WhisperKOOL Cooling System for Los Angeles Wine Cellars

Wine usually improves through age. Hence, to get a good quality aged wine, a good wine storage system is important. Los Angeles custom wine cellars are of great importance to wine enthusiasts who collect and age a lot of wines.

Wine cellar cooling systems protect wine from heat, light, fluctuating temperature, and other external influences that could ruin its quality. Wine cellars are designed to provide constant and controlled temperature as well as the dark environment that the wine needs to age properly. The preferred wine storage temperature for wine is between 50 – 57 ˚F, which is achieved by having the right wine cooling unit installed in your custom wine room.

WhisperKOOL – One of the Most Trusted Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

One of the most trusted brands in the realm of wine cellar cooling system is WhisperKOOL. WhisperKOOL originated in Europe and was then exclusively distributed in that continent, but recently the brand started to cater to clients in the United States. WhisperKOOL is one of the leading brands for wine cellar builders. They offer various units and models to satisfy the needs of their clients.

Some of the notable features of WhisperKOOL are its vibration-free cooling, a variety of thermostat choices, and an easy and simple installation procedure. WhisperKOOL wine cellar cooling units can also handle up to a 55 degree temperature differential.

In order to get to know this brand name and its units, here are the different types they offer and the features of each. The WhisperKOOL products are of three types, the self-contained, the split system, and the ducted.

Types of WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar Cooling Units

The self-contained wine cooling system is said to be the easiest to install. One end blows the cool air and the other end absorbs the heat. The downside of this is that it is noisier compared to split and ducted systems. The self-contained series is also considered to be the most economical type as you do not need a licensed technician (HVAC) to install it. It includes the SC series (small and big) and the Slimline series under this line.

WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar Cooling System

On the other hand, the split system is the most efficient among the three. This wine cellar cooling system does not take up much space because the condenser is separated from the evaporator. However, a licensed HVAC/R technician is needed when this kind of system is installed in your wine cellar. This line includes the Platinum Split and the Platinum Mini Split.

Last but not the least is the ducted cooling system. This type of wine cellar cooling system is a good choice for those who want to hide their wine cooling system inside the cellar. It provides many installation options, thus will not consume much time in installation. The noise can also be eliminated or reduced depending on how the system is installed. This line includes the Platinum Split and Extreme ti.

Remember that your wine cellar cooling unit will aid in the proper aging of your wine by providing a desirable wine storage temperature, so it is best to canvass first on what wine cooling system suits you and your budget.