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Wine Cellar Construction Los Angeles California

Building an ideal wine cellar space where the finest wine bottles can be safely tucked away requires meticulous planning and execution. A detailed approach to designing and constructing a wine cellar project can provide the best possible storage environment where wines can develop their taste and flavor over time, as well as create the perfect entertainment center for hosting wine tasting parties.

Before proceeding to the construction stage of the project, details pertaining to the overall design and appearance of the storage space should be finalized. The conceptualization stage of the project is where the selection of basic wine cellar components takes place. It also provides a preview of how each element ties together.

Most wine cellar builders like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles California provide a free 3D drawing of the design concept. The illustration features the different elevations, as well as the total bottle capacity of the room. This approach allows the client and designer to visualize the project and make any changes prior to the actual wine cellar construction and installation.

Choosing the right material for wine rack systems and entryway doors can project an image of elegance and sophistication to a wine storage space. Custom wine cellars California feature some of the most beautiful and well-designed wine storage rooms.

Philosophe Project – Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles California

Wine Cellar Construction - Wine Racks in All Heart Redwood and a Rolling Ladder

Wine Cellar Construction – Wine Racks in All Heart Redwood and a Rolling Ladder

Let us take, for example, this California custom wine cellar construction project completed by Coastal. The client wanted to maximize the storage capacity of his wine cellar, install racking systems that could fit his 3,816 collection of splits, magnum-sized, and champagne-sized wine bottles, and include an exquisite wine cellar door.

Although there are a range of wood species to choose from, the designers decided to go with Heart Redwood as the material for creating wine racking solutions for this particular project. This wood variety is widely used because of its natural beauty and color patterns, as well as its durability. Heart Redwood is known for its resistance to decay and its ability to withstand humid conditions.

The racking systems consist of single bottle storage racks with high reveal display rows that allow the clients to display his favorite wine bottles. True radius curved corner racks were utilized on all corners to provide a smooth transition from one wall to another.

Floor to ceiling custom wine racks were installed to maximize the space. A rolling library-style ladder was added to provide ease of access to wine bottles that are out of normal reach. A waterfall cascade wine rack with a table top was placed in the center of the room, which creates a magnificent display and presentation of the wine collection.

To complete the look and enhance the functionality of the wine cellar, the designers installed a beautiful wine cellar door. The arched glass door was constructed with wrought iron grill and dual paned glass.

Contemporary Custom Wine Cellars – Closet Conversion

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles California - Closet Conversion

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles California – Closet Conversion

Custom wine cellars need not be a large space to make an impact. Let’s take a look at another wine cellar construction Los Angeles California project by Coastal that transformed a small closet into a visually enticing wine enclave. The combination of Vintage View Metal Racks and wine cellar lighting created a modern wine room setting in a very contemporary home.

A wall mounted metal wine racking system was installed to free up floor space and provide floor to ceiling total bottle capacity. The metal wine racks used for this project can support a depth of three bottles and allow for label forward displays of wines. For this racking solution, there is a range of finishes offered, including ‘copper,’ ‘brass,’ and ‘black.’

A color rotating LED ribbon lighting system was installed as backlighting to enhance illumination and to bring a contemporary feel to the storage space. This type of LED based lighting effect is perfect for out of sight installations, not to mention high energy efficiency and low heat generation.

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