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Why It is Important to Hire Orange County Experts in Your Home Wine Cellar Cooling Installation Project

One of the main reasons wine becomes undrinkable is because it was not stored in a stable environment. Correct storage conditions are the key to preserving the desirable characteristics of wine for many years to come. Vintage Cellars, one of our wine cellar dealers in Los Angeles, collaborated with M&M wine cellar systems in completing […]

Choose the Best Wine Cellar Cooling Units for Hot Los Angeles Weather

Los Angeles is a great place to live because of its weather. But, with occasional hot streaks and chills, your wines can be at risk. This is why it’s important to have a cellar built with a high-grade wine cooling unit installed by a trusted refrigeration contractor. Learn about the different types of HVAC units, […]

Do You Need a Humidifier in Your Residential Custom Wine Cellar?

Proper wine storage means that your collection is kept safe from damage by storing them in a constant climate-controlled environment. Unlike other kinds of beverages, wine easily loses its flavor and aroma when stored in a hot and dry room. Coolness and humidity are two vital elements to keeping your beloved vintages at their best […]

Protect the Quality of Your Wines by Hiring a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Specialist!

Wines can easily get damaged if they are kept in a room where the temperature is too high or too low. To create an effective wine storage structure, you need to have a quality wine cooling unit installed. A quality piece of wine refrigeration equipment is necessary to achieve the ideal climate conditions that wines […]

Custom Wine Cellar with Contemporary Design Built by Expert in Los Angeles

A residential custom wine cellar is a convenient and safe place to store a wine collection. If properly built, a custom wine cellar can provide wines with the ideal conditions for them to age tastefully. Wine cellars in California come in various styles and designs. One of the most beautifully designed with cellars is a […]

Why You Need to have Your Wine Cellar Cooling System be Maintained Regularly

Your wine collection can be at risk of spoiling if your wine cellar cooling system isn’t functioning properly. If anything goes wrong with your wine cellar refrigeration system, you need to have it fixed immediately, so that the unit can continue to provide the necessary climate conditions that your wine collection needs. A service call […]

Yorba Linda Home Wine Cellar Design by Coastal with Wine Cellar Refrigeration System by Arctic

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, together with Arctic Metalworks, successfully completed a custom home wine cellar design and wine cellar construction, including Yorba Linda wine cellar refrigeration system installation in California. This Yorba Linda home wine cellar design allowed the owner to keep his beloved wine collection in an ideal setting, ready for weeknight dinners and any special occasion. This type of wine storage facility can give your wine collection a […]

Proper Wine Cellars Need a High-Quality Refrigeration Unit

Wine enthusiasts in California know that wine can only be stored in select places, like a residential custom wine cellar, a wine cabinet, or a wine cooler. Among the different types of wine storage solutions, custom wine cellars are the most effective and enjoyable form of wine storage for your home, adding beauty and functionality […]

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit in Focus: Installing a CellarPro

Wine cellars need to have a refrigeration unit installed, so that it can provide the necessary climate conditions for wines to age properly. There are various brands of wine cellar refrigeration equipment in California. One of the most popular choices of cooling units is CellarPro.  CellarPro – A Trusted Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Brand in […]

Wine Cellar Cooling Units in Los Angeles, California

Wines need to be kept in a room where the ideal conditions for aging them are provided. No storage structure can ever provide the needed climate conditions for wines without the help of a cellar cooling equipment. Wine cellar refrigeration units in California come in various types. Choose the right kind of cooling system for your […]

4 Ways To Install Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

A custom wine cellar cooling unit is a necessary part of a custom wine cellar. A refrigeration unit makes sure that the inside of a wine cellar has the temperature and humidity ideal for wine storage. It is best to have a licensed technician install a custom wine cellar refrigeration system. There are basically 4 […]

Wine Storage Essentials for the Wine Collector in California

  It doesn’t matter if your wine collection is only a handful of wine bottles or thousands of vintages that you have gathered from different places, one thing is always important: storing these wines properly in order to keep them at their best quality.   The following are a few tips that you need to […]

Small Businesses in Support of the Gay Community: Wineries and Wine Stores

It is a choice to live for a purpose and make a difference. In California, many small businesses have chosen to be a good example by standing for an advocacy. Wineries and wine stores, for example, have chosen to support the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual Community.  Small Businesses with an Advocacy – Wineries and […]