Wine Cellar Design Orange County California Newport Coast Project Tour2

Wine Cellar Design Orange County California Newport Coast Project Tour2 – Processed Video Transcription


Custom Wine Cellars Newport Coast California Project

Hi, welcome to Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Newport Coast Beach California. My name is Jerry. I’d like to take you on a tour of a beautiful project we just completed in Newport Beach California at the Newport Coast.

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Custom Wine Cellars Newport Coast California

This home is situated in a cliff, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The third bathroom is located on the lower level, which we turned into wine cellars. But before I’ll share with you the three-dimensional wine cellar design package, I’ll show you some before and after pictures, but mostly before right now.

This was the bathroom located downstairs, as you can see the top shower combinations, lots of tile on the wall, the floor and actually our job was to take that, and of course prepare the walls properly with vapor barriers insulation, moisture proof dry wall; and of course we paint it with a beautiful color that our client selected. Indeed in about six short weeks we have completed the wine cellar but before I show you more of this completed pictures let us take a look at the design that is offered.

Everyone who comes to Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Newport Coast California will receive a complimentary by the way. There’s 3D wine cellar design package that consists of a plan view which we are looking at right now or an overhead view.

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Custom Wine Cellar Design Newport Coast California

The plan view will give us the total bottle capacity and how those bottles breakdown into various components, give us elevation on its wall and in this case it’s two, labeled A and B. And of course some 3D drawing, so it’s kind of a medium sized room.

It was actually about 8 feet by about 5 feet with 8-foot ceiling and holds about 482 bottles. The back wall across the main entry is mostly single bottle wine storage with a high reveal display row, and we provided LED lighting to illuminate this area here.

These rectangular bins here are label forward horizontal displays for bottles up to 1.5 liters or magnums. The right side wall, we included a beautiful, very elegant lattice style arch.

The display above the arch, the client has a 3 liter bottle he wanted to display, so this was a little bit larger than the ones to the left and to the right of the bulk diamond area. These icons from the bottom left and bottom right are wood cases, so these are rectangular openings indeed just for that.


The 3D views will give you a nice visual of how they all came together. We put a beautiful Barolo style dual paned glass door as we saw there to the entry.

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Completed Project – Custom Wine Cellars Newport Coast CA

The great picture of the lattice style arch, the 3-liter bin opening that was created here. The magnum storage, the high reveal displays, a beautiful Tiffany lamp was added to the wine room. All in all, the client was very pleased with the custom wine cellars Newport Coast California and we thank you, Mike!

If you guys would like to contact Coastal Custom Wine Cellars or myself, please reach out to me at 949-355-4376 or visit Cheers!