California Wine Cellars & Common Wine Storage Mistakes

WINE STORAGE Ask any wine collector about wine storage mistakes- it is very likely that they themselves have committed a few common ones at the start of their hobby. It helps that one arms himself with the right information by reading about wine storage and by talking to long time wine collectors and experts. Wine collecting is quite an expensive hobby, and every step must be calculated to succeed and mistakes avoided as much as possible.

In order to have a worthwhile collection, one has to avoid some common mistakes committed in wine storage as much as possible. In certain instances, neglect or complacency can ruin your wine bottles.

7 Common Wine Storage Mistakes Wine Collectors Make



1. Wine can be stored at any temperature.

Storing wine under the right temperature is a basic knowledge of wine storage. Whether you store your wine collection in a custom wine cellar or wine cabinet, temperature must be kept even at around 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Wine bottles can be kept in dry areas.

Humidity plays a big role in the graceful aging of wine. Along with maintaining the right wine storage temperature, high humidity levels must be maintained to keep the cork from drying out. When it dries up, air will enter the wine bottle and consequently ruin it.

3. Wines can be kept in any air-conditioned room.

There is a specialized wine cellar refrigeration system that is solely used in California wine cellars and wine cabinets. It is not enough to place your wine racks in an air-conditioned room since humidity has to be controlled too.

4. Wines are not sensitive to vibrations.

For some reason, people place their wine bottles on top of the refrigerator. This should not be done since wines are sensitive to vibrations. When purchasing wine, it should be placed inside the car and not inside the trunk as more of the car’s vibrations are felt in the trunk. Constant movements and vibrations can affect the quality and taste of the wine.

5. Wine bottles can be placed in well lighted areas or rooms

Wines are sensitive to light which is why California custom wine rooms usually have either dim lights or indirect overhead lights to avoid ruining the liquid. It tends to discolor and lose its taste when directly under bright lights or rays of the sun. This explains why the perfect wine cellar is located underground or in a basement. Also, this is one reason why the bottles of wine are made with dark-colored glass- to protect the liquid from bright light.

6. Wine bottles can be stored upright.

Ever wondered why wine racks are designed in such a way that bottles are lying sideways? It is because the cork must be kept moist at all time. When the cork dries up, air will enter the bottle through it. Cracked cork allows the wine to be contaminated.

7. All wines need to be aged.

Not all wines can be aged since most wines these days are meant to be opened and drunk within two years after it was bottled. Only a handful of wines are truly aged for celebratory use on very special occasions.


Wine storage is not easy. It follows a science to preserve wines to the fullest for a pleasurable drinking experience. There are many factors to consider to achieving the perfect storage for your prized possession.

Of all the wine storage solutions available, a wine cellar is still the best place to store your collection. Feel free to contact an expert in California wine cellar construction! Wine Cellars by Coastal will build an efficient wine cellar that you can show off to your guests with pride! Visit their website at or call them at (888) 735-8889.