Keep Wines Safe in Stylish Custom Wine Racks Created by Experts in Los Angeles, California

A prudent wine enthusiast knows that a custom wine cellar should be built to keep a wine collection safe. Wines, regardless of the brand, should be laid in a wine racking system, so that they can age properly. Learn about the various styles of wine racks in Los Angeles, California.

Choosing Styles of Wine Racking Systems in Los Angeles, California

Whether you have a wine collection that is continuously growing and expanding or just a couple of wine bottles for immediate consumption, wine racks are an essential wine accessory. Wines racks are the safest place to store your wines properly and efficiently.

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Wood Custom Wine Racks in Los Angeles, CA

Wine racks are not only a safe place to store wines, but also a beautiful of wine storage solution option. Wine racking systems come in a plethora of styles and designs. It is important to understand more about wine racks, so that you can properly choose the wine racking system that best fits your needs.

The Different Varieties of Wine Rack Designs:

There are various types of wine racking systems in Los Angeles, California. Here are a few of the most popular wine rack designs that you can choose from. Choose one that best suits your wine storage needs:

1. Stackable or Modular Wine Racks

Stackable wine racks, also known as modular wine racks, are a cost effective and efficient wine storage option for people who have a wine collection that is continually expanding. Even if your collection is still small as of the moment, if you are fond of collecting wine, 5 years from now the number of wines in your collection might reach a thousand or more. Modular wine racks are very useful in these cases, since you can simply add a module on top of your existing racks as you go along.

2. Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Just as their name implies, wall mounted wine racks are racks that are easily mounted on a wine cellar wall. Wall mounted wine racks are oftentimes modular racks, and, therefore, you can add onto them as your wine collection grows.

3. Table Top Wine Racks

Table top wine racking systems offer an effective way of storing wines on a slightly smaller scare than stackable wine racks and wall mounted wine racks. Unlike these wine racking systems, table top wine racking systems have sizes that are limited only to a table top. Besides their functionality, table top wine racks are also added to custom wine cellars for their decorative flair. This kind of wine racking system is perfect for small wine collections that are usually meant for short term wine storage, or are to be consumed in the near future.

4. Floor Wine Racks

Floor wine racks are a rare option. This kind of wine racking system is usually made of wood and is available in multiple finish options. Floor wine racks are an effective wine storage option that can either be decorative or functional. This kind of wine rack also comes in various sizes.

5. Wine Furniture

Wine furniture is basically made up of wine storage cabinets and towers. While these are not necessarily designed to be the sole wine storage solution for a huge wine collection, they are perfect for smaller wine collections.

Custom Wine Racks Manufactured by Experts in California

Custom Wine Racks Manufactured by Experts in California

You may choose custom wine racks to ensure that your racking will be designed according to your functional and aesthetic requirements.

Choose Your Wine Rack Material in Los Angeles, California

Once you have determined what kind of wine rack you want to have, the next step is to think about what material you want your wine racking system to be made from. These are a few of the types of materials used in building wine racking systems in Los Angeles, California:

1. Wooden Wine Racks

The most common material used for manufacturing wine racks in Los Angeles, California is wood. There are various kinds of wood species used, and the most popular kinds are Redwood and Mahogany. You can also choose from an array of wine rack stain options for your wooden wine racking system. Wooden wine racks are timeless, aesthetically pleasing, and cost efficient. Wine racks made from wood can be modular or customizable. Custom wine racks allow you incorporate unique features into your wine cellar design. Wooden wine racks are among the most durable type of wine racking systems.

2. Wrought Iron Wine Racks

Wrought iron wine racking systems are among the most elegant and decorative wine storage solutions. They are also very durable. Wrought iron wine racks come in various shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a more modern looking wine storage solution, wrought iron wine racks would be a good option to consider.

3. Metal Contemporary Wine Racks

Besides wrought iron, wine racks can also be made from other metals. Metal wine racks are affordable and are well suited for small displays or wall hung wine racks. Although they are quite a beautiful option, it is important to keep in mind that metal wine racks have the risk of bending or breaking. If you’re not careful, you can also scratch your wine bottles and their labels with contemporary wine racks made from metal.

4. Glass and Plastic Wine Racks

Today, wine racks on the market are not limited to iron, wood and metal. Glass and plastic wine racking systems are getting more popular. These kinds of wine racks are suitable for smaller wine collections.

Custom Wine Racks and Other Wine Storage Solutions in Los Angeles, California

It is imperative that the wine racking system you choose is durable. To make sure that your wine racks are durable enough to keep your wine collection safe, you should not only check the material it is made from. It is also important that it is properly designed and built.

To ensure that your wine racks are an effective wine storage solution, have a professional wine storage solution designer and builder manufacture them for you. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is a trusted wine storage solutions company in California, that designs and builds wine cellars and wine racking systems, both for residential and commercial purposes.

Coastal has a team of professional wine storage solutions specialist that can provide you with free 3D drawings of your desired wine cellar or custom wine racks. For more information about their products and services, contact them at +1 (888) 735-8889.