Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellars for Homes

Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellars Project – A Background Story

los angeles custom wine cellars storage

Los Angeles custom wine cellar storage

Wine collecting is a serious hobby, and serious hobbies need some serious work to maintain. That is why for many wine enthusiasts, they will appreciate it very much if a business shows that it really cares for the passions of its clients. For us here, that means showing up at our clients’ homes and giving them the best kind of service we possibly can. As it turns out, this is one of the standout projects that we are particularly proud of.

A little background before we proceed: we recently visited with one of our clients in his home, located in a suburb of Los Angeles because of a request he made. He was asking us if it was feasible to create a custom wine cellar design for a closet inside their home that was rarely used. The team agreed to make an onsite visit of the closet, and then came to the conclusion that the project the client had in mind was possible.

We measured the space of the closet in question, which was 10 feet in length, 6.5 feet in width, and 9.5 feet in height. As per the homeowner’s specification, he wanted the closet to serve as a space where he can store all 1,355 bottles of his wine collection. It was a challenge, but we met the challenge!

Laying the Groundwork Refrigeration and Closed-Cell Insulation

One of the more important things to consider when making custom wine cellars is the fact that the cellar should be able to keep the contents of each bottle chilled at a specific temperature. Because of that consideration, we had to ensure that the room would be fully insulated from any air coming in or out of the room.

To achieve the ideal temperature for the wine cellar, we had to strip the entire wall and ceiling of coverings to prepare the insulation of the area for refrigeration.

Closed Cell Foam Insulation

Closed Cell Foam Insulation for Closet

The material we used for insulating the walls and ceiling was a closed-cell foam. We covered the entirety of the room with the material, which necessitated a very thorough process. There was also an external wall on the left side of the room, where we decided to install the CellarPro 4200VSx cooling unit, which would be responsible for “refrigerating” the entire room.

Thankfully, there was no additional installation needed for the CellarPro 4200VSx, since the unit is self-contained and it can withstand high outdoor temperatures of up to 100F degrees—perfect for the Los Angeles weather, if we do say so ourselves.

Now that the conditions for refrigeration have been met, we then set about installing the cellarage inside the room.

Features of the Custom Wine Cellars in Los Angeles

The client chose Alder wood to be the prime material for the wine cellar and the cellar door that will be installed on the entrance of the room. The client also specified that he wants the materials to be un-stained and un-lacquered, so as to provide a more naturalistic look for the entire room. For this purpose, we chose the Sherwin Williams color option that made the Alder wood all the more classy in its unstained and unlacquered state.

Not only was the wine cellar customized to fit the limits of the room, even the door itself was tailored to fit the aesthetic needs of the cellar. The door measured eight feet, and it was installed with Antique German dual-paned glass that provides a classy look to the room even before one enters the wine cellar.

Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellars Finished Design

Finished Design of Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellars

All in all, the entire project was completed within three months of hard work. If anything, this should only go to show that any room can be tailored to fit a complete wine cellar, as long as proper planning and coordination between both business and client is observed.

For more details on the project, you can visit the residential custom wine cellar project on this link: http://www.winecellarsbycoastal.com/custom-wine-cellar-design-for-your-home.aspx.