Awesome Transformation of a Basement Wine Cellar by Los Angeles Experts

Basement Wine Cellar Designed and Built by Los Angeles Builders

Basement Wine Cellar Designed and Built by Los Angeles Builders

Some homeowners who lack knowledge about proper wine storage just store their collection in an area where there is no stable environment. They let external factors harm their wines. In one of our construction projects in Chicago, Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles worked with Wine Cellar Specialists to turn a basement into a gorgeous wine cellar. 

A Homeowner Worked with an Expert in Los Angeles for His Basement Wine Cellar Project in Chicago 

Home Wine Cellar Built by Los Angeles Experts in Chicago

Home Wine Cellar Built by Los Angeles Experts

Bad wines are caused by poor storage conditions. Wine must be stored in a room equipped with an efficient climate-control system. You don’t need a large room to build a wine room. If you have a space in your home that you seldom use or don’t use, we can utilize it for constructing your dream home wine cellar. 

In Chicago, a homeowner wanted to convert his basement into a place where his precious wines could age properly until they are ready for consumption. Wine Cellar Specialists worked with Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles on this small basement wine cellar project. 

3-Dimensional  Drawings 

We started the basement wine cellar project by making a careful assessment of the client’s functional, aesthetic, and financial needs. This process helped us determine all of the client’s requirements and choose the right components that would make the wine cellar safe and eye-catching. 

Requesting a 3D design package is free. These CAD images help our clients to have a better visualization of the completed wine room. Moreover, the drawings all allow them to modify the design before starting the construction. The images show the various elevations, racking styles, and bottle capacities.  

The original room was constructed by Reliable Home Improvements of Naperville, Illinois.  

Custom Wine Rack Design 

The design of your wine racks plays a very significant role in enhancing the beauty of your wine room. A visually appealing and high-quality wine rack system will not only impress your guests but will also enhance the value of your home. 

On this project, Wine Cellar Specialists chose All Heart Redwood for the wine racks. This type of wood is popular for its beauty, especially when finished with lacquer.  

Racking Styles 

The wine racks were designed with form and function in mind. We combined various bottle configurations including X bin, case storage, quarter round  display rack, and individual racks.

The wine racks were constructed with heights that would fit perfectly under the soffit.  We added tabletops at the topmost section of the entire racking to provide more space for wooden cases.  

Elevations A and B:Racking Styles Designed by Los Angeles Experts for a Basement Wine Cellar 

Left Back Curved Corner of Stunning Redwood Wine Racks

Elevation A is the wall where the door was installed. The wine racks to the left of the entryway consist of column wine racks, a tabletop, two drawers and two cabinets, which serve as the corking station of the wine cellar.  

Elevation B is the left wall as you enter the wine room. We used a true-radius curve wine rack to create a smooth transition from Elevation A. We incorporated individual wine racks at the top section, and a high reveal display row at the middle. The display row stores some of the client’s bottles at an angle to keep the cork moist.  

When the cork loses its moisture, it shrinks and becomes brittle, losing its elastic properties. When this happens, an unwanted amount of air will mix with the wine. This can be detrimental to wine because it causes oxidation. When oxidized, the wine will smell like a wet cardboard or burnt fruit.  

Below the display row are two X bins, which are ideal for bulk storage. They also provide a better airflow in between the bottles. There are two case storage bins below the X bins. 

Elevations C and D  

Basement Wine Cellar Designed by Los Angeles Experts

Basement Wine Cellar Designed by Los Angeles Experts

The focal point of this room is the back wall (Elevation C). We included a peninsula table and an arch at the center.  The attractive piece of artwork in the arch added character to this small basement wine cellar designed and built by Wine Cellar Specialists and Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles.  

To maximize the capacity of the room, we added individual wine storage openings on both sides of the table, and three levels of wooden case storage bins at the front.  

The left and right sections of the arch include single bottle wine racks and high reveal display rows. We used another true radius wine rack for a smooth transition to the right wall. 

Elevation D is the right wall, which consists of more individual wine racks at the top, a display row at the middle, and case storage bins at the bottom.  

We chose the quarter round display rack for the end racking. It allows the owner to display some of his accessories and few of his bottles in a vertical position.  

High-Performance Wine Cellar Cooling System  

CellarPro Wine Cellar Cooling System Los Angeles Project

Two of the most important factors to consider when choosing a wine cellar cooling system are temperature and humidity.  These factors play a significant role in the proper maturation of wine. 

To achieve this, it is best to invest in a climate-control system manufactured by wine cooling experts. After knowing your needs, your builder must help you determine the best type and brand of refrigeration unit for your wine room.  

CellarPro – a Trusted Manufacturer Who Supplied the Wine Cooling Unit for this Basement Wine Cellar Project 

For this small basement wine cellar project, Wine Cellar Specialists and Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles chose a high-quality cooling unit by CellarPro. We used the CellarPro 3200Vsi fully ducted, self-contained wine cooling system. It sits in a nearby closet. There is a soffit near the ceiling of the left wall where the air is ducted into and from the wine cellar. 

Features of the cooling unit include digital displays, electronic thermostats, and audible and visual alarms. The alarms give warning when the temperature is out of the normal range (55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit). Moreover, this feature also informs the owner when the climate-control system requires maintenance or repair.  

Wine Cellar Lighting System 

LED Puck Light and Display Row Lighting Wine Cellar Los Angeles Builders

LED Puck Light and Display Row Lighting Wine Cellar Los Angeles Builders

Refrigerated wine rooms require a lighting system that is safe and beautiful. We don’t recommend regular bulbs because they emit too much heat and UV light that can damage your wines. A “light-struck” wine loses its aromatic complexity. It smells like cooked or rotten cabbage.     

On this project and in most of our projects, we use the LED lighting system because they emit a minimal amount of heat while providing ample light to the wine room.   

In addition to protecting wine from heat damage, LED lights are also in demand in home wine cellar constructions because they consume less energy and has a longer lifespan compared to other types of lighting. 

Transform Your Basement into Your Dream Wine Cellar with the Help of an Expert in Los Angeles 

Do you have a small basement that you want to turn into an impressive wine cellar for your collection? CWC Los Angeles can help you build a beautiful wine cellar that meets your functional requirements.   

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