe from deteriorating; it will also keep your energy bills at a normal level.  LED lights last longer than other types of bulbs.  

Importance of Keeping the Humidity at a Normal Level  

Wine Cellar Cooling System Installed a Master Builder in Los Angeles

Wine Cellar Cooling System Installed a Master Builder in Los Angeles

Another factor that has a big impact on the wine’s quality is humidity. It must be kept between 60-70 percent.

The humidity level must not be too low to prevent the cork from shrinking and drying out. Additionally, it must not be too high to protect your wine collection, racking, and labels from molds.  

To achieve constant humidity levels, our team installs the correct insulation and wine refrigeration system in our client’s wine cellar. 

A Wine Cellar Builder in Los Angeles can Help You Create a Stellar Design for Your Space 

Our clients will receive a free quote and 3D design package. The CAD drawings allow you to have a better visualization of your completed wine cellar.

The design package includes the different elevations of the wine room, the racking configurations and dimensions in each wall, and bottle capacities.   

If you wish to make changes to the design, you can make revisions before the construction begins.  

Custom Wine Cellar Projects by Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles  

View some of the custom residential and commercial wine cellar projects recently completed by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars in Los Angeles, one of our partners in building wine storage rooms. They are one of the best wine cellar builders in Los Angeles. 

Contemporary Design Created by a Top-Notch Wine Cellar Builder for a Home in Los Angeles 

CAD Drawing Residential Wine Cellar Design by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

CAD Drawing Residential Wine Room Design by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

This project started in January 2014 and completed in June 2014. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed Mahogany wine racks with a chestnut stain and satin finish. They included various racking configurations such as single storage, horizontal display, wooden case storage bins, and high-reveal display rows.  

Wine Cellar Installation Beverly HIlls Los Angeles California

Wine Cellar Installation in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles California

To achieve a contemporary appeal, they went for a seamless glass wall and entry. Another advantage of having glass doors installed is that it allows a clear view of the owner’s wine display from outside the wine room. 

For the refrigeration system, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed Arctic Air split refrigeration system by Arctic Metalworks Inc. The evaporator was placed above the tabletop area.  

Transformation of a Kitchen into an Elegant Custom Residential Wine Cellar 

3D Drawing Los Angeles Residential Wine Cellar Built in a Kitchen

3D Drawing Los Angeles Residential Wine Cellar Built in a Kitchen

On this project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars used Premium Redwood wine racks. The wood’s natural beauty added character to the wine room.  They incorporated individual bottle openings, label forward display racks, double-deep square bins, and a tabletop.  

Completed Residential Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles

Completed Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Los Angeles

They left the entire racking unfinished except for the tabletop. The tabletop provides a place for serving and decanting wines. In order to protect the surface of the tabletop from scrape or spills, they finished it with lacquer.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars used the CellarPro self-contained top vent wine cellar refrigeration system to achieve the optimum storage conditions. For the entryway, they installed a Barolo style glass door with a wooden frame. The glass panels are dual-paned to help the cooling unit in achieving the optimum storage conditions. 

Are You Looking for an Expert for your Wine Room Project? 

When deciding to build your own wine cellar, it is wise to consult with the best wine cellar builder like Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles. We will make sure that your wine storage space is the safest place for your collection and a great place for entertaining guests. 

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