Unbelievable Transformation of a Storage Room into a Wine Cellar in Los Angeles, California

When homeowners want to have a residential wine cellar built, most of them check previous designs, like those on Houzz, to gather ideas on how their wine room will look. But, with the hundreds and hundreds of design inspirations available, it can be very difficult to decide on what you would want for your wine cellar. Don’t fret! Why not combine the various elements of the different styles you like, and make a truly unique design for yourself? In Los Angeles, California, a client had our team build her a contemporary wine room that has traditional and modern features incorporated in its design. 

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Client’s home in Los Angeles, California.

A Bit of This and a Pinch of That — A Mix of Various Styles to Create a Unique Contemporary Design Wine Cellar 

In the earlier part of 2017, we completed a remodeling project for a client in Los Angeles, California. This client had a very interesting idea in mind – she wanted a wine cellar design that was a fusion of various styles.  

Our team visited the client’s home to inspect the site for construction. We also had a thorough consultation process with her, to determine her storage needs and aesthetic goals. Our designers sketched her a set of 3-dimensional designs based on the information gathered during the consultations. Our team then presented her with the 3D drawings. After several revisions, she finally decided on a design that represented her vision of her desired wine cellar. As soon as she approved the final design, our contractors began preparing the site for construction.  

The approved design was a residential wine cellar that could accommodate up to 1,692 bottles. The dimensions of this storage facility were to be 11’ x 8’ x 9.5’. To achieve the desired size and capacity, our builders tore down the wall that was in between the room and the dining area. Then, our team started framing the structure. They also applied a vapor barrier, as well as proper insulation. 

The Various Design Features of this Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar 

To create a distinctive design for this Los Angeles home wine cellar, the client wanted to incorporate a mix of various styles. The outstanding features of her residential wine room include the following: 

1. Mahogany Wine Racking System 

The client chose wooden wine racks to give her cellar a touch of rustic flair. The material of choice was Mahogany, which is one of the most sought-after wood species for constructing climate-controlled storage rooms. To enhance the aesthetics of the wood, we applied a rustic stain and a lacquer finish.  

An assortment of racking styles was installed. The racks were chosen based on two factors: their capacity to maximize the available space and their contribution to the aesthetic value of the cellar.  

Our team of builders installed single bottle storage racks along the entire length of the wine room. Standard-sized 750ml wines can be accommodated in these racks. A gorgeous high reveal display row runs across these individual storage racks. The client’s most expensive bottles were to be showcased in this high reveal display row. To highlight the bottles on the high reveal display row, a dramatic LED lighting system was installed.  

We also built half diamond bins and diamond cubes to provide space for bulk storage. The brick veneer back wall can be seen through the wooden bins, and this complemented the overall cellar design beautifully.  

Right across from the cellar door was a gorgeous tabletop where the client could place wine glasses, napkins, and other tasting rudiments. The herringbone masonry brick behind the tabletop remains visible and adds flair to the cellar style.  

Our builders also incorporated rectangular openings to the wine racking. These openings were meant for storing magnums and large format bottles. We also installed label forward displays near the cellar’s glass walls. The variety of racking styles in

2. A Herculite Wine Cellar Door and A Seamless Glass Wall 

The client wanted her cellar to have a modern twist. So, although the racking systems inside were made from wood, our team mounted a seamless glass wall to achieve the contemporary-modern style that she wanted. The glass wall allowed the client and her guests to see the wines inside the cellar from outside.  

To create an unobstructed view of the wine room, we installed a clear Herculite door to match the glass wall. The Herculite door was made of a robust, half-inch thick, frameless glass. The quality of glass is high-grade. It can withstand strong impacts.  

3. Wine Cellar Flooring Made from Reclaimed Oak Barrels from Napa Valley 

The flooring in this project is just breathtaking! We used reclaimed oak wine barrels from Napa Valley. More specifically, we used the barrel’s staves, which are the wooden strips that make the sides of the barrel. These strips have indentations on them from the metal hoops that once held the barrel together. The indentations added character to the cellar floor, while the aroma from the wine that used to be stored in the barrels brought a warm and vineyard-like atmosphere inside.  

4. High Grade Wine Cellar Refrigeration System 

We installed a commercial grade cooling unit from Arctic Metalworks. It was a split type HVAC system. The evaporator was mounted inside the cellar, while the condenser was kept at a distance, in an adjacent room. Our builders also created a wooden louvered grill to conceal the cooling unit. The grill was made from the same wood used for the racks.  

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