Using Metal Wine Racks in a Contemporary Wine Cellar Setting

Contemporary wine racks are widely-used in building luxurious home wine cellars. At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we offer stylish and functional metal wine racks designed to fit your needs. Learn more about the benefits and types of this type of wine storage system.

A climate controlled wine cellar is the ideal place to store and age your wine collection. It is also the best location for hosting small private parties for friends and families. A wine cellar should provide a conducive storage environment for your wines and offer a comfortable atmosphere for wine tasting gatherings.

There is always a perfect wine cellar design for every wine lover. The theme of your wine storage room depends on your aesthetic taste and style. For instance, a contemporary wine cellar setting is perfect for the modern wine collector. The combination of clean lines and natural colors, along with soft accent lighting, creates an elegant space for storing wines and a cozy place for you to retreat to.

Contemporary Wine Cellars

Contemporary Wine Cellars

The concept behind contemporary wine cellars is to feature simple and uncluttered interiors. The architectural element should be symmetrical, to reflect harmony and proportion. This symmetrical balance also extends to the furniture pieces and wine racking systems that are to be incorporated into the design.

Lighting systems ideal for a contemporary residential wine cellar are track lighting and recessed lighting, to better highlight architectural structures, wine displays, and art pieces. These lighting effects can also add warmth and charm to your cellar environment.

The best racking systems for wine cellars in a contemporary setting are metal wine racks. They provide a more modern feel to your wine storage and displays.

Metal wine racks are an excellent option for organizing your wine bottles in creative fashion. Common materials used in building metal racks are wrought iron and stainless steel. They come in various styles that can coordinate with and match your wine cellar’s modern décor like label out, scrolled decorative, and pigeon holes.

Metal Wine Racks

Metal Wine Racks

Wrought iron metal wine racks are considered decorative pieces of art because of their sculpture-like appearance. These racks are very sturdy and can last for a longer period of time than most. Metal wine racks made from wrought iron can produce the most fluid shapes; hence, they can be a great addition to your wine cellar accessories.

Stainless steel wine racks do not rust easily, as they are highly resistant to oxidation. These wine storage racks are available in different contours and shapes that can suit your personal style. Contemporary wine racks constructed from stainless steel are designed to be in sync with any interior. They can be placed in any room of your household and not look out of place.

Wine racks made out of metal convey a contemporary appearance that can add a voguish vibe to your wine cellar. They are designed to allow you to easily see wine labels. Metal based wine racking systems can be mounted on the wall, stacked or fitted snugly into a nook or small closets. They can also be painted to match any decorating color scheme.

Metal wine racks are a great storage alternative to the more traditional looking wooden wine racks. With their flexible and stylish design elements, these wine racks provide a display oriented storage system that is well suited for a contemporary wine cellar.

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