Wine Cellar in Los Angeles with a Cooling Unit from US Cellars and installed by M&M Cellar Systems

Wine is best enjoyed when it has been allowed to age properly in an ideal wine storage solution. The most ideal wine storage solution is a residential wine room that has a wine cellar refrigeration system. One of the best examples of an effective wine cellar with a good wine cellar cooling unit is the one built in Bel Air Estates in Westside, Los Angeles with a wine cellar refrigeration system manufactured by US Cellar System and installed by M&M Cellar Systems.

The Most Ideal Wine Storage Solution for Your Wine Collection

Wine is a type of beverage that cannot be enjoyed if it is not kept at its optimum quality. If you want to enjoy wine at its best, you need to make sure that you know how to keep it at its best. This is the reason wine storage solutions are not just a suggestion, but a requirement; especially for those who want to start their own wine collection.

There are various types of wine storage solutions, but the most ideal is a wine cellar. A wine cellar is the most ideal solution, not just because of its aesthetic appeal, but also because it is the most capable of providing the necessary climate conditions for wines to be preserved,and to age tastefully. More specifically, you need a residential custom wine cellar. A wine cellar built in your own house can make managing, organizing and showcasing wines easier.

Wine Cellars Need Good Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Regardless of how your residential custom wine cellar is designed and built, if no wine cellar cooling system is installed, it is practically useless. Therefore, when planning to have your wine solution constructed, you need the help of both a professional wine cellar builder, and a wine cellar cooling unit specialist. Both of these should have a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of building a home wine cellar.

Elements of a Good Wine Storage Solution

What makes an effective wine storage solution? These are the basic elements that are required to create an ideal, temperature-controlled environment:

1. Properly Installed Insulation and Effective Sealing

Installing an insulation and vapor barrier with proper sealing will make sure that the temperature and humidity inside the wine storage room are kept in the ideal range, with minimal to no fluctuations.

3. Good Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

The climate conditions necessary for wines to age tastefully are provided by a good wine cellar refrigeration unit. Although sources vary on what the ideal temperature and humidity for wine storage is, most agree that wines should be kept at a temperature between 55 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit and at relative humidity of 60%.

Top Manufacturer of Quality Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units in Los Angeles

Each wine cellar has different storage requirements, and therefore need different wine cellar cooling systems. US Cellar Systems is one of the top manufacturers of quality wine cellar cooling systems in Los Angeles. They provide clients with a variety of options, that range from wall cabinets to wall mounted and ducted wine cellar refrigeration units.

In order to provide effective wine storage solutions to clients all over the country, US Cellar Systems partners with various companies. One of their dealers is M&M Cellar Systems, which one of the best wine cellar refrigeration experts in California and in nearby states. M&M Cellar Systems not only provides their clients with wine cellar cooling unit options to choose from, they also evaluate their clients’ storage needs, and give them the appropriate wine cellar refrigeration system to meet those specific needs.

Furthermore, they provide their customers with the necessary services, from installation, to maintenance, to troubleshooting units. Besides specializing in residential wine cellar refrigeration and heating installation for residential wine cellars, M&M Cellar Systems also provides a wide array of solutions of wine cellar cooling for small cabinets and large commercial displays.

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation by M&M Cellar Systems in Bel Air Estates

One of M&M Cellar Systems’ most successful projects is the installation of a wine cellar refrigeration system in a wine room in Bel Air Estates in Westside, Los Angeles. The wine storage room was a residential wine cellar that was 10 x 10 x 8 in dimension. M&M Cellar Systems determined that an RM4600 refrigeration model was the most appropriate wine cellar cooling unit for the home wine cellar.

Wine cellar cooling unit installation

M&M Cellars System installs a cooling unit in this wine cellar in Los Angeles

What is an RM4600 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit?

The RM4600 wine cellar refrigeration unit model is from the RM Series of US Cellar Systems. It is a rust-proof system, with insulated aluminum housing. The RM4600 model is a split-type wine cellar cooling unit. Its evaporator unit can be separated from the condensing unit, and be hidden in the wine cellar’s ceiling, or behind the walls. This configuration is helpful in keeping the noise level inside the wine storage room at a minimum. The condenser unit is the noisy component of any wine cellar refrigeration system.

Split-type wine cellar cooling systems can be either ductless or ducted. Ductless split-type wine cellar cooling systems consist of a set of lines, including electrical wirings and copper tubings, which serve as the connection between the evaporator and the condenser. Ducted split-type wine cellar refrigeration units, on the other hand, have air ducts, to bring the cool air into the wine cellar and let the hot air out.

For the wine cellar in Bel Air Los Angeles, a ductless split-type configuration was used. The cooling system’s two evaporator units were placed in the ceiling, and concealed by a custom-made louvered grill, made from the same wood the wine racks were. A line measuring 50 feet was used to connect the evaporator to the condenser, which was placed in the mechanical room outside the house.

Wine cellar cooling California

US Cellar Systems manufactures wine cellar cooling systems in LA

Trust Only a Reliable Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Manufacturer

No wine cellar will ever be functional without a wine cellar refrigeration system installed. And, it can’t just be any wine cellar cooling unit. It has to be one that meets the wine cellar’s storage requirements. Also, it has to be manufactured by a trustworthy wine cellar refrigeration units expert.

US Cellar Systems is one of the most trusted wine cellar cooling units manufacturers in the United States. US Cellar Systems and M&M Cellar Systems are an ideal partnership in providing customers with efficient and reliable solutions for wine storage. Contact M&M Cellar Systems at +1(323) 578-3330.