Wine Collection Essentials – Wine Cellar, Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

The Essentials of Wine Collection

Wine is an investment. The older it gets, the higher its value. This is one of the reasons more and more people are getting into wine collection. If you enjoy collecting wine, read through this page and learn the essentials of wine collecting.

A Custom Wine Cellar to House Your Wines

When starting your wine collection, you primarily need a wine cellar in Los Angeles to house your wine collection. The size of the custom wine cellar depends on how many wines you intend to store. Since wine is a very sensitive beverage, it is important that your wine cellar is well-designed and well-built so that your wines are kept safe.

In order to make sure that your wine cellar in LA is properly designed and built, you must consult a custom wine cellar professional. A professional is needed because they can address all the challenges that are associated with creating a wine cellar.

A Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit to Keep Temperature and Humidity at the Ideal Range

Wines need to be stored in the appropriate conditions so that they remain in good quality. More specifically, wines need to be stored in a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity of 55%-85%. Wines spoil if they are stored in conditions outside of these levels.

To keep your wines at their best condition, you also need to have a wine cellar refrigeration system in Los Angeles installed. There are different kinds of wine cellar cooling systems, and a few of them make a lot of noise. This noise is because of the compressor and the fans in the cooling system. If you’d like a cooling unit that does not make a lot of noise, choose a split or ducted system, because these have the noisy parts in a location outside the wine storage room.

Custom Wine Cellars Designs by Coastal

Custom Wine Cellars Designs by Coastal

Have Good Insulation inside Custom Wine Cellars

The wine cellar refrigeration unit that you install in your custom wine cellar Los Angeles will not function at its maximum potential if you do not have proper insulation inside. Your cooling system will work harder than it is supposed to in the absence of proper insulation. If your unit works harder, its lifetime shortens. Ideally, your custom wine cellar in LA should have framed walls with insulation.

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