Wine Cellar Cabinets Beverly Hills – An Outstanding Cooling Systems Installation

Refrigerated wine cellar cabinets are excellent wine storage alternatives for wine collectors who don’t have available space for building their own private wine cellar at home.  Wine cellar cabinets Beverly Hills are specially engineered to provide optimal environmental conditions for preserving and protecting the overall quality of wines.

Wine Cellar Cabinets Beverly Hills California
Wine Cellar Cabinets Beverly Hills California

Climate controlled wine cellar cabinets are built with wine cabinets cooling systems that help regulate temperature and humidity at constant levels.  Dark and stable storage conditions allow wines to age at the right pace.  Wines can easily deteriorate when exposed to unstable temperature conditions.  Humidity that is too high can damage bottle labels, and cause corks to become brittle when too low.

Wine Cabinets Cooling Systems Installation
Wine Cabinets Cooling Systems Installation

A wine cabinet cooling system is the heart of wine cellar cabinets Beverly Hills.  It helps create and maintain the best possible environment for storing and aging fine wine collections.  For optimum cooling and performance, choose wine cabinets equipped with properly sized and top quality wine cabinets cooling system to ensure efficient and reliable cooling.

Wine cabinets installed with misspecified models of cooling units or poor quality climate control systems can lead to costly problems in the long run, as shown by this recently concluded Beverly Hills wine cabinet cooling remedial project by M&M Cellar Systems, a refrigeration systems specialist only company based in Los Angeles, California.

The entire wine cabinets cooling system had to be replaced because the refrigeration equipment was undersized and the evaporator coil has a leak.  If left unfixed, it will negatively impact the performance and efficiency of wine cellar cabinets Beverly Hills, leading to costly damage and ruin of expensive wine collections.

Key Steps in Beverly Hills Remedial Cooling Systems Project

Old Cooling Equipment was Removed
Old Cooling Equipment was Removed

M&M Cellar Systems replaced the existing wine cabinet cooling system with a ductless split system from US Cellar Systems.  A split climate control system is an excellent cooling solution that promotes not only a quiet storage environment, but also efficient cooling performance.

The HS 6600 split system separates the evaporator from the condensing unit, allowing the noisiest part of the cooling unit (compressor) to be located outdoors, in a mechanical room, or in a garage.

The wine cabinets in this remedial cooling systems installation project are located in the client’s spacious living room.  Since the wine cabinet cooling equipment is a ductless-type system, a refrigeration line set is used to connect the evaporator unit and the compressor.

Mario of M&M Welding the Refrigeration Lines
Mario of M&M Welding the Refrigeration Lines

Remedial work on wine cabinet climate control systems involves several key steps to ensure that the refrigeration unit is of the right size and quality, as well as guarantee optimum performance, safety, reliability, and efficiency of the cooling equipment in the long run.

  • M&M Cellar Systems technician removed the complete cooling system and replaced it with the proper Beverly Hills wine cabinet cooling unit.
  • Refrigerant line sets are installed and soldered to connect the copper tubing with other components.  A line set includes copper tubing and electrical wiring.  It is used to distribute refrigerant to wine cabinet climate control systems.
  • After the welding process, the cooling system is charged with Freon, a liquid cooling agent responsible for creating cool air in wine cabinet refrigeration systems.
  • The technician conducts pressure testing once the system has been charged with Freon.  This step ensures that the cooling equipment is leak free and contains the right amount of coolant charge, as specified by the Beverly Hills wine cabinet cooling manufacturer.

Important Features of an Efficient Wine Cellar Cabinet

Refrigerated Wine Cabinet
Refrigerated Wine Cabinet

When choosing a wine cellar cabinet, make sure that it is installed with the right type of wine cabinet cooling unit to ensure the proper aging and preservation of wines for a prolonged period of time.  It is also important to select wine cabinets that provide control and functional features that promote ease of use.

  • Digital temperature and humidity control features that allow collectors to monitor and adjust climate conditions inside the wine storage area.
  • Double pane tinted glass to protect wine bottles against harmful UV rays.
  • Dual or multiple temperature zones that provides separate compartments with independent temperature environments for reds and whites.
  • Pull out shelving for ease of access to wine collections.

M&M Cellar Systems are committed to providing exceptional level of customer service that includes installation, servicing and maintenance, as well as offering high quality brands of climate control systems for custom wine cellars and wine cabinets.

The company offers a wide range of cooling solutions for both commercial and residential applications.  M&M Cellar Systems conduct heat load calculations to help determine the refrigeration equipment that will suit the cooling requirements of a wine storage space.


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