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Experience the Benefits of Investing in a Refrigerated Custom Home Wine Cellar

Spoiled wines are common in wine storage rooms where there is no cooling unit installed. An unstable environment will damage your wines. A refrigerated wine cellar is what you need to protect your wines from external factors such as heat, UV light, vibration, and odor. Find out how a climate-controlled wine cellar built by a professional can provide […]

Building Low-Cost Modern Glass Wine Rooms with Luxurious Appeal: a Professional Installer Will Help You!

Many homeowners who love to collect wine and entertain guests appreciate having a refrigerated wine cellar in their residential property. In addition to providing their collection with a safe storage place, they also wanted to create an impressive wine display that will enhance the value of their home. Blue Grouse Wine cellars, one of our […]

How Los Angeles Specialists Fixed an Inefficient Home Wine Cellar Cabinet Refrigeration Unit

An inefficient or a poorly installed wine cellar cooling system can ruin your wine collection. An expert must choose the correct size of refrigeration unit, or else, it will not be able to safeguard your favorite wines. In one of our home wine cellar refrigeration projects in Los Angeles, California, we were asked to replace the wrong cooling system […]

Awesome Transformation of a Basement Wine Cellar by Los Angeles Experts

Some homeowners who lack knowledge about proper wine storage just store their collection in an area where there is no stable environment. They let external factors harm their wines. In one of our construction projects in Chicago, Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles worked with Wine Cellar Specialists to turn a basement into a gorgeous wine […]