Small Businesses in Support of the Gay Community: Wineries and Wine Stores

It is a choice to live for a purpose and make a difference. In California, many small businesses have chosen to be a good example by standing for an advocacy. Wineries and wine stores, for example, have chosen to support the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual Community.

Small Businesses with an Advocacy – Wineries and Wine Stores for a Purpose!

Wine Stores in Los Angeles, California stand up to support the LGBT community

Wine Stores in Los Angeles, California stand up to support the LGBT community

There are owners of small businesses who put up their company only to make money and nothing more. But there are also those who actively involve themselves and their companies in relevant social issues. One of the social issues that this country is facing is on equality of marriage. Wineries and wine businesses in California are getting involved with this social responsibility. More and more people who are into the wine business are coming out in support of the LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals) Community.

Advocacy through Wine Labels and Donations

On the progress of the gay community gaining acceptance in this country, Gary Saperstein of Out in the Vineyard says, “Little by little, we’re breaking down the barrier.” Out in the Vineyard is an events and tours company based in Sonoma County, California, that caters to gay travelers.

One way that people in the wine business show support to the gay community’s fight for equality is through modifying the labels of wines. Here are a few of these wine labels:

1. Same Sex Meritage, a Red Wine

One example of a wine that advocates gay marriage is one red wine bottle labeled “Same Sex Meritage.” This red wine is a Bordeaux-style blend made by Matt Gold who teamed up with Josh Stein of Stein Family Wines. Moreover, for every purchase of this red wine, 1 USD is donated to Freedom to Marry, a gay marriage advocacy group. Matt Gold believes that “everyone should have the right to marry” and that “everyone should have the same rights as anyone else.”

2. Egalite, a Sparkling Red Wine

Advocacy also comes from a bubbly wine, Egalite. It is from the Burgundy Region of France and the name is French for “equality.” The label implies not only its origin, but also its support of the gay community. A portion of the profit from the sales of this sparkling red wine is donated quarterly to an LGBT non-profit organization. Since the launch of this bubbly red, approximately 15,000 USD has already been donated to the organization.

3. Genetic Pinot Noir

One of things that the gay community fights for is the acceptance that being gay is genetic and is not a choice. Since it is genetic, it is neither a sin nor an act of rebellion. Being gay is not an abnormality either. The bottom line is, gay people deserve love and respect. This is the message that the “Genetic Pinot Noir” is trying to send. It is a wine made by Stand Tall Wines, which was founded by gay couple Larisa Stephenson and Dana Sabin. This wine is produced in Napa Valley using grapes that have been shipped from Oregon’s Willamette Valley. 1% of the sales of the Genetic Pinot Noir is donated the LGBTQ Project.

Challenges Faced In This Advocacy

There are many more wine labels that were created to advocate the gay community. One common challenge faced by all these labels is being dismissed as a mere gimmick. Because of this, wine makers ensure that these wines live up to their labels. The people behind this cause make sure that the wines are of very good quality, so that people are not only going to buy it once.

All wines are not only well-made, but also kept in the ideal conditions for wine storage. Properly built custom wine cellars with good wine cellar refrigeration systems installed house these wines in order to make sure that they age tastefully and meet the valued customers’ standards.