Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles Metal Wine Racks Vertical Assembly

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles Metal Wine Racks Vertical Assembly – Processed Video Transcription


VintageView WS Series Wine Rack Assembly

In this instructional video you’ll see how to install the VintageView FCF with WS series wine racks. To begin, measure the height from the top of your finished floor to ceiling.

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Cutting the Frame – VintageView Metal Wine Racks

Each FCF contains two sections that are 5” tall. So subtract 5” from your floor to ceiling measurement and mark the resulting dimension on each leg of one section.

Next, cut the frame that you’ve marked using a hacksaw or other metal cutting saw. Take care to keep the cut square. Remove any burse from the cut end with a metal file. Insert the plastic couplers into the open end of the frame by pressing them into place or gently tapping them in with a mallet.

Align the two sections of the frame and assemble by pressing together or gently tapping with a mallet. Remove the end plug from WS series rack and replace with the provided couplers setting the racks in the desired position on the face of the FCF.

With the metal wine racks in place, take note of the mounting hole locations to ensure that one

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Sliding the Next Section Over the Coupler – Metal Wine Racks

rack will span the joint in the FCF. Secure the metal wine racks to the face of the frame with the provided self-drilling screws.

After removing the unplug from the bottom of the rack, slide the next section in place over the coupler and secure. With the VintageView metal

wine racks California secured in place on one side, flip the frame over and attach the racks or FCF backers to the other side of the frame.

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Securing the Frame in Place – VintageView

Stand the assembled unit in place taking care to maintain a 13” standard spacing from left edge to left edge. Secure the frame in place at the top and bottom using the appropriate fasteners for your floor and ceiling surfaces. Snap the provided mounting hole covers in place to finish your installation. Load the wine, stand back, and enjoy the VintageView metal wine racks.

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