Climate Control Through Custom Wine Cellar Cooling is The Critical Component to Safe Wine Storage

If you own a business that sells wine, or you’re a private collector with a valuable wine collection, you know that maintaining stable climate conditions in your wine room is absolutely imperative. Find out the different types of wine cellar refrigeration systems, what kind fits your space the best, and why investing in a high quality custom wine cellar cooling unit is worth the investment and adds value to your property.

Commercial and Residential Wine Collectors Rely on Custom Refrigeration Climate Control

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The best place to store these high quality wines is in a wine cellar that has a dependable cooling unit installed.

Genuine wine enthusiasts know that wine is a very sensitive beverage. You can’t just store wines anywhere. They have to be kept in ideal conditions so that they are protected from damage. The best place to store wine is in a wine cellar that has quality cooling equipment installed in it.

A wine cellar has to be well-built, so that the temperature and humidity inside is kept stable. Fluctuating levels of temperature and humidity can adversely affect the flavor of wines. A wine cellar cooling unit is also necessary, because it is the equipment that provides cool air in a wine storage structure.

Working with a reliable company composed of wine cellar refrigeration specialists will ensure that your wine cellar cooling unit meets your requirements and is installed correctly. Keep in mind that every wine room is unique, and every project has its own constraints.

Assessment: A Crucial Step Before Choosing a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Before choosing a climate-control system, there is one essential step that master wine cellar builders go through: the assessment process. During this stage, Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles visits the site to discuss the client’s requirements. We also consider the size and shape of the room that will be utilized for the construction, the location, overall design of the wine cellar, and budget.

Essential Things You Should Know When Choosing a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

  • Assess if you need a wine cellar refrigeration unit or not.
  • The various types of wine cellar cooling systems
  • The different brands of wine cellar refrigeration units
  • Temperature differential
  • Availability of an exhaust room for proper heat dissipation

Do You Need a Wine cellar Cooling Unit?

If you are collecting wines for long-term storage or selling wine, the answer is yes. You need an efficient wine cellar cooling unit. Keep in mind that you can preserve wine’s desirable characteristics only if it is stored in a cold and humid environment.

Poor storage conditions cause premature aging. We do not recommend keeping your wines in a refrigerator or on your kitchen shelves.

Through the Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installed by Los Angeles Experts

Through the Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Los Angeles

The Different Types of Wine Cellar Cooling Units

There are various brands of wine cooling equipment on the market. Regardless the manufacturer, the 3 basic types of wine cellar climate control systems are:

1. Through-the-Wall Cellar Cooling Units

Also known as forced air cooling units, the through-the-wall refrigeration systems are the simplest types of cellar cooling equipment. They are easy to install and are relatively more affordable than other types of units. This type of climate control unit vents cold air into an interior adjacent room that is bigger than the unit’s maximum cooling capacity.

A few of the top brands that manufacture through-the-wall cooling systems include WhisperKool and Wine Guardian.

2. Ductable Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

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Besides a beautifully constructed wine cellar, the ideal wine storage system should have the right cooling unit installed!

This type of climate control equipment is very similar to -through-the-wall cooling systems, because they are self-contained units. The compressor and evaporator are housed in one equipment. The difference, however, is that ductable cooling units have the capacity to be fully ducted. This means that you can have the unit placed far from the wine cellar, and have the cool air ducted into the wine storage room, while venting the warm air into another room.

EuroCave and Vinotemp are among the top brands that manufacture ductable wine cellar cooling equipment.

3. Split Type Wine Cellar Climate Control Units

Split Type Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation Project in Los Angeles

Split Type Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation Project in Los Angeles

Split systems can either be ductless or ducted. The ductless split wine cellar refrigeration system is more common because it is easier to install. Ductless split type cooling systems have condensers that are separate from the evaporator.

The main advantage of this type of wine cellar cooling system is that the evaporators are very quiet. In a typical setup, the unit’s condenser (the noisy component) is situated in an outside room far from the wine cellar.

The role of the condensing unit is to expel the heat collected by the cooling unit inside the wine cellar. Two pipes that connect the condenser to the evaporator are hung on the walls of the custom wine cellar. In a ducted setup, the lines connect to an air handler that is then ducted into the wine cellar. This setup is only necessary in a very large wine storage room.

This type of refrigeration system is also the most effective in consistently keeping the temperature and humidity at the ideal levels.

Different Brands of Wine Cellar Cooling Units

There are many brands of split type wine cellar refrigeration units. Among the top brands are US Cellar Systems and Arctic Metalworks. To get help with installation and service contact AC Cool in Orange County and M&M Cellar Systems in Los Angeles.

Temperature Differential

Before choosing a wine cellar cooling unit for your home or business, it is best to check if its temperature differential is capable of cooling your wine room to achieve the optimum temperature between 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature differential is the difference a unit can cool from the temperature of the area where the heat is dissipated. If a wine cooling unit has a differential of 35 degrees Fahrenheit, and the temperature in the exhaust room rises to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it will be able to cool a wine cellar down to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Availability of an Exhaust Room

When choosing a wine cellar cooling unit for a particular project, Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles always considers the availability of an exhaust room. There should be proper heat dissipation to allow the wine refrigeration system to function normally and to create the perfect environment in your wine cellar.

An Expert in Los Angeles Will Help You Choose the Right Wine Cellar Cooling Unit for Your Project

Provide your prized wines with a safe storage environment by working with experts. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles offers high-grade wine refrigeration units from top-notch manufacturers like Wine Guardian, WhisperKOOL, and CellarPro. If you need help, please call us at (323) 825-9846!