Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles Basement Conversions Why & How

We Build Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellars in Basements

We Build Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellars in Basements

Building Los Angeles custom wine cellars in small basements is a trend, especially among homeowners who have an unused basement. Our team specializes in transforming any space into a unique and safe wine storage facility.  

Custom Wine Cellars: Utilizing Your Basement for Wine Room Construction

Most people build Los Angeles custom wine cellars in an unused or unfinished area in their small basement. A basement residential wine room is actually an ideal place to store wine. This is because basements tend to naturally be more stable in temperature and humidity conditions over time.

A stable temperature and humidity are critical factors in the successful storage, or more specifically the proper aging of, wines. It’s no accident that historically wine was stored in caves underground. This is because caves naturally have just the right climate for aging wine.

Remember, what you can get away with over a few weeks is quite different from what is needed if you plan to store and age a wine over many months or even several years. Even today larger vineyards in Europe still prefer to keep their wine underground.

In Los Angeles, you can convert even the most unlikely unused room in your basement into a stunning custom home wine cellar which is probably naturally the cooler part of your home compared to other rooms situated at ground level.

Basement Custom Wine Cellars Built by Los Angeles Experts

Basement Custom Wine Cellars Built by Los Angeles Experts

Los Angeles custom wine cellars, designed and installed in a small basement (or just about anywhere in your home for that matter) can be created in just about any size or shape area that is currently wasted floor space. We have created beautiful custom wine rooms in Los Angeles out of rooms as small as 3′ by 3′ or as large as 27′ by 15′. Each has added a distinctive and unique feature to the home and allowed the owner to better enjoy their passion for wine with their friends and family.

While planning your custom wine cellar design, also remember that it might benefit from some concealed lighting to really make it special. Also, depending upon your home layout, wine cellar refrigeration units may be a good idea.

Proper construction and insulation of the walls, floor, and ceiling with the right type of vapor barriers is a critical part of the small basement wine cellar design process. Lastly do not skimp on the door into the room.

Ensuring that it completely seals the room can make a big difference to the stability of the conditions inside the small basement wine cellar. We recommend installing a specially designed custom wine cellar door that is purpose-built for a wine cellar in order to be sure your wine room is trouble-free.

We work with Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of the top-notch wine room builders in California. Our knowledge, expertise, and passion allow us to help homeowners have an organized, safe, and beautiful wine storage place for their collection.

Completed Basement Custom Wine Cellars by Los Angeles Experts

In one of the custom wine cellars built by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars in a basement, Alder wine racks were installed. The racking styles include an arch opening, a high-revel display row, individual storage, and horizontal wine racks.

Another wine cellar construction project we completed was in the Westside area of Los Angeles, California. It was done during the client’s home renovation. The racking system consists of diamond bins, individual wine racks, true-radius wine racks, a display row, and a tabletop.

Let Our Experts in Building Custom Wine Cellars Transform Your Basement into a Unique Wine Room

Work with Experts in Building Custom Wine Cellars in Los Angeles

Work with Experts in Building Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellars

Our team has extensive experience in building Los Angeles custom wine cellars, and we have transformed spaces into unique wine rooms. If you are in California and would like to explore the possibility of converting a basement room into a wine cellar of your own, you can take advantage of our free custom wine cellar design and quote process.

Simply complete the form and we will contact you, learn your wine storage and entertaining desires, and without obligation create a design to meet your budget. You may also reach us at (323) 825-9846.