The Evolution of Contemporary Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellars

The design of home wine cellars has evolved through the decades. This time, contemporary residential wine cellars are increasing in popularity, especially in Los Angeles, California. Vintage View wine racks are the best option to achieve that modern minimalist appearance for your custom wine storage. 

Contemporary Design for Residential Custom Wine Cellars is in!

There is no doubt, contemporary is in.  Whether it is for apartments or new homes the modern minimalist look is in high demand.  Check out this new Range of wine racks from Vintage View.  With an all metal and glass look these wine racking systems are designed to fit right in with this emerging trend.

Contemporary Design for Home Custom Wine Cellars in Los Angeles, California

Contemporary Design for Home Custom Wine Cellars in Los Angeles, California

From cool looking rack in a nook in a home to full residential custom wine cellars this new style may well be the racking system of choice for the near future. Our wine cellar builders are reporting several new projects in the Los Angeles area as well as in other hot spots around the county such as Miami and Dallas.

Active Wine Cellar Builders using these Products

The Evolution of Contemporary Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellars VV Racks

Vintage View Wine Racks – Sleek Modern Minimalist Look for Your Custom Wine Cellar

There are a many wine cellar construction companies that are offer Vintage View Wine Racking Systems in California. The following are among the top wine cellar designers in Los Angeles:

1. Wine Cellar Specialists Dallas

2. Wine Cellar International Miami

3. Wine Cellars by Coastal Los Angeles

4. Arctic MetalWorks Orange County

Why Choose Vintage Wine Racks for Your Wine Cellar?

A Vintage View Wine Racking System is the best option to install in a wine storage solution for various reasons. One of the advantages of this form of racking is the label forward presentation of wine bottles.  Unlike the more traditional wooden slots all the wine can be easily identified.

When accessability is key, this is one of the practical reasons they are particularly suitable for commercial applications such as wine stores and restaurant wine displays.

If you have a contemporary home or a commercial wine room consider these stunning wine display racks from Vintage View for you next project.

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