Residential Wine Cellars in Los Angeles for Proper Wine Storage

More people in California are engaging in wine collection. It’s no surprise, really, because wine is such a lovable beverage. If you want to get into wine collecting, you have to understand that wine is enjoyable only when it is stored properly. Without the necessary conditions for maturity, wines will spoil. The best way to provide the ideal conditions for proper wine storage is to have a good home wine cellar built in Los Angeles, California.

Here are a few of the basic elements that you need to remember when having a residential custom wine cellar built in California:


Have you noticed that wine bottles are generally made from dark glass? The reason is that wines should not be exposed to direct ultraviolet light. Sunlight can ruin the quality of your wines because it causes the compounds in wine to have untoward chemical reactions and degrade. In order to protect your wines from direct exposure to sunlight, make sure that your residential wine cellar in Los Angeles is constructed away from it.

When wine cellar owners want to have lighting installed in their wine storage room, wine cellar builders often choose to use LED lights, because these are least harmful to wines.


Normally, vibration is not a problem. It only becomes a problem when there’s too much of it. Too much vibration and movement put your bottles at risk of falling and breaking. Moreover, too much vibration and movement can prevent the sediments in the wine from settling, and consequently ruin the flavor of your wine.

To protect your beloved wines from too much vibration, have your home wine cellar in CA built away from the main activity center in your house. Also, have sturdy custom wine racks installed.


Humidity is another essential element to proper wine storage. Wines need adequate humidity, specifically within 60 to 70 percent, in order to age properly. Too much and too little humidity inside a custom wine cellar in CA can negatively affect your wine collection.

Too much humidity can be detrimental to your wines because mold can start to grow and contaminate your beloved collection. Also, mold formation can ruin your wine bottle labels, which are important so your guests to see how valuable your wines are. Some people try to protect their wine labels by using hair spray and other sealants, but these are not advisable because they release a bad odor that may affect the aroma and flavor of your wines.

Humidity below the ideal range is also not good, because it will cause the wine corks to dry out and shrink. When corks shrink, air can enter the bottle and come in contact with the wine. Wine that has been in contact with air for a long time tastes bad.


Above all others, temperature is the most important aspect to consider when it comes to proper wine storage. The temperature inside a custom wine cellar in Los Angeles, CA has to be maintained between 55 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit. There should be minimal to no fluctuations in this level, because rapid changes in temperature can spoil your wines.