Wine Glasses that Complement the Wines in Your Wine Cellar

Wine is one of the most enjoyable beverages. To best enjoy wine, they need to be stored in an ideal wine storage solution like a residential custom wine cellar. Also, they should be served in the appropriate wine glass. Each type of wine needs a different wine glass to enhance its flavor and aroma. Take your wine tasting experience to the next level by knowing the right wine glasses to use.

Wine Glasses – An Essential Custom Wine Cellar Accessory

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Custom wine cellars are a great place for wine tasting with friends and family. Any wine tasting experience can be enhanced by several wine accessories. The most important of these is the wine glass, which affects how the wine is presented and perceived. The main features that distinguish good wines from the rest are the taste, smell, color and swirl, which are enhanced if the right kind of wine glass is used for a certain wine.

The Bowl, Stem and Base

The shape and size of a wine glass will determine the amount of air that is mixed into the wine, thus affecting the taste and aroma of wine. The most important component of a wine glass is the bowl, which is commonly wider at the bottom and tapers upward. This is to enhance any wine drinking experience by allowing interaction between the wine, the air and the nose and mouth of the drinker.

The shape of the bowl includes a tulip shape (narrower opening), a goblet (wider) and the champagne flute, which suits a certain type of wine. The swirl surface is important to push more oxygen into the wine and to soften the tannins, especially in younger wines.

Although stemless wine glasses are becoming more popular nowadays, a true wine connoisseur would prefer a wine glass with a stem. By holding the glass on the stem, the visual enjoyment of wine won’t be interrupted by any smudges created by fingerprints.

When you hold the bowl, the heat from your hands will transfer to the glass and will heat up the wine, thus affecting the wine’s taste. It is always best to drink wine at its proper temperature to have great appreciation of it. Another component of a standard wine glass is the base, which allows it to stand upright and connects the stem to the bowl.

Types of Wine Glasses

Make sure that you have different types of wine glasses in your wine cellar so that you will always be prepared for any wine tasting event. You need to have quality wine storage racks to store and display your wine and wine glasses. The three general types of wine glasses are the red wine glass, white wine glass and sparkling wine glass (also known as champagne flute).

The red wine glass has a larger bowl than the mouth and a much wider and more round base. To give it a wider opening, it is tapered only slightly at the top to allow the drinker to breathe in the bold aroma and flavor of red wine. There are two classifications of red wine glass: the Bordeaux glass and the Burgundy glass.

The glass intended for white wines is slender and has a long stem. Because white wine needs to remain cooler for a longer time, this type of wine glass is made with a thinner glass and is designed to have a narrower bowl (tulip-shaped or U-shaped) to prevent exposing as much of the wine’s surface to the air.

The sparkling wine glass or, champagne flute, has an elongated and narrow bowl and a small opening at top which retains the carbonation and creates a visually appealing movement of the bubbles. The smaller the surface area of wine that is exposed to the air, the longer the bubbles will remain in the sparkling wine.

A particular wine should be served using the right type of wine glass to bring out the best intensity of the aromas. Serve your wine in the most presentable manner to have a good perception of the liquid and to truly enjoy the moment with your family and friends.

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