Wine Barrel Carving for a Unique Custom Wine Cellar Design Los Angeles California

Oak wine barrels have long been used as winemaking vessels. Wine barrels are the container of choice for the fermentation and transportation of wines and spirits. The importance of wine barrels extends beyond the wine production process. Long after they using up their shelf life, these barrels are utilized for other purposes, such as materials for furniture, flooring, and even as decorative pieces for any living space.

Wine Barrel Carvings - Custom Wine Cellar Design Los Angeles California

Wine Barrel Carvings – Custom Wine Cellar Design Los Angeles California

Wine barrel carvings are elegant adornments for both residential and commercial custom wine cellar design Los Angeles California. Since most of these accessories are custom made, they evoke an unparalleled appearance to a wine storage room. Wine barrel carving designs can feature a family crest, corporate logos, coat of arms, badges, or scenic views. These barrel designs can be used as eye-catching wine cellar accessories or signage for wine-oriented businesses.

Wine barrel carving is an art that can be traced back to German woodcarving. It was mostly used by wineries as a symbol of prestige. Barrel carvings can depict the history and tradition of a winery, clan, or business establishment in intricate and meticulous detail. Traditional hand carvings of retired wine barrels by skilled artisans are unrivaled by today’s computer aided design technology.

Custom wine barrel carvings are made from reclaimed wine barrels that have been reconditioned, deeply carved, and stained to give the piece an elegant appearance. To bring out the natural look of wine barrel carvings, each barrel head is treated with a lacquer finish. Carved wine barrels are also sealed to give them weather resistant qualities.

Barrel heads are the frequently used wine barrel component in woodcarving. The tenth barrel head is made up of approximately four to five inches of staves and hoops that encompass it. Custom barrel head carvings can be used not only as wine cellar displays, but also as tabletops.

The barrel heads come from quarter sawn oak and are about 1+ inch thick. After cutting it from the barrel, the tenth barrel head is taken apart and glued back together. This method is a way of ensuring the structural integrity of the piece by preventing the cracks from opening up, which can be brought about by the expansion and contraction of the barrel head caused by the presence of moisture.

Wine Barrel Carvings for Wine Tasting Tables

Wine Barrel Carvings for Wine Tasting Tables

In order to strengthen the tenth barrel head and provide it with additional durability and support, it is installed with a round plywood backing. Old hoops are made to look new by coating them with paint finishes. Barrel hoops may come lose, so polyurethane glue is applied behind the hoops, as well as additional nails to keep them firmly in place.

Barrel head carvings can be mounted on the wall or hung over a fireplace or bar and serve as an original wall décor. They can be placed on an easel and become decorative pieces in a wine storage room or in any living space. When mounted on barrel staves or iron, tenth barrel heads can be transformed into unique tasting tables.

There is also an option to use the entire wine barrel as a decorative element. It can be used as a glass top for serving wines in a wine cellar. Carved full sized barrels can also be used to prominently display a clan crest in a living room or a company insignia in the office lobby.

Each wine barrel carving is unique and custom made, thus bringing an authentic and one of a kind vibe to any custom wine cellar or living space. Carving designs depend on the client’s taste and preference. Skilled artisans prefer to work alongside clients in order to capture their characteristics and translate them accurately into the carved wine barrel design.

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