Custom Wine Cellars Wine Rack Opening Sizes – Wine Cellar Builders

Custom Wine Cellars Wine Rack Opening Sizes – Wine Cellar Builders – A Processed Video Transcription

Standard Cubicle Size for Custom Wine Racks

Hi and thanks for visiting Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. We’re going to talk today a little bit about the single bottle wine storage racks. Single bottle wood wine racks dominate the wine cellar environment typically.


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Single Bottle Wine Storage Racks

Certainly there are other ways to store wines in diamond bins and rectangular bins, wood case storage racks, and lots of horizontal displays. For the most part, single bottle storage wine racks dominate the wine cellar.


There are smaller bottles, so some of you may collect the splits or the half bottles. We offer individual openings specifically for those bottles as you can see here. The interior dimension of that cubicle is 3’ x 3.’


Our standard size opening is available not only in our custom series but also in our semi-custom line of racks in 6, 7, and 8 foot heights. Our standard size opening for our 750 mL bottle, which I refer to as the universal opening, has an interior dimensions of 3 ¾’ x 3 ¾.’ This means you can store all the bottles in the 750 mL range.


You have to be careful, though, because some manufacturers out there who don’t offer this universal option. If you’re not careful, you may find that some of your collection may or may not fit into that actual opening.


We have a champagne size opening where the actual interior dimensions are a little bit larger, it’s 4 ¾’ x 4 ¾’ and indeed there are some fat

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Champagne and Magnum Wine Racks

bottles out there, for example the Dom Perignon wine bottle. If you have a collection of those, you would need to include in your wine cellar design the champagne custom standard size.


Many folks have a number of magnums or the 1.5 liter bottles. The interior dimensions of that individual opening are posted here. You can see that it’s 4 ½’ x 4 ½.’ We can even accommodate the 3 liter or double magnum bottle in a standard niche opening. (View our magnum and champagne wood wine racks here).


The interior dimensions are 5 ½’ x 5 ½.’ As we mentioned earlier, there are also other ways to store the wine. We’ve got 13’ x 13’ diamond bin storage. This is a great management tool because you can store a case or 12 bottles or any number of bottles to help you manage your wine cellar.


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Hope this helps you understand a little bit about the different sizes that are available in the market place and how Coastal Custom Wine Cellar and Wine Racks likes to offer their wine storage solutions and other options. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!