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Which of These Luxury Wine Room Designs Suits Your Custom Home Wine Cellar?

These luxury wine room designs will captivate your heart and will entice you to you have your own. We collaborate with top-notch designers, builders, and contractors to create exceptional custom home wine cellars that can enhance the value of our client’s home and allow them to entertain friends in an elegant place. Check out these captivating residential wine rooms and get inspiration for your next project!  Feast Your Eyes with These Luxurious Designs Created by […]

Building a Glass Wine Room in Your Home: What are the Benefits of this Design According to a Wine Cellar Expert in Los Angeles?

Imagine enjoying your favorite meal while having a good view of your wine collection displayed in a glass wine storage room in your home. Glass wine cellars have been a favorite of homeowners who want their prized wines to be visible to their guests. At Custom Wine cellars Los Angeles, we enjoy creating modern wine rooms using glass and metal components.      Find Out […]

M&M Cellar Systems Installs a Split System Cooling Unit in a Home Wine Cellar in Los Angeles, California

A robust and dependable refrigeration system is a requirement in any wine storage facility. Each wine storage structure needs a different kind of HVAC equipment depending on variety of factors, such as the size of the room, the number of bottles stored, and the climate of the region. M&M Cellar Systems, an expert on wine […]

How a Small Space Turned Into an Eye-Popping Traditional Home Wine Cellar in Los Angeles

Another small space had a fantastic transformation with the help of experts in wine room design and installation. A client sought the help of Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles in turning her small room into a traditional home wine cellar. Her primary purpose was to have a place where she could show off her favorite vintages to her guests. With creativity and extensive experience in the construction industry, our team created a […]

This Small Basement Wine Cellar Built by a Wine Room Design Specialist Will Captivate Your Heart

Are you a wine collector who dreams of building a residential wine room but do not have a large space? What if you have a small basement? Do not worry! Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles will transform it into an elegant wine cellar! Check out this project completed by one of our partners in wine room construction, and know […]

Building Low-Cost Modern Glass Wine Rooms with Luxurious Appeal: a Professional Installer Will Help You!

Many homeowners who love to collect wine and entertain guests appreciate having a refrigerated wine cellar in their residential property. In addition to providing their collection with a safe storage place, they also wanted to create an impressive wine display that will enhance the value of their home. Blue Grouse Wine cellars, one of our […]

CellarPro Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units

The number one enemy of wine is heat. Therefore, a stable environment is required in proper wine storage. CellarPro’s wine cellar refrigeration units are engineered to help create the optimum conditions for storing and aging wines. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles has been using its high-quality products for building safe wine residential and commercial wine rooms.  Long-Term Storage Can be Safe and Enjoyable with CellarPro’s Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units  […]

Choose the Best Wine Cellar Cooling Units for Hot Los Angeles Weather

Los Angeles is a great place to live because of its weather. But, with occasional hot streaks and chills, your wines can be at risk. This is why it’s important to have a cellar built with a high-grade wine cooling unit installed by a trusted refrigeration contractor. Learn about the different types of HVAC units, […]

Basics of a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Service Plan

This video tackles the basics of a service plan for wine cellar refrigeration systems. Arctic Metalworks follows a checklist of activities to perform when providing cooling equipment maintenance.  Checklist of Things-to-Do in a Regular Cooling Unit Service Plan Below is the transcript of the video: Do we pay special attention to the fact that the […]

Find an Expert Builder to Construct a Commercial Wine Cellar with Cooling Unit!

Whether you are an owner of a wine business or a wine cellar builder who is learning how to provide better services to your clients, you should know the essential factors to consider when building a well-designed commercial wine cellar that can help boost wine sales.  Basics of Constructing an Effective Commercial Wine Cellar An […]