Creating Inspiring Minimalist Home Wine Cellars with Contemporary Wine Racks

We Design and Install Contemporary Wine Racks for Home Wine Cellars

We Design and Install Contemporary Wine Racks for Home Wine Cellars

Add a luxurious appeal to your wine room with our contemporary wine racks. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles has transformed many spaces into modern home wine cellars using metal and glass elements. Our team offers high quality and elegant metal wine racks and designs them to create an exceptional wine display of your collection.

Why Contemporary Wine Racks are Widely Used in Building Home Wine Cellars

Contemporary design is increasing in demand and popularity among homeowners. Its many advantages, including aesthetic appeal and ease of installation, make it widely used in wine cellar construction.

When building home wine cellars with a contemporary design, we use metal wine racks and add glass elements. However, we may also combine them with wood and still achieve a minimalist look. Contemporary wine racks are known for the many benefits they offer.

Our Contemporary Wine Racks Can Match Any Existing Décor in Your Home

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles always wants every wine rack system to fit perfectly with the client’s existing décor. Our contemporary wine racks are perfect, not only for high-end homes but also for classic-style interiors. Metal blends well with any existing décor.

Create Luxurious Home Wine Cellars with Our Elegant Contemporary Wine Racks

More and more people are eyeing building a wine room with a minimalist design. For them, less is more. Contemporary wine racks are simple, elegant, and clean looking. We recommend this type of racking system for those who desire a sleek wine storage and display area in their home.

Maximize the Storage Capacity of Your Wine Room

Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks Mixed with Wood

Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks Mixed with Wood

When building home wine cellars, we always consider ways to maximize the capacity of the room to be utilized for the project. One of these ways is by installing well-designed contemporary wine racks.

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, our creative team will ensure that your metal wine rack system is designed for maximum storage capacity. We recommend customizing your racking so we can design your contemporary wine racks according to the size and shape of your wine room. It will help us utilize every space available in your wine room.

If your home wine cellar is located in a narrow hallway, tiny kitchen, space under the stairs, or any small space in your home, metal wine racks are the ideal wine storage solution for you. They can also be placed easily in corners of a room. We also have metal wine racks from top-notch manufacturers designed for mounting on the walls.

Wall-mounted contemporary wine racks are widely used by builders of home wine cellars because they can bring any dull space into an impressive wine display area.

Home Wine Cellar Projects built by Designers and Installers of Contemporary Wine Racks

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles collaborates with master builders in California like Vintage Cellars, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, and Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. They have completed many projects where they transformed small to large rooms into modern home wine cellars using contemporary wine racks.

Modern Wine Rack System: Metal Mixed with Wood Elements

In this project, Vintage Cellars designed and installed a modern style residential wine room in West Los Angeles. It is one of the most elegant home wine cellars created by the team.

The owner is a winery owner and vintner who is known internationally. They contacted Vintage Cellars because they needed help in designing and building an attractive and functional wine room. Vintage Cellars installed a show-stopping wine cellar display, using bronze racking.

They combined metal with some wooden cabinetry, which resulted in a unique wine rack system. The wall with the bronze racking can be viewed through the kitchen of the high-end home. It consists of horizontal bins for large format bottles and a display row that pitches the bottles at an angle.

The contemporary wine racks were designed to cradle more than 3500 bottles. The client’s collection consists of standard (750ml) bottles, splits, and large format bottles.

Contemporary Wine Cellar Under the Stairs by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars

Modern Glass Wine Room with Minimalist Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks

Modern Glass Wine Room with Minimalist Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is another partner of Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles in building contemporary style home wine cellars. In one of their projects, they had to construct a modern wine cellar under the stairs. The client consulted with her designer in choosing the style of her wine racks. She decided to go with Millesime metal wine racks.

This type of racking makes use of rails and posts made from anodized aluminum. These materials are durable and reliable, making Millesime wine racks ideal for bearing the weight of many bottles. To fix the rails to the support posts, end blocks must be used.

The racking occupies the left and right walls of the wine room. It was designed to hold the bottles horizontally, keeping the cork moist, and prevent it from drying out.

Floor-to-Ceiling Contemporary Wine Racks by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Floor to Ceiling Contemporary Wine Racks by VintageView

Floor to Ceiling Contemporary Wine Racks by VintageView

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has been helping homeowners build their dream wine cellar in their home for decades. We have worked with them to transform their spaces into dazzling wine rooms.

In this project, the Coastal team installed floor-to-ceiling metal wine racks from VintageView. VintageView is one of the top-notch manufacturers of contemporary wine racks for home wine cellars.

The wine racks are designed with a label-forward orientation, displaying the bottles with the labels facing out. This bottle configuration allows for ease in reading the labels and finding a specific type of wine. The racking can hold up to more than 1,400 bottles.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars used floor-to-ceiling frames so that no wine rack will be secured directly to the wall. It allowed them to install a backlight to illuminate the wine display dramatically.

The minimalist wine racks from VintageView were applied with a Black Chrome finish, which goes well with the color of the wall. Other finish options include Brushed Nickel, Satin Black, and Polished Chrome.

Learn more about other styles of contemporary wine racks from VintageView.  

Work With Our Experts in Designing Contemporary Wine Racks for Home Wine Cellars

Our experts in designing contemporary wine racks will help create a luxurious wine room. We have built minimalist home wine cellars using metal wine racks from top-notch manufacturers.

If you want to talk to one of our wine cellar design specialists, you can reach us at + 1 (323) 825-9846.