Efficient Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units Play a Significant Role in Cooling Residential Wine Rooms in Los Angeles

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit Installation Project Los Angeles

On this home wine cellar Installation project in Los Angeles, California, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed a refrigeration unit manufactured by US Cellar Systems.

Different wine cellars require different refrigeration units. Wine builders in California can understand the architectural limitations of your home and the nuances in temperature fluctuations to recommend the best one for your wine cellar. Check out what type of wine cellar refrigeration unit was used by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars for a homeowner in Los Angeles.  

Wine Cellar Design and Construction 

In October 2009, the client contacted Coastal Custom Wine Cellars because he wanted to transform a room into an elegant custom wine cellar. He provided Mr. Jerry Wilson (CEO and founder of Coastal) with the details about the room’s dimensions and the door’s placement. 

Coastal created 3D drawings to provide the client a better visualization of the completed wine cellar. The CAD images show the different room elevations, racking styles, and bottle capacities. After the client approved the design, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars started the construction. 

Room Preparation  

3D Image Plan View Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Project Los Angeles

3D Image Plan View Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Project Los Angeles

Before installing the essential components of a refrigerated wine cellar, the room must be framed.

After that, it must be insulated properly to prevent external factors from harming the wine. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars insulated the walls, ceiling, door, and flooring.   

Poor or a lack of insulation will result in wine damage. It will also shorten the lifespan of your cooling equipment. The wine cellar refrigeration unit will work harder to achieve maximum cooling. This will result in high electric bills and a major repair or unit replacement.   

Why Choose a Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit Recommended by Los Angeles Builders   

The wrong choice of wine cellar cooling system will result in wine storage problems. Wine will deteriorate easily if you store it in poor conditions.

If you are a serious wine collector, you must invest in a commercial grade climate control system to preserve the desirable characteristics of your favorite vintages for many years to come.  

Prevent Temperature Fluctuations  

Completed Home Wine Cellar Equipped with a Refrigeration Unit

Completed Home Wine Cellar Equipped with an Efficient Refrigeration Unit

The ideal temperature in a wine room is 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything outside this range will affect the wine’s bouquet. This is why an efficient wine cooling system is required to prevent extreme changes in temperature. 

Achieve the Ideal Humidity Levels 

Another factor that affects the quality of the wine is humidity. When the humidity is very low, the cork will dry out, shrink, and become brittle.

When this happens, an unwanted amount of oxygen will seep in the bottle and mix with the wine. This will cause wine oxidation. An oxidized wine smells like a wet cardboard or burnt fruit. It also will result in discoloration. 

On the other hand, when the humidity level goes too high, the structural integrity of the walls, ceiling, and wine racks will be damaged. Installing the correct wine cooling system manufactured by a top-notch manufacturer is recommended. 

Wine Cellar Cooling Solution for a Beautiful Custom Wine Room  

With so many wine cellar builders in Los Angeles, California, it is best to hire a company that has extensive experience in proper wine storage. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of our trusted dealers in wine cellar construction. It is always their goal to create a magnificent design and build a wine cellar for home that will keep their client’s collection safe for many years.    

Installation of the Wine Cellar Refrigeration by an Expert in Los Angeles   

RM 6600 Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit by Los Angeles Experts

RM 6600 Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit by Los Angeles Experts

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars made a careful assessment of the client’s requirements. This helped them determine the most suitable brand and type of cooling system for the cellar. 

On this project, they chose the Model RM 6600 TE, a product of US Cellar Systems. This ductless split wine cellar refrigeration unit allowed them to maximize the storage capacity of the room in this Los Angeles project. It is affordable and easy to install. 

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars placed the evaporator at the top section of the left wall. They concealed the unit in a wooden grill and louvered cover to make it look like it is part of the racking. It does not expel heat exhaust to the nearby room because the condenser can be placed outdoors.  

In addition to installation flexibility, minimal noise is produced, and less maintenance is required for this type of wine cellar refrigeration unit used on this project in Los Angeles.  

Other Advantages and Features of US Cellar Systems Wine Refrigeration Units that Make them a Favorite Choice of Los Angeles Master Builders 

  • Rustproof and insulated aluminum housing 
  • Pump-down solenoid valve (standard) protects compressor in the event of leaks 
  • Factory installed automatic expansion valve (standard) ensures constant coil temperature to promote humidity balance. 
  • Factory-wired for simple field installation  
  • Pre-installed valves eliminate additional wiring to thermostat  
  • Textured heavy-gauge aluminum cabinet 
  • Thermally protected permanently lubricated motor  
  • Staggered high-performance coils with copper tubing expanded mechanically into aluminum fins  
  • Removable drain pan 

Wine Rack Design and Installation 

Attractive Custom Wine Cellar Racks

Attractive Custom Wine Racks in a Refrigerated Wine Cellar

The room has 182″ width, 210″ depth, and 126″ height. Since the space was not very large and the client had bottles of different sizes, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars had to maximize the space using various racking configurations and floor-to-ceiling height wine racks.  

His collection includes large format (750ml), magnum (1.5ml), champagne, and split (.375ml) bottles. They also made sure that the wine storage system is easy to expand in case the owner adds more wines to his collection in the future.  

Left Wall and Right Walls 

The left wall and right wall consists of the same bottle orientations. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed individual wine racks at the top section. A display row lines the middle section. It stores the bottles at an angle to keep the cork moist and prevent wine oxidation. 

There is a tabletop that provides a space for serving and decanting wine. Below the tabletop are small X-bins and wooden cases for bulk storage.  

Front and Corner Walls 

CAD Image Wine Rack Design Los Angeles

CAD Image Wine Rack Design Los Angeles

The front wall is the focal point of the wine room. The racking design is the same as the left and right walls. The only difference is the waterfall wine rack display that Coastal Custom Wine Cellars added at the center of the room. It cascades towards the elegant door. It comes with a tabletop, wood case storage on both sides, and half-round wine racks at the front. 

Work with a Wine Cellar Cooling Expert on Your Next Project 

Are you planning to start your wine cellar project in Los Angeles? Make sure that you work with a specialist like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. They use commercial grade wine cellar refrigeration units by US Cellar Systems. Contact them today at +1 (949) 355-4376