Residential Wine Rooms California – A Wine Room Conversion Project in Coto de Caza

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, a trusted wine cellar designer and builder in California, recently completed a beautiful residential custom wine cellar in Orange County, California. This project is an example why you need a professional wine cellar designer to plan and construct your dream wine storage room.

Wine Room Conversion Project by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Custom wine rooms need not have a large space in order to be stunning and visually appealing. All it takes is putting together the right elements to create an elegant room where wine lovers can proudly display their wine collection. A perfect example is this wine room conversion project conducted in a beautiful home situated in the exclusive development of Coto de Caza in Orange County, California.

Residential Wine Rooms California

Residential Wine Rooms California

Elegant Wine Racking System Installed

The completed residential wine room is a wine cellar under stairs that features a long sweeping area. The designer incorporated wine racks made from Mahogany and Vintage View metal wine racks. The racking system is an important component of cellaring wines. This storage device is designed to hold wines on their side, which keeps the cork moist and tight as it maintains constant contact with the wine.

A combination of single bottle storage racks and x-cube bins handcrafted from Mahogany are integrated into the design of this custom wine room. The single bottle storage racks feature a high reveal display row that allows the collector to showcase their favorite wine labels. X-cube bins are designed to store a large number of wine bottles in different formats, as well as facilitate proper air circulation between bottles.

Mahogany Wine Racks - Wine Cellar Under Stairs

Mahogany Wine Racks – Wine Cellar Under Stairs

A rustic stain with a clear lacquered finish was applied to the custom-built Mahogany wine cellar racks to enhance their appearance and increase their durability. To maximize the storage capacity of this residential wine rooms California project, metal wine racks were added to the side wall opposite the Mahogany racking.

The California residential wine room builder installed label forward Vintage View metal wine racks in a black satin finish. This racking system was particularly chosen because it only presents a 4″ profile, allowing designers to utilize the limited wall space. Label forward storage solutions are an excellent way to display wine bottles, because they provide clear visibility of the labels.

Installation of a Stylish and Durable Wine Cellar Door

The choice of custom wine cellar doors should be stylish and functional at the same time. Entryway doors help maintain the desired storage environment in residential wine rooms California by keeping the cool air in and the warm air out. They also add to the aesthetic appeal of the home interior.

Tuscan Wine Cellar Door - Wine Room Conversion

Tuscan Wine Cellar Door – Wine Room Conversion

The residential wine room was equipped with an 8′ Tuscan style wine cellar door. The door was custom built using Clear Alder and it features custom wrought iron design, which was provided by the client. As a finishing touch to this stunning wine entryway door, the builders applied a rustic stain with a bronze finish to the wrought iron.

Take a look at our modern design for this under stairs wine cellar project here!

Quality Wine Cellar Cooling System from Arctic Metalworks

Regulating the temperature and humidity levels is key to preserving the taste and flavor of wines. Wine cellar cooling systems are specifically engineered to help maintain the climate conditions at optimum levels. Cooling units come in a range of models that can meet cooling needs and design preferences of any client.

For this particular wine room conversion project, a ductless split refrigeration system was supplied by Arctic Metalworks. This type of cooling system offers flexibility in installation options and provides whisper-quiet operation. The evaporator, which was placed inside the wine cellar under stairs, is covered by a lattice style Mahogany grill box and cover. The condensing unit, which is the nosiest part of the unit, was installed outdoors.’

All in all, it was a beautifully designed custom wine room that reached a total bottle storage capacity of 514 bottles. The mahogany wine racks, label forward metal display racks, along with the Tuscan styled cellar door, all came together perfectly to create an exquisite wine cellar space.

Watch the video for this wine room conversion project here.

Trusted Wine Cellar Construction Company in California

Want to have a wine cellar built in your own home? Want your wine storage room to have a design that’s worth showing off to your friends and guests? Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is the solution for you!

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one the leading wine cellar construction companies based in Orange County, California. Their services include designing and building wine cellars for residences and commercial spaces. They are also partners with various wine storage dealers to create effective wine storage solutions in California. Follow them on Facebook by clicking here! You may also call them at (323)825-9846!

Keep your favorite wines safe and aging tastefully by storing them in effective wine storage systems!

Keep your favorite wines safe and aging tastefully by storing them in effective wine storage systems!