Custom Wine Cellar with Contemporary Design Built by Expert in Los Angeles

A residential custom wine cellar is a convenient and safe place to store a wine collection. If properly built, a custom wine cellar can provide wines with the ideal conditions for them to age tastefully. Wine cellars in California come in various styles and designs. One of the most beautifully designed with cellars is a contemporary wine cellar built by a trusted builder in Los Angeles.

Effective Wine Storage Solution: A Wine Cellar with a Quality Cooling System Installed

Contemporary Design Wine Cellar Built in Florida

Contemporary Design Wine Cellar Built in Florida

Wine needs to be stored and served in the right temperature in order to be enjoyed properly. If you are planning on starting your own wine collection, it is imperative that you have an effective wine storage solution constructed. An effective wine storage solution is one that can maintain a steady climate, ideal for wine storage and aging. The most effective form of wine storage solution, both for short term and long term storage, is a residential custom wine cellar.

Trustworthy Wine Cellar Design and Construction Company

How a wine cellar is built determines its effectiveness. This is why it is important to have an expert wine cellar designer and builder construct your home wine cellar for you. Among the many wine cellar designers and builders in California, Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles is one of the most trusted, thanks to their consistency in producing quality wine storage solutions for homes, wine stores, and wine storage dealers. They are known for meeting customer satisfaction.

US Cellar Systems – Wine Storage Refrigeration System Manufacturer in California

When building wine storage solutions, Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles teams up with the best wine storage companies in California, like US Cellar Systems. US Cellars is a reputable supplier of quality wine cellar refrigeration units. US Cellar Systems is a leading wine cellar cooling system manufacturer that builds cooling units for various types of wine storage solutions. Different wine storage solutions have different storage requirements, and US Cellars offers cooling units that can meet these varying storage requirements.

US Cellar Systems and Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles up for a Wine Cellar Construction Project

Contemporary Wine Cellar with Efficient Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installed

Contemporary Wine Cellar with Efficient Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installed

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles and US Cellar Systems have teamed up many times, to build effective wine storage solutions all over the country. Recently, these two companies teamed up again, in a wine cellar construction project in Los Angeles.

After meeting with the client, the team of builders created a wine cellar design that suited the client’s storage needs and design preferences. The client wanted his home wine cellar to have a contemporary design. After noting and solidifying every detail of the cellar design, the experts started renovating the client’s home and began the construction process.

Since the area for construction was relatively small, the wine racking system was installed up to the ceiling’s height, to maximize the available space. The wine racks were made from brushed stainless steel, to achieve the contemporary look that the client wanted for the storage room. 3 bottle deep wine racks were installed on the left and right side walls of the room. The wine racking system allows the bottles to be stored horizontally, thus making the labels visible. In the back wall of the room, bin and bulk storage wine racks were added. Case storage was included in the lowest portion of the wine racking system.

A key element in creating an effective wine storage solution is properly installed insulation. With proper insulation applied to the cellar walls, ceilings and flooring, the temperature and humidity inside the home wine cellar can be kept consistently in the ideal levels. The expert builders installed proper insulation in the contemporary home wine cellar.

To accentuate the contemporary design of the residential wine cellar, recycled metal was used for the flooring. Also, a highly reflective mirror was installed on the ceiling to create an illusion of spaciousness inside the wine storage room.

Stunning lighting fixtures were also installed in the wine cellar, and these created a beautiful ambiance inside the wine room. To highlight vintages, overhead lighting fixtures were installed. Directional lighting is best for those that want to highlight specific parts of their wine storage room. Accent lighting was also installed across the wine cellar flooring, to accentuate the contemporary appeal of the wine room. LED lights, which are ideal for wine cellars, were used in this home wine cellar. LED lights are ideal, because they do not produce excessive heat that could otherwise damage wines.

A Wine Cellar Refrigeration System from US Cellar Systems was Installed

Residential wine cellars cannot, by themselves, provide the needed climate conditions for proper wine storage. An effective wine cellar cooling system has to be installed. For this contemporary home wine cellar, a Rack Mounted (RM) series split wine cellar cooling unit built by US Cellar Systems was installed.

Since the refrigeration system was split type, the condenser and evaporator were placed apart from each other. The unit’s evaporator was hidden from view and installed above the wine cellar door. The condenser, on the other hand, was placed outside the wine cellar. This configuration minimized the noise inside the storage room. A thermostat was also installed inside the home wine cellar, to keep the temperature and humidity in check.

RM series wine cellar cooling systems are a popular choice among wine cellar builders in Los Angeles, because of their versatility. The cooling units have aluminum housings, that are insulated and rust proof. RM series wine cellar cooling units are designed to deliver cool air, to meet the storage requirements of different locations; especially those with a medium high temperature.

Trusted Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Manufacturer

Keep your wine collection safe by having an effective wine storage solution constructed. An effective wine storage solution has a quality wine cellar cooling unit as an essential component. US Cellar Systems is a reliable manufacturer of wine cellar cooling systems in Los Angeles. For more information about their products and services, contact them today at (562) 513-3017!