Cable Wine Systems: The Contemporary and Innovative Way of Storing Your Wines in Los Angeles

Cable Wine System set up with wine label conspicuous to the viewer

WIth this Cable Wine System setup, you can easily see the label of your wine collection. The tension cable system complements well with the glass enclosure to give the wine cellar a modern and contemporary look.

Cable Wine Systems have that unique custom wine cellar wine racking system to delight your guests. It’s the only company in the market that uses suspended tension cables to store wine. This design gives your wine cellar the wow factor to impress anyone who will visit your home. 

Cable Wine System is flexible enough to work for any size or type of wine cellar. You can adjust the tension cables accordingly based on the project specifications of your wine cellar. There’s no limit to how you can build your wine cellar with the Cable Wine Systems.

The cable system gives the illusion of your wines being suspended in midair. Newcomers to your home will be left in awe by the design marvel that is Cable Wine Systems. A great way to start a conversation with friends and guests who have never been to your home before. 

Why use Cable Wine System for Your Home? 

Los Angeles has its own fair share of earthquakes each year. Taking that into consideration, you should make sure that your wine cellar is reliable and secure. It must be made of high-grade materials with very rigid structural integrity. But, durability doesn’t necessarily mean compromising style and aesthetics. 

That’s where the wine cable system come in. Currently, the only one in the market with such innovative design for wine racking, the creator of the Cable Wine Systems takes pride in the durability of the materials used in their system. 

 Cable Wine Systems, when installed, gives that floating appearance to your wine collection. It is a contemporary design that will leave your guest in awe upon laying eyes on such unique and innovative wine cellar design. 

Cable Wine Systems can give your wines a floating appearance when installed from a certain angle. Notice that Cable WIne Systems also works well with wooden wine bins.

Is Cable Wine Systems Safe for my Wine Collection?

That’s a completely reasonable question. After all, we are talking about your beloved wine collection here. The creative team behind Cable Wine Systems have gone through countless trials to make sure that every material they use for every project is above par with the industry standard.

You, as our client, have the assurance that the Cable Wine Systems we will install will not have a flimsy build for your wine cellar. The fact that they’re the only company selling cable wine racking in the market, didn’t leave our team to be complacent and careless with their project. We have done plenty of projects for our clients and we have received praises and accolades for our projects. 

What are the Benefits of Using Cable Wine Systems Over Other Wine Racking Systems

Cable Wine Systems is both an engineering marvel as well as an eye candy. You can’t deny the fact that it has numerous advantages than the wine racking system that you are accustomed to. Without further ado, here are some of benefits of using Cable Wine Systems. 

Cable Wine Systems is Flexible Enough to Work Perfectly in Any Wine Cellar Setup 

Spacing adjustments for the tension cable are variable depending on your needs. This means regardless of the size of the wine cellar project, it could work perfectly because of this feature. For most wine racking systems, this requires careful survey and analysis by the team to fit the racking system to your wine cellar. That will lessen the time to complete your much-wanted wine cellar. 

Cable Wine Systems Can Store Any Size or Shape of Wine Bottle 

Think of Cable Wine Systems as a universal wine racking system for your wine. It can fit either the regular wine bottle or the much bigger magnum bottle. Cable Wine Systems eliminate the need to make a separate area for both wine sizes. Again, this lessens the time for the builders to build your wine cellar. Time saved for building something is definitely something you want for your busy lifestyle. 

Minimalist Design in Cable Wine Systems Gives More Viewing Room for Your Wine Collection

Cable Wine System uses cables and clamps for its wine racking system. The absence of bulky parts translates to more space for the wines within the racking system. With this system, you won’t have to move bottles to access another bottle located within the innermost portion of the wine racking system.  


The degree of sophistication that a Cable Wine Systems wine racking can add to your contemporary wine cellar is very evident in this photo.

Ready to Impress Your Friends with Your Contemporary Cable Wine Systems Inspired Wine Cellar? 

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles is a credited contractor and builder with Cable Wine Systems. Whether you want Cable Wine Systems installed for your wine cellar or you have something else for your own wine cellar design in mind, we can do it for you! Let’s build go build your wine cellar. Call us NOW at (322) 825-9846.