Showcase Your Wine Collection Stylishly in a Contemporary Wine Cellar Designed by a Los Angeles Specialist

Elegant Contemporary Wine Cellars

Elegant Contemporary Wine Cellars

Do you think a contemporary wine cellar suits your space and requirements? Find out if this style of residential wine room is perfect for your needs. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles has been designing and installing wine cellars for many years. They had many clients who preferred contemporary style wine display area. Find out why. 

A Wine Cellar Specialist in Los Angeles Builds Elegant Contemporary Wine Cellars   

Serious wine collectors invest in a refrigerated wine cellar mainly because they wanted to safeguard their prized vintages from heat and other external factors. Proper wine storage is the main reason they spend money on a dedicated residential wine room or wine cabinet.  

Secondary to that is to create an impressive wine display in their home. The visual appeal of your wine room plays a significant role in designing and building custom home wine cellars. In many parts of the world, including Los Angeles, contemporary design has been increasing among homeowners, builders, contractors, and interior designers  

If you love to host wine tasting or dinner parties in your home, a sleek wine display area can be a good conversation starter. With various styles to choose, it is best to consult a wine cellar design specialist.  

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we always want our client’s residential wine room to stand out from the rest. In most of our projects, the homeowners opted for contemporary wine cellar because of the advantages it offers.  

Contemporary Wine Cellar Design: What Makes it a Favorite Style for Residential Wine Rooms? 

Some wine collectors prefer curved lines, attractive patterns, and embellishments, which make their wine cellar look over-decorated. Nowadays, contemporary design is increasing in popularity because of its minimalist yet luxurious look.  

Clean lines and simple patterns dominate contemporary style wine cellars to achieve an uncluttered interior. Moreover, neutral colors are being used to create a modern-looking residential wine room. Their warmth will add elegance to your space. You can go for dark colors if you prefer a rustic appeal.   

Also, keep in mind that when designing contemporary spaces, there should be symmetry in the architectural elements, so that there will be proportion and harmony.  

Metal and glass components are used in building contemporary wine storage facilities. When it comes to durability, contemporary wine racks, which are made of metal, cannot be underestimated. At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we offer different types of metal wine storage systems for residential wine rooms. Moreover, glass doors are also in-demand in designing contemporary style interiors 

Metal Wine Racks are Perfect for Constructing Contemporary Wine Cellars    

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles utilizes metal wine rack systems for contemporary wine cellars. Our metal wine racks are not only functional but stylish and space-efficient as well. They are suitable for installations in small apartments, walk-in closets, narrow hallways, and other areas where space is limited.  

We have been using a wide array of metal wine storage systems from top-notch suppliers in Los Angeles. Our design specialists will help determine the best type of wine racks to fit your aesthetic, functional, and financial requirements.  

VintageView Contemporary Wine Racks   

VintageView Evolution Series Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks

VintageView Evolution Series Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks

VintageView is one of the most reliable manufacturers of contemporary wine cellar racks. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles has been using their products for many years, helping us to fulfill our client’s dream to have an elegant and minimalist residential wine room for their prized collectionWith several designs available, their innovative racking solutions will surely transform any room into a wow-worthy custom wine cellar.   

Most of VintageView’s wine storage systems are designed with a label forward configuration, displaying the wines horizontally. The labels are facing out, allowing you to locate a specific type of wine quickly without having to flip the bottle.  

Freestanding Evolution Series Wine Racks 

VintageView’s evolution wine racks are pre-made and freestanding. They are available in different heights and widths. You can customize the size of your evolution wine racks up to 10 feet to fit your space.    

Wall-Mounted Metal Wine Racks 

VintageView Wall-Mounted Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks

VintageVIew Wall Mounted Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks

The Wall-Mounted metal wine racks by VintageView are space-efficient because the units are designed for wall-mount installation. Since they do not take any racking space, you will have additional storage slots for your bottles within the racking. 

Ultra PEG  Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks 

Ultra PEG Series Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks

Ultra PEG Series Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks

Another style of metal wine racks used by specialists in wine cellar construction is the Ultra PEG Series. These contemporary wine racks can bring any bland wall to life. Since they do not occupy floor space, they are an excellent option for small rooms. They can be installed easily, even in the tiny corners in your home.   

Two stainless steel rods can hold one bottle with the neck facing out. The rods or pegs are attached on a wooden backsplash. Depending on your taste, you can choose our pre-made panels. However, if you want to match any existing décor or pieces of furniture in your home, you may opt for custom backer boards.   

The Ultra PEG wine system is also ideal for a growing wine collection. You do not have to modify the whole racking to accommodate new wines in your collection. You can expand your racking by purchasing more stainless steel pegs, saving you cost for the labor.   

STACT Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks: Go for a Sexy Way to Display Your Prized Collection 

Lacquered Panel Color Options STACT Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks

Lacquered Panel Color Options STACT Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks

Our STACT wine racks are a modular type of wine storage system, suitable for wine collectors who desire to display their wines in a sexy and fashionable way. They are in demand among owners of luxury home wine cellars.  

The bottles are held securely by anodized supports made from aircraft-grade aluminum. These supports are attached to a panel. Made from furniture-grade wood veneer and applied with piano lacquer, the panels are highly durable and can hold the attached supports securely. 

To match your space and allow you to customize the look of your PEG wine racks system, you can select from various elegant finishes such as white oak, gray oak, walnut, zebrawood, pure white, electric orange, gunmetal gray, citrus green, and blackout. 

Combining different colors for your back panels will create an impressive result! We will create a design for your contemporary wine cellar, but we will still follow your preferences.  

The panels have anchors (act as the backbone of the STACT racking) that fasten the panels to the wall mounting brackets. The wall brackets and panels are easy to install. Follow the instructions and enjoy designing a chic contemporary wine cellar display in your home.  

Glass Wine Cellar Doors and Walls 

Contemporary Wine Cellars with Glass Doors and Custom Metal Wine RacksV

Contemporary Wine Cellars with Glass Doors and Custom Metal Wine Racks

Incorporating glass components into your residential wine room will help achieve a luxurious look. At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we recommend incorporating glass to your wine cellar walls and doors if you want to build a contemporary style wine room.  Moreover, you will make your wine collection visible from the outside.  

Learn the different styles of glass wine cellar doors and how we construct them to achieve the optimum wine storage environment.  

Hire a Contemporary Wine Cellar Specialist in Los Angeles  

Are you planning to invest in a refrigerated wine room to display and store your collection? Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles will build a contemporary wine cellar that will showcase your wines in a modern way! Please call us at (323) 825-9846