The Ideal Wine Rack Furniture for Different Wine Bottle Sizes

If you’re planning to have a residential or commercial wine cellar built, it is imperative that you consider the size of bottles you plan to store. Wine bottles in California come in various shapes and size, and there are different types of wine racks to cater to each one of them.

Wine Bottles Come in Various Sizes

Different kinds of wine racking systems in Los Angeles, California

Different kinds of wine racking systems in Los Angeles, California

Wine bottles are glass storage containers used for holding wines. These bottles are also utilized as vessels during secondary fermentation of some wine varieties such as sparkling wines. Wine bottle storage is manufactured in a range of sizes and shapes. Different volumes of wine bottles have different names. Most of them are named after Biblical kings and notable historical figures.

A standard wine bottle has a volume of 750 ml. It stands around 11 ½ to 12 inches and measures three inches at the bottom. Split is the smallest wine bottle type, and it can hold up to 375ml of wine or about a quarter of a standard wine bottle. A split bottle has a height of 7 ½ inches and measures about 2 ½ inches in diameter.

Magnum bottles hold 1.5 liters of wine or, two standard-sized wine bottles. Shapes and dimensions of magnums often depend on the wine to be bottled. For example, Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Champagne are bottled in wine bottles that come in different shapes.

Jeroboam or double magnum has a capacity to hold three liters of wine, which is equivalent to three 750 ml wine bottles. It measures 19 inches tall and about 5 inches wide at the base.

Larger capacity wine bottles (those that exceed the capacity of double magnums) are hard to find in the market because they are rarely made. Nebuchadnezzar (15 liters), Balthazar (12 liters), Solomon (20 liters), Melchior (18 liters), and Melchizedek (30 liters) are some examples of bottles with higher storage capacities.

Knowledge of the different volumes and dimensions of wine bottles will help determine the proper wine rack furniture for the collection. Most wine racks (including kit wine racks) come with individual storage compartments that can hold most standard sized wine bottles. Custom wine racking designs create unique configurations that allow accommodation of different wine bottle formats.

Kit Wine Racks from Coastal Custom Wine Racks

Kit Wine Racks from Coastal Custom Wine Racks

Picking out the right racking system ensures that the wine bottles are provided with a snug fit and the wine labels are protected against scratching or tearing. Wine racks commonly have a niche size of 3 ½ to 3 ¾ inches, which suits most 750 ml wine bottles. Wine rack furniture with an interior opening that measures 3 x 3 inches are ideal for storing split bottles.

Magnum Wine Racks from Coastal Custom Wine Racks

Magnum Wine Racks from Coastal Custom Wine Racks

A larger niche is required for wine bottles exceeding the content of regular sized bottles. For instance, magnum wine racks are specifically designed to hold magnum bottles. It has an interior opening of about 4 ½ to 4 ¾ inches. Racking systems that can fit double magnums have a niche size of 5 ½ x 5 ½ inches.

Diamond bin wine racking and X bin wine bottle racking are flexible storage solutions that can accommodate a variety of wine bottle sizes including those with larger capacities than double magnums. They have a wide opening that can hold all kinds of wine bottles simultaneously together (watch this video here to learn more about these wine rack furniture).

Wine cellar experts like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, Wine Cellar Specialists, and Wine Cellar International offer a full line of racking systems including kit wine racks and custom made wine racks that can suit various preferences of clients in terms of storage and display needs.

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