Astounding Design for a Custom Home Wine Cellar in Texas

San Antonio Custom Residential Wine Cellar

San Antonio Custom Residential Wine Cellar

Relocating a wine collection with more than 1,000 bottles can be a cumbersome task. The Payne family in California had to move to Texas. In their new home, they had to find a good location for their wine collection. They decided to turn the space under the stairwell into closet wine cellar. They sought the help of Wine Cellar Specialists in transforming the room into a safe and elegant residential wine cellar for an expansive collection.

Astounding Transformation of a Closet into a Custom Residential Wine Cellar in Texas

Functional Custom Residential Project by Wine Cellar Specialists

Functional Custom Residential Project by Wine Cellar Specialists

One may have to move and relocate to another city due to a change in lifestyle circumstances.

In California, wine collecting has been a hobby of the Payne family for a decade. They have a growing wine collection, which consists of about 1,100 bottles (ranging from Napa Cabernet to French wines). They had to relocate to Texas.

In their new home, they had a large closet located under the stairs. It was not utilized very well, so they have decided to turn it into a wine storage room for their prized vintages.

Challenges in wine cellar construction did not stop an experienced master builder from creating a stellar wine room design that would keep their collection safe for many years to come.

Wine Cellar Construction: Essential Elements

Traditional Custom Residential Wine Cellar Design

Traditional Custom Home Wine Cellar Design

Regardless of the size of your wine storage room and collection, your custom home wine cellar must be designed to create the perfect environment for your precious wines. Working with the wrong builder can ruin your investment.

At Wine Cellar Specialists and Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we always make sure that our client’s wine room is not only appealing but also equipped with the correct components.

Removing the Dry Wall and Installing Insulation

The absence or incorrect insulation is the main cause of unstable wine cellar conditions. Proper insulation plays a significant role in preserving the true bouquet of the wine.

To ensure that your wines are stored at optimum conditions, your wine room must be insulated by a professional like Wine Cellars Specialists.

Benefits of Correct Wine Room Insulation

Temperature and humidity are two factors that affect your wine’s quality. They must stay within the ideal range to keep the wine’s desirable characteristics until it is consumed. The temperature must be between 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity level must stay within 60 to 70 percent.

Another benefit of room insulation is that it helps the wine cellar cooling system to function normally. If your wine room has better insulation, your refrigeration equipment will work more efficiently, which results in less energy consumption. Additionally, correct insulation will prevent the breakdown of your cooling system, eliminating a significant expense for unit repair or replacement.

In this project, they completely removed all of the drywall on the walls and ceiling before insulating the room and installing the vapor barrier.

Installing the Most Suitable Wine Cellar Cooling System from a Trusted Manufacturer

WIne Guardian Cooling Unit Supplied by a Texas Expert

Wine Guardian Cooling Unit Supplied by a Texas Expert for a Custom Home Wine Cellar

Whether you are living in a country with cool or humid conditions, you must invest in a climate control system to achieve the optimum wine storage environment.

In this project, Wine Cellar Specialists chose the Wine Guardian cooling system, which is known for its maximum efficiency.

Since it is a ducted wine cooling system, no equipment had to be placed in the cellar, allowing them to maximize the storage capacity of the wine racks. The unit, which is a half-ton, all-in-one system, was ducted into the space. The exhaust leads to the outdoors.

Wine Guardian has been one of the leading manufacturers of cooling systems both for residential and commercial custom wine cellar construction in Texas.

Other features of Wine Guardian refrigeration units:

  • remote user interface control system
  • removal control panel for easy access
  • aluminum (corrosion resistant) outer body
  • high static pressure fans for extended ductwork
  • factory tested before shipment
  • high ambient protection
  • ETL to UL certification
  • CSA certification
  • cleanable filter on condenser coil

Wine Guardian also offers low ambient heaters, integrated humidifiers, duct collars, grills, and flex ducting.

Beautiful Wine Racks a Custom Home Wine Cellar in Texas

Texas Home Cellar Individual Racking on the Right Wall

Texas Custom Home Wine Cellar Individual Wine Racks on the Right Wall

Kit or modular wine racks are less expensive than customized racking. However, custom wine racks have many advantages:

  • The wine racks will be designed fit the size and shape of your wine cellar perfectly
  • You can choose how big the rack openings will be to fit various bottle sizes in your collection
  • You can incorporate your own wine room design
  • You can add functional features (e.g., cigar humidor, cabinets, drawers, etc.)

In this project, Wine Cellar Specialists customized the racking to accommodate the client’s magnum collection. They constructed the wine racks from Mahogany, one of the most sought-after types of wood in the construction industry.

Known for its reddish tones, this tropical hardwood exhibits a richer color over time. It has fine textures and even grain patterns. Although this wood takes stains and finishes very well, the family chose unfinished Mahogany wine racks, which resulted in a clean raw finish.

Bottle Orientations and Racking Features

Metal and Wood Custom Residential Wine Cellar in Texas

Metal and Wood Custom Residential Wine Cellar in Texas

When you enter the residential wine cellar built in Texas, you will see the metal wine racks on the left wall. They are double deep to maximize the space. Metal wine racks look sleek, and they store the bottles in a label forward orientation. This type of racking allows for easy perusal of wines. There is no need to flip the bottle to know its variety, style, or alcohol content.

The back wall consists of wooden wine racks intended for storing magnum bottles horizontally. On the right wall, Wine Cellar Specialists combined different racking styles such as individual, diamond X bins, and horizontal wine racks.

Invest in a Tastefully Designed Residential Wine Cellar Built by a Professional in Texas

You cannot go wrong when you work with a builder in Texas who has extensive experience, passion, and creativity in designing your residential custom wine cellar. In this project, Wine Cellar Specialists showed their expertise in providing innovative wine storage solutions.

If you live in Los Angeles and is looking for an expert who will turn your wine closet into a custom home wine cellar, then Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles can help you!

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