Arctic Metalworks Repairs a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Causing Water Damage in Los Angeles, California 

It’s common for us here at Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellars to receive calls from wine collectors who need help with their wine storage systems and cooling units. Usually, the problems they complain about are problems that could have been avoided if they contracted an expert to build their wine cellar, and if they hired a licensed professional to install their refrigeration unit.

Los Angeles Wine Cooling Caused Water Damage, Requiring Repair by Arctic Metalworks

When we receive calls from home owners, the problems they complain about are usually those that are preventable. The problems are commonly caused by wine cellar construction mistakes and errors in the installation of cooling units. These are problems that could have been avoided if they had wine storage experts help them in the first place. A recent case that we completed in Los Angeles is a perfect example of this:

We received a call from a client that needed help to repair a water damage from a wine cooling system. The client complained about water dripping from the ceiling of their wine storage system, and the problem was getting worse because it was affecting the cellar’s lighting fixture. If the issue was neglected, the damage could worsen and end up too costly to repair.

A Refrigeration Unit is a Vital Aspect of a Wine Cellar

Article Metalworks team repairing a Wine Cellar in Los Angeles, California

Article Metalworks team repairing a Wine Cellar in Los Angeles, California

Starting a wine collection is not as easy as most people think. You cannot just start one without preparing a storage place to keep them in. Wines kept outside their required conditions can easily lose their quality.

A wine collection deserves a good wine storage system. All who intend to start a collection should be willing to invest in an effective storage room. Most wine enthusiasts choose to have a wine cellar built. A wine cellar is the most ideal wine storage structure that can provide the ideal temperature and humidity that is needed for the proper maturation of wines.

A Wine Cellar Should Only be Designed and Built by an Expert

The primary factor to consider to create an ideal wine storage room is how the wine cellar is designed and built. A wise wine collector should hire an expert to plan out the design and construction of the cellar. Any error in the construction of the storage room, like in the installation of the vapor barrier and insulation, can cause major problems later on, which can end up being too costly to repair.

A Wine Cellar Needs a Cooling Unit that is Installed and Maintained by a Professional

A refrigeration unit is a vital element of a wine cellar because without it, the cellar alone cannot provide the ideal temperature and humidity that wines need to mature tastefully. You need to have a cooling expert determine the appropriate refrigeration unit for your wine room, and you need to have an HVAC professional install the unit, so that you can be sure that it will function efficiently.

It is also imperative that you have a regular maintenance plan for your refrigeration unit, so that you can always be sure that the unit is in good condition and functioning properly. Regular maintenance also allows the opportunity to discover any concealed problems in the unit and allows for a technician to deal with the problems promptly.

At Arctic Metalworks, their team of HVAC professionals are available for installation services for various types of wine cellar cooling systems. They also offer maintenance and repair services for different kinds of refrigeration units.

Step 1 of the Repair: Identify the Cause of the Problem

At the beginning, Arctic Metalworks’s team of experts first had to identify the problem, so that they could determine the appropriate solution. After thorough investigation, they found that the problem was caused by an incorrect installation of the wine cellar’s vapor barrier. The plastic or vapor barrier was installed on the cold side of the insulation, which resulted in the fiberglass getting wet. Consequently, this led to water dripping from the ceiling.

Step 2 of the Repair: Complete Tear Down of the Wine Cellar

Arctic team repaints the residential wine cellar according to the client's preference.

Arctic team repaints the residential wine cellar according to the client’s preference.

Although the problem was caused by a single mistake, the repairs that needed to be executed were massive. The team had to completely tear down the residential wine cellar. They also had to uninstall the wine cooling system, and they had to remove the wine racking system too. The team also stripped down the drywall together with the wet insulation within the walls.

The client is fortunate that the problem was discovered early, and that the repair was performed promptly; otherwise, mold formation could have started. If black mold had formed, the team would have needed to call a mold abatement company to remove all the mold first before proceeding with the repair.

It is highly recommended that a regular maintenance plan be put in place for your wine cellar refrigeration unit. A maintenance plan can help prevent the worsening of any wine storage problems. A good wine cellar owner should have his or her cooling unit regularly checked and maintained by a professional.

Step 3 of the Repair: Replacing of the Materials with Higher Quality Products

The next thing that their team did to ensure that the wine cellar be a more effective storage system was to replace the room’s substandard materials with higher quality products. For example, the existing insulation was replaced with a spray-in polyurethane product, which is a superior type of insulation. It also works as an efficient vapor barrier.

The repair team replaced the drywall too, and they repainted the home wine cellar to achieve the design that the client wanted. After which, the cooling system and the wine racks were installed.

Although the repair was successful, the client found the entire experience both traumatic and costly. A valuable lesson was learned too: have an expert design and build your wine storage room.

Avoid a Multitude of Wine Storage Problems by Hiring an Expert

Arctic Metalworks is one of the top wine refrigeration system construction companies in Los Angeles, California. They offer various kinds of quality cooling systems that can meet any wine storage needs efficiently. Find out more about their products and the services by calling them at +1 (714) 251-6875!

A valuable lesson can be learned from this recent case, and that is to only trust a wine storage expert. If you truly love your wine collection, you should invest in an effective wine storage room, and this includes hiring an expert to design and build it. You also need to have a trusted wine cellar cooling contractor to install and maintain your refrigeration system.