Wine Cellar Cooling Unit in Focus: Installing a CellarPro

Wine cellars need to have a refrigeration unit installed, so that it can provide the necessary climate conditions for wines to age properly. There are various brands of wine cellar refrigeration equipment in California. One of the most popular choices of cooling units is CellarPro.

CellarPro – A Trusted Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Brand in California

Residential wine cellars in Orange County, California need to have a wine cellar refrigeration unit installed. Without a refrigeration unit, the appropriate conditions for wine to age properly will not be achieved. There are various cooling units for custom wine cellars on the market. CellarPro is one of the most trusted brands of wine cellar refrigeration units in Orange County, California.

CellarPro Cooling Systems

CellarPro – Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units in California

In this article, you will learn how to install a CellarPro cooling unit. Read on!

Before Installing CellarPro

Before you install a CellarPro cooling unit, it is imperative that you test it. Once you have removed the unit from its box and removed the other materials packed inside its exhaust cavity, lay the unit on a hard flat surface and plug in the power cord. All CellarPro units are programmed with a 3-minute delay at startup. This delay is intended to protect the internal components of the cooling system. Let the unit run for no more than 10 minutes.

During this 10-minute testing period, check the fans in the unit and make sure that they are all spinning. Check whether or not the bottom of the unit is discharging cold air that is approximately 10 degrees colder than the temperature on the digital display.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units Options

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units Options

Once the testing is complete, turn the CellarPro cooling unit off. Start installing the unit and wait 24 hours before you turn it on again. This 24-hour period ensures that the unit is protected from internal damage that could arise from movement when it was shipped, stored or tilted on its side.

How to Install CellarPro

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Wine cellars need to be cooled to the ideal temperature so that the wines stored in them can age tastefully.

All CellarPro wine cellar cooling units are self-contained, through-the-wall units. This means that all CellarPro units must be mounted in the upright position, through the wall of your residential wine cellar.

Check the width and height of the CellarPro cooling unit. The space wherein you will mount the unit should be 1/4 inches larger than the unit’s dimensions. 2 x 4 inches horizontal braces should be installed between the studs above and below the unit. In cases where the studs in the cellar wall need to be cut so that the refrigeration unit can fit, vertical braces should be installed on either side of the unit.

Since cold air descends and warm air rises, it is ideal for the CellarPro residential wine cellar cooling unit to be placed in a location close to the ceiling of the wine storage room. As warm air rises, the cooling unit pulls it through its evaporator coil, removes the heat from it, and thereby cools it. Once the air is cooled, it is released through the bottom of the unit and circulated through the custom wine cellar.

CellarPro cooling units should be slightly tilted backwards, so that the rear of the unit is lower than the front. This position ensures that excess condensation will not drip through the evaporator fan cavity.

Once you have the cellar cooling unit in place, it is mandatory that you seal all cracks and gaps in between the cellar wall and the cooling unit. Most CellarPro suppliers provide butyl tape for sealing these gaps. Butyl tape is usually included in the shipping of the unit.

What are the Power Requirements of a CellarPro Cooling Unit?

One of the most important concerns when using a CellarPro unit is the power requirement. CellarPro 1800 cellar refrigeration systems need to have a dedicated 15 amp circuit. When they are in their “on” cycle, CellarPro cooling systems use approximately 3 amps. CellarPros normally run up to 75% of the time, in order to keep the temperature and humidity in the cellar at the ideal levels. A number of variables may affect the cooling unit’s runtime, including the minimum set point, the ambient environment, the cellar insulation, and the thermal mass inside the cellar.

In case of a power surge, it is wise to use a surge protector, so that the internal components of the cooling system will be protected.

How Important is Proper Ventilation?

A CellarPro wine cellar cellar cooling unit will not function properly without ventilation. A significant amount of warm air is exhausted through the top or the rear end of the unit, and if it is not vented into a space that is as at least as large as the wine cellar, it will recirculate through the cooling unit, and thereby impair its ability to produce cool air inside the wine storage room. Proper ventilation of CellarPro units may be achieved with or without ducting.

Important Reminders:

A cooling unit that does not function properly will not be able to provide the ideal conditions for your wine collection to be stored properly. Improperly stored wine is bad tasting wine. Here are a few tips to help you make sure that your CellarPro wine cellar refrigeration unit functions properly:

1. Different wine cellars in California need different wine cellar cooling units. One of the bases for selecting a cooling unit is the size of the wine cellar. A cooling unit will not be able to provide the appropriate conditions for proper wine storage if the cellar is too large for the unit.

2. All residential wine cellars in Orange County, California should be properly insulated. CellarPro wine cellar cooling systems cannot operate properly in inadequately insulated wine cellars.

3. A vapor barrier must be properly applied in your custom wine cellar, to achieve an airtight environment. Without one, the cooling unit will turn into a dehumidifier, and produce buckets of water.

4. If the rear intake and exhaust of a CellarPro unit are not ducted, the rear of end of the unit should be installed in a space that is as large as the custom wine cellar. Make sure that both the front and rear of the unit have a minimum clearance of 8 inches.

Providers of Quality Cooling Systems in Orange County, CA

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