Durable and Beautiful Wooden Wine Racks for Your Growing Wine Collection

Wine plays an important role in many occasions and can even be special at a casual dinner. Drinking wine gives you that feeling of excitement and provides you with many benefits including satisfaction and good health.

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Considering the many benefits that wines provide, they deserve to be stored properly and elegantly as well. Wine that is preserved properly can enhance your wine drinking experience, that is why it is very important to store it in an ideal wine storage solution. Without a proper wine storage solution, wines can get spoiled. There many kinds of wine storage solutions available in Los Angeles, California. The most ideal wine storage solution is a residential custom wine cellar with durable and beautiful wine racks installed.

There is a wide variety of wine racks to accommodate a small, large or growing wine collection. Wooden wine racks has been a favorite of wine collectors not only because of its durability but because of its ability to accentuate any existing decor and is easy to expand. Wood is also pleasing to the eyes because of its earthy look, warmness, fine grains and simplicity.

Wood helps reduce vibrations thus protecting your wines against being disturbed and wine’s graceful aging requires very little disturbance.

Not only that but elegant wine racks made of wood species such as redwood, pine, mahogany and oak can be used as furniture. Now, let’s discuss the different types of wood used to construct wine racks.

Soft earth tone and natural beauty are the qualities of redwood which make it a good choice for wine storage. It also has other qualities not found in other wood species such as a high resistance to warping and shrinking and it has a tendency to looks better as it ages. It can store your wines for many years since it is a very sturdy wood.

A type of redwood called the redwood heartwood is popular due to its resistance to insects and decay. Wine racks made of this type of wood can be very attractive and elegant since they have the ability to absorb and retain any kind of finish such as stain or lacquer well.

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If you are looking for wine racks which are beautiful, affordable and have long-lasting durability, pine wine racks are a good option for you. Since pine has a good bending capacity, pine wine racks are less prone to breakage, thus ensuring that your wines are safe. Just like redwood, it is also resistant to warping and shrinking.

Another sought-after wood species for wine rack construction is mahogany, this wood also looks better as it matures because its red hues deepen, resulting in a rich brown-red cast.

Many wine specialists also opt for mahogany wine racks because of its non-aromatic property as strong odors can spoil your wine. It can protect your wines from being damaged because it is resistant to warping and shrinking.

Wooden wine racks have many benefits when it comes to beauty, durability and affordability. In order to store your wines properly and attractively, it is important to choose the right of wine rack style, material and size.

Wine Racking Systems by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

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