Modern Custom Wine Cellar Design for a Home in Los Angeles

Residential Custom Wine Cellar Installation Project Beverly Hills Los Angeles California

Residential Custom Wine Cellar Installation Project Beverly Hills Los Angeles California

One of the hottest trends in the construction industry is adding a contemporary custom wine cellar in homes. If you do not have a large room for your project, you can utilize an unused or a seldom-used space in your home (e.g., walk-in closet, garage, pantry, or space under the stairs). Check out one of the contemporary wine cellar designs created by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, an expert residential wine room builder in Los Angeles, California.

Modern Custom Home Wine Cellar Design: Perfect for the Homeowners in Los Angeles 

Modern home designs have been increasing in popularity. Having a contemporary wine cellar design will help your space stand out in urban places such as Los Angeles. A large room is not a requirement in realizing your dream home wine cellar.  

With an expert designer like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, you can transform tiny spaces into a beautiful wine display area for your collection. In Beverly Hills, California, they worked with a top designer: Catherine Lamson of Design Rescue LA,  in transforming a small space into a magnificent modern wine room! 

3-Dimensional Wine Room Design Package 

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Catherine discussed the different features that had to be incorporated into the design. The homeowners received a 3D design package so they could have a better visualization of the completed wine storage room. The clients can make the revisions needed before the wine cellar construction begins. 

The CAD images include various elevations and angles of the room including the racking design for each wall.   

3-Dimensional Drawing Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles Racking Design

3-Dimensional Drawing Custom Home Wine Cellar Los Angeles Racking Design

CAD Drawing Residential Wine Cellar Design by Coastl Custom Wine Cellars

CAD Drawing Residential Wine Cellar Design by Coastl Custom Wine Cellars

3D Residential Wine Cellar Design Los Angeles

3D Residential Wine Cellar Design Los Angeles

Wine Cellar Construction  

Los Angeles Home Wine Cellar Construction

Los Angeles Custom Home Wine Cellar Construction

The construction started in January 2014 and was completed in June 2014. The room is located in the living area of the residential property. With the dimension of the proposed area for the wine room is 13’ wide, 4’ deep, and 8’ high, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars had to come up with a design that could maximize the space.  

Before the Los Angeles wine cellar specialists began the construction, they framed the room, installed electrical wirings, and insulated the area where the custom home wine cellar had to be built. 

Correct insulation of the walls, ceiling, and flooring has many benefits. It will help stabilize the conditions in the wine cellar, preventing wine from damage.  

Functional and Modern Wine Cellar Racking Design Created for a Los Angeles Home  

The wall utilized on this wine cellar project was the back wall. The capacity of the entire racking is more than 500 bottles using various racking styles.   

Individual and Horizontal Display Racks  

The top half section of the back wall consists of single storage openings for 750ml bottles, which measure 3 ¾” x 3 ¾” each. There are also horizontal display racks that store the bottles in a label-forward orientation. This racking style allows for easy retrieval of wines. Each section can accommodate two bottles.  

High-Reveal Display Row  

The middle part of the racking consists of a high reveal display row, which highlights some of the client’s favorite vintages. It also displays the bottles at a 15-degree angle, keeping the cork in contact with the wine.  

Maintaining the cork’s moisture will prevent it from shrinking and getting brittle. When the cork loses its elasticity, it will allow an unwanted amount of air to seep in and mix with the wine. When this happens, the wine will be oxidized and become spoiled. 

Tabletop Area: a Great Addition to the Modern Wine Room Design Created by a Los Angeles Expert   

At the center of the racking, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars added a tabletop where the owner can decant and serve wine. It is also a great place for storing a few bottles that are to be consumed soon. Above it is an operable wooden louvered grill intended for hiding the wine refrigeration unit from view.  

Wooden Case Storage  

There are more individual storage racks at the bottom section of the racking. At the far left and far right, you will see three rectangular openings for six wooden cases.  This style of racking is ideal for storing wines in bulk while adding character to your modern wine cellar design created by an expert in Los Angeles. 

Wine Cooling Solution for a Small Wine Cellar  

Arctic Aire Split-Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

Arctic Aire Split-Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

Correct storage environment in your wine cellar is one of the most important factors to consider when building a wine room. Los Angeles is a place that experiences constant heat and year-round “summer weather.” No one would risk their cooling system to break down due to the wrong choice of unit and improper installation. To prevent your precious wines from being spoiled, it is best to work with someone who has extensive experience in wine cellar cooling.  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars wants all of their clients to enjoy wine collecting for many years to come. They use commercial grade wine cellar cooling system from trusted manufacturers.  

With so many types of climate control systems, it is wise to discuss the different options and the advantages and disadvantages of each.  

On this project, the client consulted with their builder about which brand and unit would suit their needs. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars utilized the Arctic Aire split refrigeration system by Arctic Metalworks Inc. This type of wine cooling system allows the condensing unit (the noisier part of equipment) to be placed in a remote location (e.g., mechanical room, garage, etc.), resulting in a virtually quiet operation.  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed the evaporator above the tabletop area. They concealed it in a wooden grill with an operable cover.  

Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar Door 

Custom Wine Rack Design Los Angeles Project

Custom Wine Rack Design Los Angeles Project

There are many ways to incorporate modern features to your wine room. One of these is by adding a glass entryway to your wine cellar design. It can be seamless, with a wooden frame, or with wooden frame and wrought iron grill.  

On this modern wine cellar design project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars used seamless glass wine cellar door and walls. This style of entryway showcases the client’s wine collection with elegance. It also allows the owner and guests to view the wine display from the living area without any obstruction.  

View the different door options both for traditional and modern wine cellar designs 

Build Your Modern Wine Cellar with the Help of an Expert in Los Angeles 

Contemporary wine displays will make your custom home wine cellar stand out from the rest. If you want a modern wine room design for your home in Los Angeles, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars will help you. Contact them today at +1 (949) 355-4376